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Update page About me, TT Snim

03/29/06 Yeah, I'm lazy. XD Just doing some small stuff, and taking down some stories that need to be redone.

11/20/05 I added a new web board yesterday. And I did a gramer sweep on the TKR AU page.

11/17/05 If you hate me because of slow updates Good. You should. I did stuff to my web page. I AM SUCH A BAD PERSON FOR NOT UPDATING IT! (Slays self with a sharp object)

5/27/05 My Knight Rider stories are back up. Plus some new ones. My art is down as I am going to be using DA and Photobucket. Wonderful places, if you like that sort of thing.

04/12/05 Yes... it has been a while hasn't it? Thanks to my bro the page now works on the most awesome Fire Fox and I will again be updating and working on this page.

11/30/04. *Blink blink* I'm re-doing it again.

8/17/04. A whole month has gone by. What was I doing you ask>? I was working, selling my soul to the greate rat race. And reading Megatokyo.

You can read it too! Read it HERE!!!

Relax, they understand, J00!

7/17/04... Wow... long time... oops... I put up some robot pics in art. Um... Yeah... *Wanders off in shame*

4/19/04 I'm taking my art down so I can put new art up. Some day I'll have a big web page that will hold all of my stuff. Untill then it's on rotation.


3/24/03 A new Update is in the works, folks... just as soon as I can get a fiew things straightened out. ^_^

2/02/04 One more pic in Gen-Tec

1/30/04 Three new pics in Gen-Tec.

1/16/04 I updated three pics in my Misc. art section. All are really old, so they don't really look all that grate. But I still like them enough to put up here. At least for now.

1/13/04 I am still alive. I am. I really am. I'll update soon, promis.

12/25/03 I watched Pirates of the Caribbean! ^_^ GAH! AWSOME!

Bloodiest, goriest Disney Movie I have ever seen!

And look who I be ye hearty!

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

12/19/03 Last night I drew an odd picture whil on Gaia, a web Anime forum. I drew a picture of Donald duck and his girl Daisy... in manga style. I workeed fast on the pic from never having tried the style on the Disney characters to a compleated color sketch in little over an hour. (That includes test drawings and looking up the Japanese naval uniform Donald has on while online)

I'll readily admit that I'm not fond of this pic my self. I worked fast and I was tierd. But the concept is tugging on me like a kitten at a string. I'm going to perfect this... Or go more nuts.

I have had many coments on this pic, ranging from admeration, to humor, to down right anger.

If you want to see the forums where it is posted go here...

The Gaia link that started it all.

The art post on Gaia.


12/08/03 I took some tests today. scrole down to see the results.


12/07/03 O_o'

I'm not sick yet! YEA!


It's coming... A picture fell off of my wall to day... my grandma is ill... I feel a tad bit queezy...

I'm a' gona' get the flu.



(Gets a bucket ready)

OK, I've handled worse... so I might as welll prep and try and ride the storm out.

11/28/03 Desided to try making my web site more complicated looking. I hope you all like the changes.


I added ten pics to my new Disney art page.

11/25/03 I added thre pics to my Small Wonders, one to My personal cat gallery and one to Misc.

11/22/03 Two more pics in bug art.

11/11/03 Two pics in Gen-Tec A-to-Z.

11/10/03 Four more pics in Gen-Tec! And one in Misc.

11/04/03 I added pics to my bug art. The original picture and crops of the said pic colored. I also added two to the Misc art.

10/27/03 One more pic drawn and uploaded in Gen-Tec

10/26/03 Some more art is up, one pic moved. Look in the Gen-tec art section. ^_^

10/22/03 Finaly put up my story page. Features Ranma 1/2 and Knight Rider. (Yeah, the talking car.) Have fun! ^_^

10/07/03 More new art and an art section. YEA!

10/05/03 New art up, finaly. Keep looking for more.




Actualy it's just my way of saying some heafty changes are again (or Fnaly) in the works.

Shuting down some stuff. The KR will stay up, but I'm going to dive in to an over haul of art and just about every thing else. Things like Small wonders and the Gen-Tec stuff may be up next time the page is up.

More of the Heart to Heart page might be up then too. I don't know when I'll be back running at full, but I hope it's before winter.

9/05/03 Hi, got back from the second Vacation. Wern't much better then the last one.

I'm going to pull the site down in a while for the compleat over haul I was planing. Just letting you know ahead of time if links start to vanish or stop working.

8/29/03 I'm feeling better. So much better I desided to try a pic with shading! ^_^ I hope it looks OK. It's how I want my next vacation to look like. Our next vacation starts next week.

8/28/03 Blech.. I've had the worst litle head cold. And Xion showed me a page full of Otakus like my self. It has Message boards. I've been air headed all week. @_@'

I put a pic of me up in the art section.

8/23/03 I'm back. It was terible. I hate vacations. First day we spent ten hours... TEN HOURS IN THE STUPID CAR!


Any way, I'm going to go relax to a dozzen or so eps of Ranma1/2 with my bro.

Ja ne!

8/21/03 People were being pissy so I had to take Taho back down. I'm upset.

hidoi kega...

So I'm going to redo it. (Makes a fist) And I'll do it the Anime way. I will!

shikata ga naib... kanarazu!!!


But first I'm going on vacation. .

Heh... I'm soooo tierd... I've been stumbling around like Ozzy all morning, mumbeling, stumbling around, grumbling obscurly, trying to pack... I'm leaving now.

8/17/03 I uploaded Taho 1-4 and toyed with the look of the page. Also added a teaser pic. 8/12/2003, I updated the art section and I have been toying with the color lay out on some pages.

Taho is down. *Grrrr*

Ya know what? I need to give you all my E-mail addy. Tell me what you think of my stuff.

Still tinkering away. Stuff is down... stuff is up... BLAH! TAHO is back.

WHOHO! Over 1000 hits! That means I've been here about 900 times!

7/21/03... I got board and swiped my art buds Duo chan. ^_^ Now he's mine! And she's gona have ta' come get him back!



Domo Arigato! *Bows*

7/12/03 I updated my Heart's story. *Shrug* I'll do more latter.

6/28/03 I updated the Small Wonders Gallery, added the Gen-Tec page and put a bunch of links in all around the web site for better navigation.

6/25/03 Hearts 5, Moving Day, Is up.

6/21/03 I up dated yesterday, but for got to tell ya' all. Silly me. Hearts four is up.

6/18/03 Yeah, I was up real late last night... ^_^' Any way Hearts RK has pt three up now. Go, go read it.

6/18/03 Taho stories are back, and two more have been added. As allways, Enjoy!

6/17/03 The story with Batman and Kitt has been edited and renamed Gothic Knights(It took KI 7 hours of beta busting, SO READ IT!) I hope you all enjoy.

6/15/03 I updated with pics of my wonderful kitties. Go look at them! They are sooooo cute!

6/12/o3 Part two of Hearts is up in fan works.

6/11/03 Hi all. I updated last night and put a story up in fan works. Go, go read it. Go on. ^_^

6/08/03 I POSTED ON THE FOX PRINTS WEB BOARD! I love them all! HI CANDY! I hope you like my stuff! HI TRACY! I loves you all!

6/06/03 More art updates... and rearanging. I think every thing works. Let me know of any broken links. I'll hunt them down and fix em.

6/03/03 A pic got uploaded today. :)

6/01/03 Some pics updated today, as well as the Small Wonders page. Isn't much, but heh, what's new?

5/31/03 I have the net in my room and now I am FREE! The Updates should become more regular and frequent. And as you may have noticed I'll be cleaning up[ the web home page of clutter now. So things should get better. :)

I'm most like Tess! YEAH! My Favorite Ainessa Character!

  • My #1 result for the selector, Which Ainessa Character Are You Most Like, is Tess

    It's starting to grow!

    5/23/03 Another art update. Fixed a pic and added one, and went back to black on the background. I like it better this way. That's about it.

    5/16/03 My Liger that I drew and my Bro. edited is up for all to see. That's all for today.

    5/12/03 I uploaded some of my art! Go look! Go now! YEAH FOR ME!


    I have a new Printer/copyer/scanner.

    JOY!!!!!!!!!! ^_^!

    Soon, I will post my art and you will see all my terible eforts at sketching!



    4/24/03 Wow, I didn't even know I was going to update to day. Actualy it isn't so much of an up date as much as a reshuffel. It's all still here, just look around for it. ~_^

    4/6/03 Yes, I'm still alive. And I am still working on stuff. Just wanted to tell ya'.

    3/20/03 It's Spring!!! (Does a dance) Soon, I hope, I will be starting my new project... Small wonders... But that's all I'm saying for now.

    03/17/03 I'm 21 now! Just to inform you all I will not be drinking to celibrate, I don't drink... or smoke. I've learned that my body needs to be taken care of. life is to short to just do as we wish.

    3/09/03 Just want to say I have a new pc and will hopefully update soon. All My stuf is on my old PC and it may be a littel while before my act is back together.

    2/22/03 Wow, another update! Taho 3 is up!

    2/17/03... just want you all to know how much I hate Door... so I linked to the site of hating Door.

    2/9/03 More links, to my friend's pages. They are crazy!

    2/6/03 Added a web board and guest book n' stuff. Just follow the page of links. ~_^

    2/2/03 More link building and uploading! -

    Learning to use web stuff. It isn't helping... much. My KR thing is all one page but it has a tone of question marks in it! ARG!!!!!! Must fix!!!

    1/31/03 Had a cath this weak... it was on the 28th. Ugly bruse, but other than that all is well.

    10/2/02 New update... got my report up finaly. Sorry for any misspellings or errors. I'll try and work them out... latter... *Cough* Any way, that's all today.

    9/19/02...first update...will start work now