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Kamen Rider #1

Story -- Hongo Takeshi, an all-star autoracer and scientific genius with an IQ of 600 is abducted by a secret organization, known as Shocker, and turned into a cyborg. Shocker wanted to use Hongo's incredible scientific knowledge and driving abilities in their plan to rule the world, but right before Shocker could install the brain washing programing, Hongo was able to escape. Knowing of Shockers plans, Hongo swore to fight for the freedom and peace of all mankind. For a while Hongo continued to fight the minions of Shockersent to destroy him. However, when he learned that Shocker had already progressed with it's plans in several countries, Hongo left for Europe. Ichimonji, a cyborg like Hongo, continued to protect Japan in Hongo's place. When Dr. Death leader of the European Shocker branch came to Japan to reform Shocker into GelShocker, he was followed by a newly powered up Hongo. Often Hongo got into a pinch when faced with GelShocker's powerful Kaijin, but with indomitable fighting spirit and with the combination of Ichimonji, Hongo ws able to defeat GelShocker.

Name Hongo Takeshi
Actor Name Fujioka Hiroshi
Years on TV 4-3-1997 ~ 2-10-1973 (98 episodes)
Insect Motif Grasshopper
Buddies Ichimonji Hayato, Tachibana Heiei, Taki Kazuya
Villian Shocker, GelShocker
Belt Typhoon
Cycle Cyclone 400 km ; 500 horsepower
New Cyclone 500km ; 700 horsepower

--Special Techniques--

Rider Punch Rider Kick Rider Electric Kick