Newsgroup Tutorial

Newsgroup FAQ Guide

the best & fastest way to download even porn
using newsgroups (usenet) with no uploading required..and always maxes out connection

NEWZBIN RESULTS: (browsing from 50 days)
dvds=3,246           xvids=925      games=3,151    apps=6,726    HDTV=529  divx=678
tv shows=17,316   xbox=1,093   music=35,736   anime=2,709   ps2=738       xbox360=425  


1. download newsleecher (15 days trial) or grabit (FREE) (newsgroup program)

2. search nzb files on newzbin ($2/month) or gundam (FREE) (newsgroup search engine)
nzbs are files for newsgroups so you don't have to download manually

3. subscribe to usenetserver ($15/month) or use your isp server address for (FREE) (newsgroup news-server)
you will need this info for #1(server address)on newsleecher setup
isp server address lists:
isp server address list 1 (FREE) or isp server address list 2 (FREE) (click here for an example of your isp server address)
if you dont see your isp server address from the two links above..go to your isp website..or email your isp for your "newsgroup server address"

*if your isp doesnt carry newsgroup access you can try usenetserver for 3 days for $3 with unlimited downloads*

*NOTE* you CANNOT connect to another isp-server address other than your isp..
for example..your isp is comcast you cannot put a server address from will NOT CONNECT*

*NOTE* you CANNOT download files that are over your retention will be incomplete and corrupted..
*its like trying to download files that is not on your server anymore..most isp server have a retention of 1-2 days*
*retention means how long the files are stored in the news-server before it gets deleted forever for newer files*

*get a premium ng server b/c USUALLY isp servers sucks b/c they delete files from their servers within 1-2 days..
they have alot of incomplete files..some limits how much you can download from their news-server..
and some isp block DVD movie files & large files preventing you to download any movies, games, tvshows or music..
usenetserver ($15/month) has 100 days retention..unlimited downloads..99% completions..and is uncensored.

4. setup newsleecher

Click new server.

1: Type in your server address. (NOT iP ADDRESS!!!)

2: This you can call anything you want.

3: This is how many connections, you log into the newsserver with.

4: This one I don't change, because I only use one server.

5: If your newsserver requires user/pass to login

6: Apply

7: OK.

8: Click Connect

9: Download and double click the nzb files from newzbin..thats are done..happy downloading!!



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*if you're not getting audio or video from movie files download the *K-Lite Codec Pack*

*newsgroup forum community *Slyck Discussion Forum*

*you can also download books..dvds..gamecube..hentai..iso..mp3..pc..pda..psp..ps2.. rip..videos..and xxx from newsgroups*

*to see chinese, japanese, korean, french, german, spanish, italian, danish, dutch, russian, polish movies on newzbin..
change your preference under "your account"-"edit preferences"-"languages"

*if you are experiencing slow speeds on port 8000, 7000, or 9000 instead of 119*

*if you are looking for individual files on newsgroup you can search by using newzbin *usenet search* just like newsleecher "supersearch"