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End the Occupation Coalition - Northern Illinois

The End the Occupation Coalition of Northern Illinois is a diverse alliance of citizens which includes Christians, Muslims, Jews and other people of faith and belief, who call upon all in our community to join us in our active struggle for peace with justice in Palestine and Israel. Our members reside primarily in the western and southwestern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Our organization unites people to support one cause: Peace with Justice in Palestine and Israel.

We stand for freedom from occupation, and equal rights for all. To insure peace and security for Palestinians and Israelis, we call for an end to the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.

We meet on the third Friday of every month for a potluck dinner and discussion, and host a silent vigil the following Saturday from noon until 1:00 p.m. on the Washington Street Bridge in Naperville.

We invite you to join us and learn more. You can start by viewing the rest of this website and the National End the Occupation website at

Opposed to the "war on terrorism"?
Visit the DuPage Peace Through Justice Coalition web site.


Regularly Scheduled Events

(Most events take place in central Naperville in the western suburbs of Chicago).

Third Friday: 7:00 - 9:00 PM: Ethnic Potluck

Wesley United Methodist Church, 21 E. Franklin (one block east of Washington).  Franklin is 9 blocks south of Ogden Ave. and 2 blocks north of Jefferson.   Bring a dish to share, paper plates, and tableware and enjoy the feast and fellowship.  Taste the world's best hummus.  Join us and bring a friend.

Saturday after the third Friday: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Bridge Vigil

Rev. Duane Mevis with banner on the bridge.

Vigil in downtown Naperville on the Washington Street bridge over the DuPage River.  Join us and bring a friend. A selection of signs will be available for you to hold or you may bring your own sign or banner. This is a peaceful, nonviolent, legal event. We neither block traffic nor confront motorists or pedestrians although we do seek opportunities for dialogue.

Specific Events

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Feb. 16th        Noon vigil on Washington Street

Mar. 21st         No potluck because of Good Friday
Mar 22nd         Noon Vigil on Washington Street
Apr 18th          Potluck with ISM Volunteer, Jeff Pickert , speaking on his recent 4 months in the Occupied West Bank.
Apr 19th          Noon Vigil on Washington Street
May 9-11  National Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Conference
we can have 2 reps attend (Fri eve, Sat, Sun am)  - if interested in going to part or all of this event to represent ETO please email
May marks the 60th Anniversary of the Nakba
May 16th     Potluck
May 17th      Noon Vigil on Washington Sreet
May 18th     7th Annual Walk for Just Peace in Oak Park

Past Activities

Coalition Educational Resources

Coalition Tools, Processes, and Actions

Home Destructions (see also Corporate Involvement... below)

Life for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories

International Solidarity Movement


Life for Israelis in Israel

Maps and Negotiations

History - The Palestinian Narrative

Anti-Occupation Events in Israel

News of the Israeli Military Forces

United States Policy and Actions In The Middle East

Jewish Viewpoints

The Pro-Israel Lobby


Discrimination Against Arabs and Muslims

Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees

What Can Be Done To Help?

Corporate Involvement in the Israeli Occupation

Mostly Palestinians Opposed to the Occupation

Mostly Jews and Jewish Groups Opposed to the Occupation

Mostly Christian Groups Opposed to the Occupation

Christian Zionism


Naperville Sun Dialogue

Links of interest to members of the coalition.

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