This is what I sent to list that I participate in dialog for peace with Israelis and Zionists:

The enemy is human no matter what the extremists want us to see and believe. No postings here can change that. Jews and Palestinians are humans. But one has the military might and one has not. Although both sides are capable of killing.

The essence of the problem between the two sides are 3 things:

  1. One, it is land.
  2. Two, it is land.
  3. Three, it is land.

The Zionists wanted to come back to "Eretz Israel", but they found the Arabs have been living on that land for many centuries.

The modern world has laws that govern the ownership of the land and does not accept the acquisition of land by the military force. There are land registration that spell out who owns every piece of land in a country. Mandate Palestine was no different. The land registration of the British government of Palestine and before it the Ottoman empire show who is the rightful owner of each piece of land in Isral/Palestine. The change of government from the Ottoman empire to the British mandate government to the Jordanian Kingdom, and finally to the Madinat Israel does not change this personal ownership.

One day the world governments and public opinion will demand that either the land or its fair market value be returned to the rightful owners. It is no different from the demand that the Swiss banks return the Jewish deposits and no different from the demand that the governments in Poland and Romania return homes and land to its Jewish owners. It is no different from the demand of the Jewish survivals of the Holocaust for the return of their arts work and valuables taken from their homes in Europe during the WW2.

It should not be acceptable for an extremist Jewish Zionist who was born in Chicago or Brooklyn to come and take the land of a Palestinian farmer to reclaim their "Eretz Israel". It is not going to work no matter how much military power Sharon and company has. The sooner the Israelis and Zionist realize and accept this the sooner we can stop the bloodshed and killing of innocent people on both sides.