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I guess a free press can never win when political passions are so ready to distort truth and then spew forth inaccuracies without checking out the facts.

I refer to Michael Pitula's letter of May 10 about the Sun's "biased coverage of the pro-Zionist rally." Since he later speaks of "facts" being omitted in the "capitalist American media" he is "appalled," "for omitting any Palestinian perspective."

Poor (Sun reporter) Kathy Millen! She is the reporter who quoted members of the Naperville Jewish community, including myself, as she is slandered for being biased. Ms. Millen also happens to be the reporter who on Jan. 25 wrote "A Call for Peace," an unbiased report on the End the Occupation Coalition, which holds a weekly vigil on the Washington Street bridge. The Sun followed that up the next week with a very nice photo of the bridge demonstrators.

It's my opinion that The Naperville Sun is trying to be rather neutral, not biased, in a very complex issue affecting Napervillians of various religions and political points of view. Their interest seems to be to simply report what local residents are doing and why they're doing it. They print Mr. Pitula's letter and mine. Where is the bias?

If you read Pitula's letter, you'd think that "racist Zionists" are eager to shed the blood of innocent Palestinians who dare to resist all sorts of mayhem. Can't you feel the blood dripping off our Zionist hands? Pardon me, but I think there is a little demonization of Israelis and Zionists going on here. Even the UN rescinded the canard that equates Zionism with racism. Zionism is the return of the Jewish people to their land after 2000 years of dispersion.

The West Suburban Friends of Israel was organized to give Israel a fair representation in the community and the local media by being available to speak with anyone, anywhere about the historical record of the complex and morally difficult Israeli-Arab conflict. Readers are invited to our Web site, www.wsfi.net, to read our materials and judge for themselves. We welcome the comments of site visitors and will respond to specific requests for information, speakers, panelists, etc.

Sheldon Isenberg