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Kamen Rider X

Story -- Jin Keitaro, the leading authority on human engeneering, betrayed by his assistant, Mizuki Junko, who was also his son's fiance, and attacked by GOD, a secret organization aiming at ruling Japan. During the attack Dr. Jin's son was mortally wounded, and with the last of his strength, he was able to save his son by using his research and turning him into a Deep Sea Exploration Cyborg (Kaizog). After reviving his son, the doctor passed away, and the young Jin was left to fight GOD by himself. Later in the series, a girl looking like his fiance appears and identifies herself as Mizuki Kiriko, Junko's twin sister. Kiriko is actually an Interpol agent who just like her sister infiltrated GOD, but ended up betraying Jin against her will. However when Jin learns the truth, both sisters were dead. Keisuke renewed his oath to defeat GOD. With the help of Tachibana Heiei, Jin continues his war against GOD. Later, the leader of GOD , King Dark, appears, and sends hords of powerful Kaijin after Jin. When Jin falls to a powerful Kaijin, Kazami Shiro appears and installs the Mercury Curcuit in X. A newly powered up Jin continued to fight GOD and when his power wasn't enough the other riders were there to lend a hand. Finally Jin defeats GOD and returns peace to Japan.

Name Jin Keisuke
Actor Name Hayama Ryu
Years on TV 2-16-1974 ~ 10-12-1974 (35 episodes)
Insect Motif ?Giant Water Bug?
Buddies Tachibana Heiei, Mizuki Reiko, Mizuki Kiriko
Villian Goverment Of Darkness (GOD)
Belt Redizer, Perfector
Cycle Cruiser = 700km ; 1500 horsepower
**capable of moving underwater and in air**

--Special Techniques--

Ridol Whip Ridol Rope X Kick