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My Friends

(Their Story - in their own words..)

Asthma, AIDS/HIV, Autism, Hepatitis C, Colitis, IBS, Lactose Intolerance, etc.

Susan Lippens

"The Reliv products and business have changed my life!! I had asthma for over 12 years and was very dependent on inhalers, steroids and medications. After being introduced to the Reliv products, within 5-6 weeks,I started seeing remarkable changes. I reduced the usage of my inhalers and totally went off my medication within the first year. Seeing others getting results, I continued to share these products with everyone and now I have distributors all over this country and around the world.

I am a Presidential Ambassador with Reliv. I have earned 5 Caribbean cruises, a trip to Jamaica, London, Rome and Cancun, earning over $10,000 in cash prizes. My business continues to grow as I help more people with their health and their wealth. I just love it!"

Debbi Baker

"I have lived with a bowel and digestive disorder since I was a teen. As I got older, my disease progressively got worse. After years of medication and surgeries, nothing stopped the progression of this disease and I was ill all the time.

After years of the medical-go-round, I was finally introduced to Reliv Nutritional Supplements by my cousin who also had Colitis. She sent me the Reliv basic nutrition and told me I had nothing to lose!

In 3 months on the product, I went thru my first full month without a flare-up. After 4 months, my Menopause Symptoms subsided. I started Sleeping through the night. After 2 years on the product, I reversed seventeen years of Lactose Intollerance. People started to see the difference in me and wanted what I had.

I decided this was what I wanted to do with the rest of my people live a healthier life and offer them a way to have the time to spend with their family by working from home. Reliv offered me all of that, and more.....

I made the decision to join Reliv and build a business while I was still selling Real Estate. I decided I could commit to one hour per day, my lunch hour. My goal was to meet with one new person per day and share my Reliv story, introduce them to the products and the business opportunity and if they were interested help them get started. Eight months of consistency paid off! I was making $3,000 working 1 hour a day it didn't take me long to figure out if I could do that with 1 hour a day...what could I do if I were able to QUIT Real Estate and focus more time on building my future with Reliv....after all people were getting results, reordering, and deciding they wanted to work from home around their family just like me. BINGO! Finally FREEDOM to be a stay at home MOM, and still make money!

Our second year our income exceeded $8,000 per month, we were on our way to our first Million Dollars! Our second year we also became Ambassadors with the company, and have the luxury of traveling to wonderful places and teaching others what we have done, and we get paid to do it!

Thirteen years as independent distributors for Reliv not only pays us a couple Hundred Thousand Per Year but it offers us the freedom and security we never thought we could have. We have always dreamed of becoming Millionaires and Reliv allowed us a way to do it!

If you want to see if your being paid what your worth then scroll down to the worksheet that Debbi presents to Mom's & Dad's all across the country in her workshops. If you are not happy with the outcome maybe you will make the same's time to work for YOURSELF!"

Leon Wojno

"I am a long-term survivor of AIDS(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Here's my story:

In 1987, I tested positive for HIV - a kind of virus that mostly infects T-cells, which cells are white blood cells that turn the immune system on to fight disease. HIV starts producing millions of little viruses, which eventually kill the cell and then go out to infect other cells. Shortly there after, I became disabled and have been sick for 16+years.

In 1988, I started taking AZT (Azidothymidine). This drug did not work for me. My outlook in life slowly became dim. “No treatment possible” said the doctors, “put you're ducks in order and prepare to die.” I thought I was dead already for many reasons. Not only because I felt so sick but because of all the misunderstanding, misconceptions, and hate associated with AIDS.

I began to investigate hospice care for myself before it became too late for me to make my own decisions. I was devastated to recall how the famous actor, Rock Hudson, died of AIDS. If he couldn't find a way out, neither will I. During my search for hospice care, I met a PhD. She worked with the dying. She helps them crossover without fighting, offering love and understanding, as well. She told me, " Leon, the only thing we know for sure about all these young men who are dying from AIDS is that on autopsy they all have the same vitamin deficiencies. The idea is to supplement the vitamins and you will live longer and better. They must be taken every day in the right amounts and combination as they work together.” God bless her heart, she was right. I started taking Vitamins every day. 3 months later, I began to feel much better.

In 1990, I came across AIDS/HIV treatment in Switzerland. I didn’t think I would survive this long to travel that far had I not been taking the supplements that improved my health. No one had to tell me about the benefits of antioxidant vitamins. The following years were filled with hope. But only to have horror and disappointment to follow.

I have an AIDS related condition called CIDP(Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). CIDP is a neurological disorder characterized by progressive weakness and impaired sensory function in the legs and arms. This disorder is caused by damage to the myelin sheath (the fatty covering that wraps around and protects nerve fibers) of the peripheral nerves. I had tingling and numbness (beginning in the toes and fingers), weakness of the arms and legs, loss of deep tendon reflexes (areflexia), fatigue, and abnormal sensations. I can’t feel my hands or feet for short. 3 years ago, the big doctor told me that it will slowly and eventually get worse. Words like “one treatment” and “no cure” are all I am used to hear from doctors. “How much worse will it get?”, I asked. He said, “ No one who has this condition lives long enough to tell.” "Oh, that's just great”, I thought to myself, feeling sorry I asked. I did try the only treatment, costing $50,000, that the doctors prescribed. It did not work. Thank God for insurance!

I took 27 kinds of vitamins at 33 pills to swallow in addition to the 5 AIDS drugs. After taking the pills, I would lay on the couch for 3 hours because of general malaise. The AIDS drugs made me feel very sick. I had upset stomach added to my maladies. I kept convincing myself that they were necessary to stay alive and healthy. Imagine a table covered with bottles and plastic containers without spaces in-between. Although the AIDS drugs were covered by my health insurance, and vitamins partially covered by an AIDS charity about to lose funds, around $3,000 a month was spent on me. “How can I afford to go on when the funds run out ?” I worried everyday.

Jon and Lisa, friends of mine, introduced me to Reliv. Jon approached me with a can of Classic and said, “I stopped taking my vitamin pills because my mom said Reliv is better. Maybe you should too” Agitated by his comment, I snapped at him. “Don't you know how long I've suffered, experimented, and fought just to stay alive? And now you’re going to tell me I should change something just like that?” I grabbed the can away from him and examined the contents on the label. "Hmm..” I thought out loud, “ I got that, got that, right amount of that, never heard of that…this is a good product. It has right amounts of the right stuff I need." Jon said I can try the product for 30 days with a 100% money back guarantee on the results. But since my ailments did not happen overnight, I should at least give my body a good 3 months worth of taking the products religiously to get life changing results. “I'm so poor, it's not funny” I warned Jon. “You can sign up as a distributor and get between 20-40% discount”, he explained. I did sign-up and bought two months worth of products to start.

I took the product first thing in the morning. Later in the afternoon, I sat on the couch, for the first time that day, observing, "Hey, I didn't get an upset stomach!” I didn't suffer a general uneasiness. In fact, I felt great. I was still full of energy even after a long day of running around errands. I felt like 3 more hours were added back to my day. I was ecstatic to feel this way. I decided right then to continue with Reliv. Two weeks later, when the results of my regular blood test came in, my long-standing anemia was gone. Cynical, the doctor said, " it must be that Reliv". I just had a big smile of hope. I knew Reliv was the only thing different I was doing lately. All my test results have improved tremendously. I just can’t believe my anemia was GONE!

Few months later, I followed up with the big doctor - the neurologist. My nerve endings were significantly better. This positive news is something I am not used to hearing. My T- cell count and viral load have also improved. My energy level is high. I have healthier skin tone now. Even my hair color and thickness are noticeable. I sleep better at nights and have minimal depression. My eating habits have changed. I am no longer a compulsive eater. For a change, I am actually feeling much better everyday. I feel like my whole life is ahead of me. I will never be without the products.

I told another friend of mine about my experience with Reliv. He knew how sick I was and how much I have improved because of these products. He ordered from me. With the help of my sponsors, Jon and Lisa, I reviewed the compensation plan of the Reliv Business Opportunity. I realized that to be financially successful with Reliv, one has to actually help others live better by introducing Reliv in their lives. What an awesome way to build a business with unlimited income potential. This home-business will help me pay for my own products and more.

Nothing can be more rewarding than to hear friends thank me for introducing them to Reliv, how much better they're doing, and how great they feel. My quality of life and self-esteem just became bigger and better.

Never Give Up. Reliv has the Solution. You just have to give it a try and see for yourself".

Chris Morrison

Chris is a recovering person, 20 years sober and clean now. In 1998, his doctor said she wanted to test him for Hep C because it was so prevalent in recovering people. Chris wasn't having any symptoms, at least, that we knew about of the disease. But the blood test came back positive. This was in August of 1988.

Starting that December through May of 1999, Chris was on the Combo Treatment of interferon (IF) and Ribatrol. (RB). IF was the injection of poison 3X a week, and 3 RB tablets a day. IF is supposed to intentionally make you sick so your immune system overproduces antibodies to fight the Hep C virus, while RB is supposed to encapsulate the virus in your blood so it doesn't spread faster than the antibodies can destroy it.

When Chris started the treatment, his virus load was somewhere around 900,000 units and his AST/ALT enzymes were over 350. This poison made him so sick but he continued to work through the shots and sickness. This broke my heart.

After 6 months, the virus load (VL) dropped to 3,000 and the AST/ALT dropped to under 200, but the VL started to go up and they stopped the treatment noting him as a Non-Responder. He was so sick then.

I searched the web and found an herb I bought a blend of herbs that Chris took 2X a day in water (he called it his muskrat juice cause it tasted so bad) costing about $100 a month not including the Milk Thistle tablets he took 3X a day.

From 1999-2001 he did this regimen. His AST/ALT hovered between 200 and 300, but we didn't get a VL check. He was slowly progressing into Chronic Sickness with the disease. Black diarrhea, debilitating headache, fatigue, muscle and joint ach and pain. He couldn't gain weight, his hair was very thin, and his skin was thin and blotchy and saggy on his face.

6 months after he finished his treatment, his work of 11 years dropped him off at home, took his cell phone, van and gave him $6,000 in severance pay. He was devastated, and still sick. We pulled his 401K to live on and over two years downsized our home, cars and just about everything. He went to school for a real-estate license.

On Nov 2002, Reliv found us. At the same time, we decided to have the VL checked. The VL rose to 19 million units and freaked the doctors. They said Chris had to resume treatment right then. With Christmas coming, he told them he would be in February of 2003 to set the limits. Meanwhile, I got him on the Reliv shakes. I bought them just because they made sense to me.

@ months later of taking 2 shakes a day, Chris went to retest the VL for the limit set. His VL had dropped by 6 million units. The AST/ALT readings were under 200. He told the doctor he wanted to wait until September and recheck the levels because for once since they found he had HEP, he was feeling good.

All the chronic sickness went away over the first 5 months on the products. His skin has improved dramatically, his hair thickened and got its curl back. He doesn't have black diarrhea or debilitating headaches and fatigue anymore. His very worst day now is way better than his very best day before Reliv. He will always taken these products.

The September tests were only run on AST/ALT which are hovering around 100 - 90 being the high. The Hep doctor didn't run the VL. He also told Chris he didn't care about nutrition, virus load, AST/ALT, because he only treats people who have HEP C with interferon, and when Chris wants to go on treatment, give him a call. Otherwise Good Luck. I know this is lengthy but we felt inspired with Reliv. God bless you all.

Lisa Ventimiglia

"I am a 43 yr old mother of 4-year-old boy/girl twins with autism. I have spent the past 18 months searching for therapeutic and biomedical ways to help my twin’s function in this world. They have made tremendous progress through various interventions including a vaccination/heavy metal detoxification and individual behavioral therapies, but I knew something was missing.

I was introduced to the Reliv products in July of 2002 and after only 5 weeks on the products both children had noticeable results. My daughter had stopped screaming in the middle of the night. She became calmer, happier, less tense little girl. My son, who is more autistic, became more aware of things around him. He joins us now rather than going off to play on his own. His language went from short 1 and 2 word utterances to some full sentences. More recently, my daughter’s language sounded less robotic and more casual. My son constantly requests for things. (And getting mad when he doesn’t get his way like a normal 4 year old).

They play together, hug each other, and fight like normal 4 year olds. Their Montessori teacher said my daughter behaves just like the rest of the other kids. She would never have suspected the disability if we hadn’t told her. Our behavioral pediatrician who has been monitoring their progress since their diagnosis 2 years ago believes that both will be ready for regular kindergarten if they continue to progress at this rate.

Thanks to immune system enhancers vaccine detox and various behavioral therapies, our twins have made excellent progress. However, I always knew I was missing the icing on the cake which I found in Reliv. There are many theories to what causes autism. I have always believed that a type of mercury called thimerisol - a preservative used in multi dose vials of Hepatitis B vaccines given at birth to premature children (such as mine) or newborns with underdeveloped immune system. It causes a toxic reaction and causes every vaccine after that to inhibit their brain from functioning normally. Parents will talk about food allergies, intestinal problems, and vitamin deficiencies as the cause for their child’s autism. I believe that autistic children are full of toxins and therefore lack the ability to absorb nutrition into their brain. There is a recently published book written by Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless called CHILDREN WITH STARVING BRAINS that addresses this very issue. A lot of autistic kids have tongue and mouth sensory issues and it is impossible to get a shake in them. This is the case with my son. I just had to find creative ways to get Reliv into his diet. My daughter has no problems with taking the shakes.

Doris Smith,my upline, has a nursing background. She urged me to get as much Reliv in them as I can. Their brains are starving for nutrition. I started out slow and worked up to the current amounts.

I had been looking for a way to supplement our income and pay for the expensive therapies that insurance companies feel they are not responsible for. I made $1500 in Sep and $3400 in Oct. I made Key Director bonus and $1000 bonus for placing 14th in the nation. This paycheck and recognition at conference got my husband’s attention. Now, he is just as excited about this business as I am. We are now on the two year plan for my husband to fire his boss so we can both do this full time and help a lot more people and gain the financial freedom that we thought we would never have.

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