Jordan Times                                        Friday, May 10, 2002

Letters to the Editor

  'Mission impossible'

  AS A Palestinian-American exiled from Ramallah and currently living in Chicago, I watch the talk shows debating the Middle East daily. Every day these talk shows introduce a Palestinian spokesman and an Israeli spokesman, and by the time the show is over nothing is solved.

  The talk shows are almost all similar, if not identical. The Israelis declare they want peace and then they will give back the land; the Palestinians say they want the land back and then they will secure peace.

  The Palestinians say violence will stop when occupation stops; the Israelis say they want quiet first. The Palestinians want an end to the siege, the Israelis don't want the elected Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. The Palestinians contend they cannot be asked to remove a democratically elected leader and wonder why the Israelis hold on to a leader accused of war crimes.

  Watching events carefully, I see a “mission impossible” being created by Premier Ariel Sharon. He says he wants peace, but he wanted Oslo destroyed from day one.

  I see no solution from either Likud or Labour. If Israel does not return all the territories occupied (not 98 per cent), it will be exposed for what it is and should be forced by the United Nations to implement the resolutions passed by the world body, with no veto from the US.

  Bazim Ismail,
  Naperville, IL