Copy of oa8.jpeg (29156 bytes)8/5/03- Ikatsume
The big news is still my forum, which hopefully will grow bigger quickly.  Next is I have loaded some of my old art onto the site.  It's not Kingdom Hearts yet, but it is some nice work.  Check it out.  Also I made a banner for KeybladeMaster Seph for the Ansem's Report Board.  Stephan has a pic he just submitted, so that you gotta check out.  It's almost as if Sephiroth was liked by you people....

8/4/03- Ikatsume
I just created a forum for my site after a few requests.  It's gonna run a KH RPG that takes place after the video game, and also on different worlds as well.  The game wont be operational until either I have ten players or a month passes by.  Me and Kairi03, and possibly Rinoa will have the site working to be playable in the next two to three weeks.  KH D20 is once again updated.  The counter may have problems again, so I'm posting the old total underneath it just incase it doesn't work.  If it doesn't work, than I'll take care of it sooner than later.

8/2/03-  Ikatsume
Hey I got a new thing that I haven't made a page for yet, but it's the joke of the day.  It's from Vicious and he's got a cruel sense of humor.

Q: What’s the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?

A: The taste.
I'm gonna make a page for him and his jokes in the next few days.

8/1/03-  Ikatsume
(2)Also, all around updates, fixings and other stuff.  Sorta lacking in the Donald and Goofy pics department.  If you could help me out that would be great.  This is going great!
(1)It's a new month with new toys.  The heartless template is up!  Since that seems to be our favorite topic of discussion on the board.  If you don't know, I'm Ikatsume from Ansem's Report Board.  If you've yet to go there, go there.  It's a great place to meet people and shamelessly whore this site.  And it's been going great!  In one day I almost break a hundred hits!  And I had a fear this wasn't going to go well.  I was wrong some of you even think I'm the best KH site out there.  I'm just curious if you're my friends playing a joke, or fans who enjoy this site.  Your reviews are coming strong, but will NOT automatically posted on the site.  I had a question about this.  The D20 section has been updated to explain the system a little better.  There has been some questions about it.  It also seems to be the most popular part of my site from the sounds of the board.  I'm really excited about the site now that it's sky rocketing!  People are coming to see me!  My ego is swelling, I need to rest it on a mountain......  

7/31/03-  Ikatsume
It's just a brand new day and I got a fan pic!  That's right.  Meet Stephan our local hero for right now.  Catch his work before Disney sues me and we're out something nobody even new existed.  There's more web-site and the new enter page lets you have music if you want it and if you don't, well too bad.  Actually you can have no music either.  But I got a pic!  and our hero (not clad in tack spandex) is on his way with more in the next few days.  Plus tomorrow I am going to add the Heartless Template to the D20 section.  I'm almost ready and the counter say 30+ hits at this moment!  Let's keep looking at me suffer!  It's all for my random strangers to enjoy.

Images are beginning to get up.  It's late at night, er.. morning now so I can't do too much to this site.  By the end of next week I'll have a banner for the top frame.  No more fancy logo lacking!  On top of that I'll make small banners so other site can do some linkage to me.  If all goes well than I might get more hits from strangers, because there is only one hit I can't call for.  I hope I'll get this counter problem fixed because every time I update the site it resets.  But, banners and linkage and then I might even get submissions. This site might actually be going places, even though it's only a few days old I feel like I've grown with it a lot.  *sniffles*  Seriously though, people I don't know might actually come to this site.  I might get a message board and this might be the new Traverse Town.  Yes!!!!!!!  People I don't know enjoying my work without me forcing them to see it!  Game is also up now.

    The characters are slowly coming together.  Sora's up, and the main page is too.  I've fixed spelling mistakes too.  I'm getting the hang of text wrapping around images, so that's going to make this site look nicer.  The Heatless Template will be up in just a few days.  I want to wait for it just a little longer.

7/27/03- Ikatsume
    I've made a few minor changes to my website this morning and I also added the Heartless page for anybody who is interested.  I also sorta learned how to put the text next to the image so you can see more in less space.  That's all for tonight.

    Welcome to my Kingdom Hearts site.  Okay, so right now it looks more like an abandoned temple that a shrine, but I haven't the time to present a beautiful masterpiece in this one sitting.  I work, and I role-play, meaning I haven't much time for anything, and anything hasn't much time for me.  Oh well, i hope you enjoy this site.  At first a i might not be able to say what has bee updated and what hasn't, so you might have to look around.  I'm going to try to inform you of what I'm doing, but I'll attempt to tell you.  First and Foremost though is my D20 Kingdom Heats based game!  It's still in the works so you'll have to check it out often.  I've added the shadow monster to it and next I think I'll add the heartless character template.  I hope you enjoy it because I'm working hard on it and this website.  I also love fan fiction and fan art, so I'll give you absolute credit and praise on your work.  If you want me to post your profile when you give me fan art/fiction I'll dedicate a whole page to you and your work. If you have a link you want me to post, e-mail it to me and if you have a banner tell me in the e-mail.  I'll check out your website, choose the coolest banner and tell them my opinions on your highlights.  If I've linked you without your permission, please don't be upset.  It means I like your site, but if you want me to remove your like I will. If I put a banner on to your website that you don't like and have one you'd prefer me to put on e-mail it to me and I'll make that change the next update.