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Kamen Rider Stronger

Story -- Black Satan, a secret organization wanting to rule the world. With it's Satan Bug, a creature that could enter a human host and control the body, Black Satan aimed at dominating Japan. Jo Shigeru, a football all-star, volunteered to be turned into a cyborg by Black Satan to get back at them for killing his friend. After the surgery was complete, Jo rebeled, and escaped from Black Satan's Lab. On his way out, Jo ran into Misaki Yuriko, who was in the middle of an operation to change her into a cyborg. Rescuing Misaki, the two escaped, and fought against the minions of Black Satan. They met Tachibana, who was scouting for new young racers, and together they wandered the land fighting Black Satan. Finally, they beat Black Satan, but the leader General Shadow, reforged his ties with the Delza Army. The new minions were much stronger than what Jo and Misaki were used to. Misaki sacrificed herself to defeat one of the minions and protect Jo. Jo finally lost to the Delza Army, but a scientist from the former Black Satan gave him new powers and rebuilt him. A powered up Jo was finally able to defeat the Delza army and return peace to Japan, with the help of the other riders.

Name Jo Shigeru
Actor Name Araki Shigeru
Years on TV 4-5-1975 ~ 12-27-1975 (39 episodes)
Insect Motif Japanese Beetle
Buddies Tachibana Heiei, Misaki Yuriko
Villian Black Satan ; Delza Army
Belt Electora
Cycle Kabutoro = speed 300km - 1010km(powered up), 1200hp

--Special Techniques--

Electro Fire Electro Punch
Electro Kick Charge-Up
Super Electro Drill Kick Super Electro Ultra Cyclone