Courageous writing

   Bazim Ismail

   Published May 10, 2002

   Naperville -- I would like to commend you for your courage in printing the two perspectives about the Palestinians in the May 5 paper. The one from the professor describing Ramallah was shocking. I had received many e-mails and pictures documenting the damage the professor speaks of in once-beautiful Ramallah, of which I am an exiled resident.

   I would just like to point out that since the original incursion of March 29 and withdrawal, the Israeli Army has come back almost nightly wreaking havoc and more destruction. In their latest assaults, soldiers are destroying the white stone walls that surround most homes there for absolutely no reason other than intimidation and humiliation. In one neighborhood, eight tanks sat there all night roaring their deafening engines and denying sleep to the residents.

   These actions indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon wants all the Palestinians to leave or be exiled, thus paving the way for the settlers to take complete control.

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