Letters to the Editor

 'Burlesque notion'

 FIRST, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon demands that the assassins of Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi be arrested and convicted. Chairman Yasser Arafat obliges, despite being in isolation and declared “irrelevant”.

 Next, Sharon wants the infrastructure of “terrorism” decimated. He achieves this goal along with enough deliberate collateral damage to demolish the entire civilian infrastructure of the West Bank.

 Now, according to Sharon's latest demands, the Palestinian National Authority must undergo basic structural reforms in all areas, including changes to the political, security, social, financial and legal structures. “Everything must be overhauled,” he says. Only then will he discuss, not peace, but a 10-year interim period of Palestinian submission, in which he finishes colonising the remaining portions of the West Bank. At that point, he will give the Palestinians the 18 per cent of the territory they now exist on under siege, assuming any is still alive.

 Palestinians will have no airspace and no control of the aquifers in the West Bank that give the occupying settlers the 29 to 1 ratio of water over the indigenous inhabitants. Furthermore, Sharon retains all rights to grab additional strips of land wherever he deems Israel needs security from a population his government wants to keep unarmed.

 As a Palestinian American, I want to be on record as stating that Sharon's peace plan is a burlesque notion. It is time for the Palestinians to be as ridiculous and offer the Dead Sea for Haifa, Tel Aviv and all of Jerusalem. Maybe some salt water will heal Sharon's crippled senses.

 Bazim Ismail,
 Naperville, IL,

                                         Sunday, May 19, 2002

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