From the Russian Community in Israel/Palestine

We, members of one-million-strong Russian Community in Israel/Palestine, united in the Slavic Union and other organisations, reject the racist concept of 'the Jewish state', and express our friendship to the native Palestinian people, and our wish to live with them as equals in brotherly love and harmony.

On February 15, together with millions of people around the world, the members of the Russian Community in Palestine/Israel will demonstrate against the Israeli-American war plans. It is a huge breakthrow, dismantling the myth of eternal separation of Jews and of the Jewish state as the solution.

The Russians, whether of Jewish origin or 'relatives of Jews' were seduced to come to Israel. After a few years they understood the huge lie of Zionism and of the very idea of Jewish separateness. They refused the status of second-rate citizens of the Jewish State and became Palestinians of Russian origin. A few days ago, their representatives entered besieged Ramallah and had met with the representatives of the native Palestinian people. It is the beginning of the process for dismantling the Jewish State and creation of the State of Equality and Democracy in Palestine, for all its inhabitants. We support the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees, and removal of all racist legislation in Israel.

The mass immigration of the Russian 'Jews' to Israel has become the Trojan Horse of Mankind in the Jewish State. Instead of supporting Zionism, the Russians call for equality in the country.

A Message to the Christians

15 February is the big feast of the Christian Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, the day Jesus was brought into the Temple, when Simon the Just proclaimed that the day of promise arrived. It arrived indeed: the strange dreams of the Christian Zionists materialised in a totally unexpected way, and the funds they collected for the immigration may yet bring Jews to Christ, without the Armageddon and nuclear holocaust. We call upon them to prove that they are Christians indeed and demand the freedom of Christian worship in Palestine, including right of building churches in Tel Aviv and other cities of Israel. Turn Israel to Christ, disband the Jewish Zionist state!

Letter of the Slavic Union in Israel to the leaders of Russia, France, Germany, China and to the people of the US and the UK

As the threat of aggression against Iraq grows, we, members of one-million-strong Russian Community in Israel/Palestine, call upon you to stop the imminent bloodshed and save millions of innocent men and women from violent death. The US administration tries to save its collapsing economy by demonisation of the enemy, by war for the new markets and by re-division of the spheres of influence.

The Israeli Zionist military Junta of General Sharon uses the US-led drive for the Third World War in its own purposes, for the systematic extermination of the people of Palestine. While speaking of 'war against terrorism', Israeli Junta tries to obscure its own policies of State Terrorism it carries out towards the native Palestinians, and other inhabitants of the Holy Land.

We are worried that if and when the US-led military campaign against Iraq will commence, Israeli military will implement even more horrid steps to exterminate the Palestinians while the world's attention will be drawn to Mesopotamia.

The Zionist Lobby in Russia and elsewhere tries to hide an important fact. There are thousands and thousands of Russian soldiers in Israel, who are not considered 'Jews'. They are being drafted to the special fighting units carrying out extermination of Palestinians in the occupied territories by promises to give them and their relatives the benefits of full Israeli citizenship.

The Jewish Agency induces Russian teenagers 14-16 years old by means fair or foul to Israel, where they undergo intensive indoctrination treatment in closed 'boarding schools' for two or three years. Brainwashed children are sent to kill civilians and starve villages, as they are unable to comprehend that they are forced to commit military crimes.

The worst Israeli provocation is that many of the soldiers have dual Russian and Israeli citizenship, or often only Russian citizenship, and after the army service they are being sent back to Russia. Thus Israelis prepare for the day when they will announce that the crimes against humanity were committed by the Russians and other FSU citizens.

We call you to take strict measures including use of the right of veto in the Security Council to avoid the mass genocide unavoidable in case of the US attack on Iraq. We are equally worried for the fate of our neighbours, people of Palestine, who are being exterminated in the shadow of the American-Iraqi conflict by the US strategic ally, Israel.

We, members of one-million-strong Russian Community in Israel/Palestine, reject the racist concept of 'the Jewish state', and express our friendship to the native Palestinian people, and our wish to live with them as equals in brotherly love and harmony.