Contribute To This Website

Although I am responsible for maintaining the ETO web site, I need help with the contents of the section labeled "Specific Events". Those are the calendar entries for events that we are sponsoring, supporting, or merely listing. The good news is that anyone can compose an event entry or a list of events and e-mail it to me so that I can add to the site. Ideally the entries should be composed in the HTML language and for many of you who use HTML to compose your e-mail messages, composing an event entry should be simple and natural. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I will accept entries in Microsoft Word. My goal is to update the web page within 24 hours after I receive the entry or change.

Mostly, I will insert the entries just as I receive them, but they will look best if they follow a common format. The format I suggest is a header containing the vital information followed by a text paragraph or paragraphs containing the event description. The header should "stand out" highlighted by type that is emboldened. I have attached samples in both HTML and Word format.

Finally if you see a document that you want to share with the whole group, instead of sending it to everyone, consider sending it to me with instructions to put it on the web and then sending a message to the group telling them where to find it. I will install it in the section you specify. (Examples of sections are those labeled "Maps and Negotiations", "History - The Palestinian Narrative", and "Anti-Occupation Events in Israel"). You can send me the entire document or, if it is on the web, its URL. A URL is a Universal Resource Locator and looks like these examples:,, and .

Send your contributions, comments, complaints, and suggestions to: .