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Photos from School in the late 70's

These are pictures from Malvern College of students of house Number 2.

Year 1976 - Photo 76a : from Left to Right
*row5: William Bowler, Toby Barnes, Miles Shepherd, JQ Malcolm, ?????.
*row4: Mark Georgevic, Brett Merry, ?????, Kamesan Shankar, Hamish McDougall, Tim Grainger.
*row3: Martin Charlesworth, Morgan, Clive Popplewell, Sharp, ?????, Jeremy Dudley.
*row2: Charles Hotham, Mark Shepherd, John Bassett, Torquil McDougall, Philip Warner, Zainal Zaid, Sadler.
*row1: Jeremy Charlesworth, Mr Percik, Pip Mills, ?????, Mark Ware, Mrs McNevin.

Year 1976 - Photo 76b : L-R
*row5: Steven Sankey, Rick Harper, Brian Stapleton, Mark Emuss.
*row4: Mark Garraway, Yahaya Abdullah, Cyrus Rustomjee, Andrew Dudley, Julian Dudley, Giles Thornton.
*row3: ?????, Charles Masefield, Hisham Mahmood, Simms, ?????, ????(blur), Andrew Jones.
*row2: Phil Cummins, Clive Titcombe, Albert Jones, Zulkifly Hamzah, Peter Green, Chris Mike, Philip Yapp.
*row1: JM McNevin, Lewis Richards, Mr Penman, Steve Gray, Mr D Mensforth, Dick James, Ashton.

Year 1976 - Photo 76c.

This was the scene just before the above photos. You can see how different it is. For example: in the centre of row5 (back) are 2 boys (Tim Hotham & Simon Wood) who are missing from the top photos. I guess they must've fallen off their chairs.

Year 1979 - Photo 79a : Left - Right
*row5: ?????(shirt), ?????(book), Ravi Shankar, ?????, ?????, ?????, Jock McNevin.
*row4; ?????(coat), ?????(hat), ?????(covered), ?????(blocked).
*row3: ?????, ?????, ?????, Mark Emuss, ?????, Andrew Long, Adrian ??.
*row2: Yahaya Abdullah, Toby Barnes, Mark Hall, Simon Wood, Brian Stapleton, Miles Shepherd.
*row1: Julian Dudley, ????(USA), Cyrus Rustomjee, Hamish McDougall, Andrew Jones, ?????, ?????, William Bowler.
*floor: ?????.

Year 1979 - Photo 79b : L-R
*row5: ?????(spoon), ?????, ?????(sock), ?????.
*row4: ?????(hat), ?????(covered), ?????(pointing).
*row3: ?????, Andy Strange, George Palmer, ?????, Ennio Galliani.
*row2: Andrew Dudley, Giles Thornton, ?????.
*row1: Rick Harper, Mark Garraway, Kamesan Shankar, Martin Charlesworth, Steven Sankey, Martin Wooster.
*floor: Mark Georgevic.

Year 1978 - Photo 78a :

Year 1978 - Photo 78b : L-R

Year 1977 - Photo 77a :

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