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Patriot Field Spaniels

Pages to Check out:

bulletPictures of the Puppies mother
bulletDetails about the breeding


bulletOur first Field Spaniel Litter!! Whelped morning of  August 26
bulletPedigree of Newly Born Puppies
bulletOur first FS is finished!

About Us:

    Christine Atwood was showing and breeding dogs all of her life. She started out by showing and breeding Standard Poodles while living on Long Island. As a matter of fact, she went to her first dog show when she was 3 weeks old. Her mother was involved with dogs since 1973. In the early 1990s, Christine switched over to Chinese Cresteds in order to have less grooming before the shows. Now we are moving out of Chinese Cresteds into Field Spaniels. Our first Field Spaniel, Juliette, was finished April of 2003.


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