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Story -- Yuki Joji had a promosing future as Deathtron's elite scientists. However, General Armor, jealous of Yuki's abilities and afraid he would be replaced, had claimed Yuki a traitor and sentenced him to death by acid pool. Yuki's fellow scientists were able to save him from certain death, but he had already lost his right arm to the acid. After attaching a new cybernetic arm, Yuki's assistants were attacked and killed by a Kaijin who was chasing after Yuki. Burning with rage, Yuki donned a helmet, reinforced clothes, and adopting the name Riderman, swore revenge on General Armor. Originally Riderman viewed V3 as the enemy, but when he learned that Deathtron was really an evil organization, instead of one dedicated to helping humanity, as Yuki was lead to believe, he decided to team up with V3 to help combat Deathtron. When Deathtron launches a Pluton Rocket at Tokyo, Riderman sacrifices himself to stop the rocket. As the rocket explodes, V3 yells out "You are Rider #4!' Riderman was unable to exact his revenge, but V3 took up where his friend left off, defeating General Armor and Deathtron.

Name Yuki Joji
Actor Name Yamaguchi Akira
Years on TV 12-8-1973 ~ 2-2-1974
Insect Motif ? Mantis ?
Buddies Kazami Shiro
Villian Deathtron
Belt Riderman's belt
Cycle Riderman Machine = 200km ; 400 horsepower

--Special Techniques--

Rope Arm Power Arm
Drill Arm Machine Gun Arm