Dreams and Nightmares
Part VI
by Devon Masterson

          Sae smiled as she felt a hand stroking her face gently. She opened her eyes and moved away from Talan. "How did  I get here?" she asked as she got into a defensive stance.
          "I brought you here, yesterday," Talan answered. "You look so beautiful in your sleep, I just had to touch your face."
         "Cut the crappy pick-up lines," Sae replied as she backed up trying to find the exit. She was pretty sure she was going to have to fight her way out of here. "I know what you want."
         "Many want the same, to be immortal through their children," Talan retorted casually.
         "You mean rule through your children," Sae snapped as she called her subarmor. "You'll have to kill me before I let you take my body and carry your child."
         "I would never dream of forcing you," he replied with a smile.
         Sae shook her head with a look of doubtfulness. "Right," she commented sarcastically.
         "In fact you are free to go....if you can beat me in a fight to the death. I win you become my lady, you win you get your freedom," Talan suggested.
         "I don't trust you further than I can spit," Sae replied.
         "Who needs trust? I just want your body."
         "At least your honest," she remarked sarcastically.
         "Besides what choice do you have, I could always use the nether spirits so it is your choice."
         "I don't think you can," Sae observed. "Otherwise I would be sprawled out on the bed right now."
         Talan smiled. "True, but you have to figure if I don't get what I want then neither will Halo, the only way for him to be safe is for me to be satisfied or dead."
         Sae narrowed her eyes. "Let's get this over already, I've got places to be."
         "I enjoy it when a woman knows what she wants."
         "So," Sae commented as she looked for an opening in his defense as they circled each other.
         Talan smirked as faked out Sae with a right jab and back handed with the left. Sae jumped to her feet in anger and narrowed her eyes. "What are you so proud of?" she asked as she charged at him.
         "Nothing, I was thinking about how relaxing tonight is going to be after this workout," he replied.
         "You jerk!" she screamed as she jumped into the air and kicked him in the face. Talan flew back from the force of her kick and hit the ground. Sae stood over him and did a front tuck on top of him. Her elbow slammed into his chest as she landed on top of him.
         Talan grunted as he rolled over and struggled to get up. "That was a surprise," he remarked. "Your father taught you well."
         Sae didn't answer as she waited for his next move. She knew he was up to something. She saw a purple mist starting to gather around him. "I knew he was up to something," she thought as she started to power up her own attack.
         "Castor Star Blaze!" he called as he sent a rage of purple flames at her.
         Sae transformed into Sailor Mercury and held her palms to her chest. She closed her eyes as she started to spin. "Shining Aqua Illusion!" she screamed as she released a large wave of water. Steam filled the room as the water put out the flames.  The waves crashed against Talan's attack and knocked him against the stone wall. As the mist cleared, Sae could see Talan knocked against the wall and everything began to disappear as she stood on the beach once more.
         "Sae, you're okay!" Sage said as he ran over to her and held her. "We looked everywhere for you. It's over."
         "You guys destroyed Talpa" Sae asked excitedly.
         "Yes, but we lost the warlords," he replied sadly.
         "I'm sorry," she said softly as they started to walk back to the house.
         "Well at least they didn't die in vain," he remarked as they walked inside. "Everybody's going to be glad to see you."
         "Where is everybody?" she asked.
         "In bed," he answered. "It's been a long hard day and we've been searching for you most of the night. I couldn't sleep so I came out to do a little stargazing."
         "But I thought that was Rowen's field?" she teased as she started up the stairs.
         "He's not the only one who can enjoy them. Everybody's got to have a hobby," Sage remarked. "Besides they calm me."
         Sae looked at him curiously then shook her head.
         "What?" he asked.
         "Nothing, it's just been a long night," she answered. Then she kissed him. "Good night," she whispered as she pulled away slowly.
         Sage kissed her again. "Stay with me tonight," he said lowly as he held her close.
         Sae smiled. "Okay," she answered as he picked her up and carried her to his room. He gently laid her on his bed and climbed on top of her. He touched her face tenderly. "I love you, Sage."
         "I love you too," he replied as he kissed her neck.
         "I'm glad you kept your promise," she said as she savored his closeness.
         Sage hesitated for a moment then continued. "Me too," he commented as he started to open her shirt.
         "I guess my dreams do come true."


         Kayura watched the ripples in a lake near the cave. As she watched the lake a few bubbles appeared on the lake. Steam trails started to rise from the lake as she continue to stare at it and it started to boil. She looked down at the fish that swam around unaffected by the change in the temperature. She removed the kimono she was wearing and placed it in on a near by tree branch as she stepped into the very warm water. Once she got herself together, she  had to take a bath. She felt so dirty and she needed to wash his scent off of her. She felt like if she could get his smell of off her, she could at least start the healing process.
         After about an hour, Kayura stepped out of the lake and put on her kimono. She started her morning katas when she heard a sound behind her. She activated her subarmor and pulled out her kasura-gama.
         "It's okay, Kayura, it's me," Cye said as he walked out into the small clearing. "I was just checking on you to make sure you were okay."
         "I'm sorry," she said as she put her weapon away.
         "It's okay," he replied as he stepped toward her  with his arms out to hold her.
         Kayura flinched and backed away. "I can't."
         Cye looked down and backed away. "I understand."
         Kayura touched her neck and felt the charm that Cye gave her when they started going out. It was a solid gold heart to symbolize how precious their love was. As precious as their love was, things were different now. She was not so sure she could be the woman he loved before. There was nothing that she could offer him anymore and it was all her fault. He probably hated her for it.
         "Cye," she said softly as she took off the locket. She placed it in her hand and then backed away. "I'm sorry, but I don't think…"
         "Kayura, don't do this," Cye pleaded. "I love you and I want to help you get through this."
         "I have to do this on my own," Kayura replied as she started to walk away. "That's the only way I can earn your love back and be the woman you love again."
         "Kayura," Cye called as she disappeared. He balled his fists in anger and waves started to form on the lake and crash against each other. All of a sudden the lake became eerily peaceful as he looked at the locket and placed it around his neck. He called his armor to him and started in the direction of the castle. "Talpa, you are mine!"
          Kayura reappeared in her room that she had been sharing with Sae and sat on the bed. She picked up a picture of her and Cye holding each other. She smiled as she touched his face in the frame. They took that picture at the park a year ago. She managed to trick Kento into goading Cye so that he would take the picture with her. She figured that since she was going to take a picture and she and Cye made a cute couple according to the photographer trying to finish her roll, they might as well make it look kind of romantic. He was so flushed with embarrassment initially, but he took the picture with her anyway. "That's funny, he's not blushing in the picture. I guess he liked me from the start too."
 "I love you so much," she sighed as she put the picture down and laid back on the bed. She suddenly sat up. "This is exactly what Talpa wants. He wants to weaken my spirit. He's probably laughing because he thinks he won."
             Kayura stood up and looked into the mirror. "I couldn't do anything about it. It's not my fault," she said to her reflection as she started to glow a soft red. Her hair started to stand on end as her self-pity turned to focused anger. She teleported to the cave where she left the others.
         "Have you seen Cye, Kayura?" Ryo asked as she walked in.
         "He's not here?" Kayura replied. "I was coming to talk to him."
         "You don't think he went after Talpa, do you?" Rowen remarked as she stood. "He's pretty torn up about what happened."
         "He…" Kayura's sentence trailed as she felt pain in her heart. "He is taking him on," she replied as she started to run towards the castle.
         "Everybody split up as we planned and good luck," Ryo said as he and his group ran after Kayura.
 Sage and his group looked towards them and nodded as they went after Talan.
 As they approached the castle, they could hear sounds of weapons clashing. "There's no way he can take him on by himself, it took all of you to defeat him the first time," Kayura commented in frustration as she ran towards the sounds. "Why is he doing this?"
             "He loves you more than anything," Ryo answered slightly behind her. "Even more than life itself, besides when you mess with one of us you mess with all of us."
             Kayura gave a half smile as she continued on. "You're right, Ryo," she said in a determined voice. "It's time I reclaimed my life and became the mega bitch that everybody says I am."
             "I'm glad she's on our side this time," Ryo thought as the others ran with him. He remembered when they first met Kayura and the warlords turned good. Kayura was only twelve when they fought against her and it had been quite a fight, but the gods where on their side of course. Now former enemies where now allies against a common foe. He wondered if they were all going to make it back. He was pretty sure that Talpa would go down after the what he did to Kayura if Cye didn't kill him, she surely would and she would have plenty of back up. It was the new threat that him worried as he looked at Mia. He kept her with him so that she would be as far away from his he could keep her. But how long would that last.
           "I'll be okay, Ryo," Mia said sensing his feelings and he nodded.
            Cye blocked Talpa's sword with his yari. As the two locked in a power struggle, Cye grunted. His side was in extreme pain from the blow he sustained there earlier. He could feel Talpa's strength taking him over as the sword pushed down on him further.
           "You're as helpless as your pathetic girlfriend," Talpa taunted as he saw his victory in sight. "And there is nothing you can do about it, girly boy. You can't protect yourself or your so called love."
           Cye's kanji started to light up as he found a new source of strength within his anger. He pushed Talpa back and knocked him off his feet with his yari. His sword flew out of his hand as his back smacked the ground with a thud. "You're going down," Cye spat, as he was about to place the blades in his chest.
           Talpa reached out his arm. "I don't think so," he retorted.
           "Cye, watch out!" Kayura screamed out as a blade shot out of the side arm of Talpa's armor.
            Talpa's eyes lit up in evil delight as Cye fell to his knees with his dagger sticking out of his armor. Cye looked in pain as he wheezed and fell to the ground with his eyes closed. "Weak ass fighter," he laughed as he looked over to the other warriors. "Who's next."
           Ryo was about to step out and avenge his friend when Kayura stuck her arm out as she looked down. "I've got this one, Ryo," she said softly as she glowed a dark red. Ryo stepped back.
          Kayura walked towards Talpa with and eerie sense of calm and stood about ten feet from him. She held her hand down and stood there silently as her glow flared like a flame and then dissipated.
          "That's it?!" Talpa asked as he started to laugh hysterically. "I bothered to kidnap you and bring you to my side for that. Here I thought you had an awesome power that I could harness for my very own. All you're good for is…"
          "Quake with fear!" she screamed as her kasura-gama wrapped chains all over his body.
          Talpa laughed once more as the chains fell from around him. "I can't believe you actually thought that would work," he smirked as he back handed Kayura.
            She was knocked back and slid to Ryo's feet. Ryo helped her up. "Kayura he's too much for you alone."
            "I've got it," she said sternly as she pulled away from him. "And don't get involved or I will kill you."
            Ryo stared after as he looked away. He knew she could not be Talpa alone. She would just end up like Cye and he would lose two friends. He was would not let that happen. "Kayura, I'll give you a chance, but if it looks like he's going to win, I'm stepping in."
           Kayura nodded. "Whatever," she mumbled as she prepared to face off. She jumped into the air and pulled out her kitana that she used to fight with. Talpa caught her in mid-air.
         "You're not as good as you two be," he tsked as he threw her to the ground once more. " I can't believe I used to fear your power. I guess confidence is everything, huh Kayura?"
         "Shut-up!" she screamed as she charged him again. He dodged by turning to the side and Kayura jumped and back kicked in the shoulder blade.
         Talpa fell to his knees in pain. "You got me with that one," he remarked as he rolled out of the way of her blade that narrowly missed cutting his head off. "You still got that spark in you that made me want you. I don't think I'll kill you, I want you to be my lady and have my children. I know how much you'd love that."
         "I'll never be your lady," Kayura uttered as she charged him again.
         Talpa released a blast of black wind that blew her back. She landed on her feet as she stared at him. "This end's now," she said lowly.
         "I don't why you're so upset. You're already a whore, you might as well be as respectable one," Talpa reasoned as he walked towards her. "I know you like being under me. I could tell by the way you acted. You know how I love my women vulnerable. Besides you need a real man, not that dead weakling over there. I would love to know
what the hell he was thinking."
         Kayura lifted her head and looked at Talpa as her dark eyes became a crystal color. It had started to rain and now her hair was stringing and sticking to her face. The combination of wet dark hair and crystal made her look nothing short of what some would call evil.  "Now that you've said your final words…"she began as she held the sword to her head and focused her power. A flash of lightening hit Kayura and blinded everyone for a moment.
        "Kayura!" Ryo and the others called as they looked at their comrade.
        Kayura stood floating in the air in a long lavender battle dress that had splits on the side.
        "Nice dress," Talpa smirked. "Easy access for later."
         Kayura stared at him evilly then smiled. "You have no idea," she replied as she landed on the ground and walked over to him. "You don't find me a threat do you?"
        "You're no threat to me. I'm inside your mind you can never destroy me," he answered as she stood directly in front him. "I saw to that when you were little and yesterday."
         "Good," Kayura replied as she held her palm towards him. "Then you won't see this coming." A bright light flashed from her palm and blasted Talpa headed on. He screamed as his flesh started to burn.
         "AAAAHHHHH!" he yelled in pain as his body parts start to fall off.
         Kayura kicked him in the groin and he yelped in surprise at the extra pain then blew apart into ashes. A twister then appeared out of a subspace pocket and blew his ashes all over space. "Weak ass fighter," she commented as her features went back to normal. The rain stopped as she walked over to Cye and held him. "Why did you have to fight him?" she whispered as she held him tightly.
         "Kayura," she heard him call weakly.
         "Cye!" she exclaimed in joy as she wiped her tears.
         "My ribs are broken and you were squeezing me," he said softly as he smiled.
         Kayura kissed him deeply. "Never die on me again," she commanded as she looked into his eyes.
         "I'll try my best," he commented as he sat up. He looked at the others. "You guys have to get to Sae. Talan's got her and there's no telling what he's doing to her."
         The others nodded then ran off to help Sage and the others.
 "I saw him stab you…how did you…" Kayura began.
         Cye grunted as he pulled out the dagger. He sent away his armor. Kayura's eyes widened as she saw the locket she had given back to him around his neck. It had a large slit in it from where the dagger went through it and had gotten stuck. "The wind was knocked out of me. It hurt a lot but it protected me. Our love protected me, Kayura. I know you need time but we can do it together. I'll give your space, just please don't leave me."
         Kayura's eyes misted over as she hugged him gently. Then she pulled him away and hit in the arm where she knew it would hurt. "I was going to tell you that when I found out you were taking that asshole on."
         "I couldn't let him get away with it," he protested.
         Kayura touched his face gently. "Thank you," she said softly.
         "You're welcome, love."
         Kayura stood to her feet and helped him up.
         "Where we going?"
         "You're going to bed and I'm helping the others. If you defy me, I will kill you."
         "You will not," Cye said seeing through her bluff.
         "How come you see through my bluff and everybody else doesn't it. They believe me."
         "Kayura, love, you scare the others," Cye said as they started walking. "But I know you're loving and sweet."
         "Man, a few temper tantrums when you're a little kid go a long way."
         "Well you did try to kill them, Kayura," Cye reminded her.
         "That part always slips my mind," she said as they teleported.
         "How convient?" he said jokingly as they appeared in his room. "Why are we here?"
         Kayura laid him down. "You'll be safe here. I'll be back tonight. I can't sleep by myself right now. I keep having nightmares," she said.
         "I need…"
         "To rest," she finished as a few cherry blossoms flew around Cye and he passed out on the bed. She leaned over and kissed him lightly. "See you soon, my darling," she whispered as she disappeared.
         "You better," he whispered softly as he turned over on his back.



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