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Here are some links to pages I've found relating to Kamen Rider, Tokusatsu, or Other Misc things I like.

--Kamen Rider Links--

Igadevil's Kamen Rider Homepage -- Very In-depth look at Riders 1,2,V3, and X(so far). Kamen Rider Sigma fan-fic

Kamen Rider V3 Homepage -- Ultimate V3 database

Ishimori Shotaro's Kamen Riders -- General info for every Ishimori Rider. Cool MIDIs

Ishimori Style (Japanese) -- Official site of Ishimori Pro

Kamen Rider The First(Japanese) -- Official Kamen Rider Movie (opens Nov 5th)

--Tokusatsu Links--

Japan Hero -- Rangers, Riders, Robots, and Ultras

Super Sentai Hub -- Rangers and Riders. Lots of info and story translations

Tokuinsider -- Info on the new Dekaranger and Kamen Rider Blade Series

--Other Links--

Official Casshern Movie Page -- The best Sci-fi JPN movie to date!!! Best story, camera, directing, acting I've sceen since Kurosawa Akira. By Director Kazuaki Kiriya, the husband and director of Utada Hikaru's videos. Genius!!!

Dragonhead -- Another great movie and comic.

Utada Hikaru's Official Site -- My favorite JPN singer

Shiina Ringo's Official Site -- My 2nd fav JPN singer

--Japan / Japanese Language Links--

Japanese Workshop -- My JLPT site. If you are studing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Jim Breen's JPN-ENG online dictionary -- IMHO the best online J-E Dict

Japan Today -- Best English language online Japanese news site.