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Some definitions were found in the 1999 World Book CD-rom.

(1998) 1999 World Book (International Deluxe English Edition) World Book Inc. Available: IVID Communications Inc.

Internet Sources

Headings were created by Flaming Text.

Flaming text is a place where you can make your own personalized banners, buttons, arrows, headings, dividers etc.



Buttons were created by AAA Buttons.

AAA Buttons has over 5000 webpage buttons, all original, and all free. These include square buttons, round ones and each button has a different texture.




Some definitions were found at features a variety of tools including thesaurus, translator, and writing resources.




The javascript effects were taken from The JavaScript Source.

The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your webpages, all for free.



Some signs were taken from Neon City.

Neon City is the biggest and best collection of amazing neon signs anywhere, thousands of words, home page signs, dingbats and tubes, all totally free.


Some information was taken from the resources posted on Asknlearn under RI Lower Sec Geography by Ms Aymie Lim. 

Asknlearn is a site that offers resources for educators, students, and parents.