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The Totally Pointless Website Made Just to Keep Us Amused

The pointless scrolling text put here so we can all go "oooohhh" and "ahhhhh".....^-^
*waves* hello! um.. welcome to the site! not much stuff here yet but there will be soon. me and my friend were bored so we decided to make a site...*points to the site* so there it is.. completely pointless. but pointless is good.. so anyway thats all for now! bye! ^-^


Hi! this is Piexes o< hello :) yes we've actually done stuff here isn't it amazing. and we didn't cheat we actually learned how to use HTML!!!!!!! so be proud of us *smiles widely and bats eyes* yes we've comletely wasted our time on this pointless site :D but we like it:) so please enjoy it and feel free to mail us also. Thanks for visiting. 09/09/00

-hello! its been a while since i updated! sorrie! but with school and work and all i haven't really had a chance to do much. and since im JUST coming back from france....lets just say that jet lag is a real thing.....=/ anyway i'll try to do some more to the site over the thanksgiving holidays because thats about the only time ill get to do anything! so anyway thats all! and the stoopid slambook is SO not working so if you want to sign it it won't work. the slambook site is updating or something. well bye! ^-^ 11-16-00

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