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Gene Starwind's Outlaw Star RPG Page

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. I have just started to build this page so please bare with me until I can complete it. Hopefully this site(when finished) will be one of the best sites out there. With your support I will try my hardest to give you what you want in an Rpg site.If you have any questions or just wanna ask if I can add something to the site leave me an email and hopefully through your letters and hits I can make this a really good web site.Thank You and please come back and visit again.On a final note I am looking for people to be the original Outlaw Star crew in my RPG.I need Jim,Melfina,Aisha,and Suzuka.Look for more details in the Stats page.

Join -- Where all the fun begins. This is where you apply for this RPG
Rules -- The terms under which you must agree in order to join this RPG
Characters -- A list of all active characters and their alignment on the RPG
Races -- A guide with alittle info and the stats on all the races available to choose from
Stats -- A guide to each stats purpose
Stat Chart -- A chart with the current stats of all active characters