Bart Beavin sent the following letter to the editor of the Naperville Sun on Monday January 21, 2002.  It was not published in the letters section, but the Sun did use it to write an article on the vigil.

Letter to the Editor

I wish to inform the Naperville community about why a group will be holding a vigil on the Washington Street Bridge this Saturday, January 26, from noon to 1 p.m.

This group’s monthly vigils began in June when groups in over 50 cities responded in solidarity with Israeli peace groups in Jerusalem which were calling for an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Our coalition of Christians, Muslims and Jews joined with over 115 cities to respond to another international call to hold vigils on December 28th. Most of the American press ignored the rally in Jerusalem which reported 5,000 participants, mostly Israeli, focusing on ending all violence and especially the Israeli occupation. The New York Times did report the December 29th activities of Ta’ayush, a Jewish and Arab Israeli group. Over 250 of these peace advocates delivered about two tons of food and clothing to the 12,000 Palestinians of Beit Umar which has been closed by an Israeli military blockade for more than a year.

Another bit of news that the press did not find worthy of print was the few hundred international peace people who on December 29th took over a military check point on the busy road between Ramallah and Bir Zeit, the site of a Christian University. The freedom of travel for Palestinians lasted nearly six hours to prove that guns and tanks have difficulty responding to the non-violent force of peace-seeking people. We join the Pope in calling for united efforts to end the continuing cycle of violence. Join us Saturday if you want to work for security for both Israelis and Palestinians and a just peace. For more information check our web page:

B. C. Beavin 630-355-1418