Israeli Occupation Army Continues to Massacre Palestinians

in Nablus and Jenin and surrounding Refugee Camps 21 Killed and more than 170 Wounded

1 March 2002

Israeli troops continue to massacre Palestinians in Balata and Jenin refugee camps for the second day in a row. The Israeli assault began early Friday morning, 28 February 2002. Tanks and gunships were used to shell the camps and the towns of Jenin and Nablus and 21 Palestinians have been killed and 170 injured so far. Israeli troops beefed up forces and attacked Jenin refugee camp early Friday morning and 25 tanks invaded and took control of the camp. During the incursion gunships shelled the area from the air. According to information received, 40 tanks in total were used in the Israeli assault and reoccupation of the refugee camp. The invasion and reoccupation of the refugee camp and Jenin resulted in the killing of seven Palestinians, including a 9-year-old-:

The number of wounded totaled 40, including 35 civilians of which four are in critical condition, two clinically dead. The list below includes some of the wounded-: LAW has been informed that the Israeli assault is continuing in Jenin. Israeli troops have been firing indiscriminately at residents and vehicles. Troops also opened fire on an ambulance at the entrance to Jenin Hospital and banned firefighters from reaching a house on fire, in Jenin refugee camp. Israeli troops also occupied Rami Abu Al Haija’s house and captured 12 residents inside one room. Six people have been killed in Balata refugee camp in the district of Nablus including-: · Mohammad Al Tantawi, 18 Abdullah Al Hilu, 17 Abdul Raheem Seif, 27

LAW has also learnt that the Israeli occupation forces have been shelling Balata since 28 February and have dug a trench in the main road in order to besiege the refugee camp. Several homes have been occupied and used as army outposts and other homes have been demolished.

In a separate incident, 8-year-old Ibrahim Al Talalka from Beit Lahia in the Gaza Strip was killed when Israeli troops opened fire from a post near Nisaneet settlement at the boy while he played in the neighborhood. In Beit Jala, 12-year-old Saed Sbaih was pronounced clinically dead after being shot in the head. 

LAW Society condemns the Israeli aggression against Palestinian civilians in Nablus and Jenin and the surrounding refugee camps. LAWreiterates its demand for an immediate international protection for thePalestinian people. LAW also demands the international community endIsrael’s crimes and force it to comply with the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949 to protect the civilian population in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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