Dreams and Nightmares
Part V
by Devon Masterson

Note from D-chan :)
Just thought I'd let you know there's some maturity in this part so put on you adult faces kiddies ;p

 "Wake-up, fishboy," someone commanded as they slapped the back of Cye's head to wake him.
 Cye groaned as he struggled to open his eyes. He felt like he had been by a huge tidal wave while laying on rocks. "Kayura," he moaned as he finally opened his eyes.
 "Not even close," the person said as they grabbed Cye by the hair and yanked his head up.
 "Talpa!" Cye exclaimed as he attempted to attack him, but he couldn't move due to the chains that held him firmly against the wall. "Where am I and where's Kayura?"
 "My chambers and on bed as she should be," Talpa answered as Cye tried to take a swing at him. "Oh don't worry you get to watch."
 Cye's eyes widened as he looked passed Talpa and saw Kayura still unconscious chained to the bed wearing a light blue silk kimono. "No," he whispered then his tone changed. "LEAVE HER ALONE!"
 "Shh. You're going to wake her," Talpa shushed. "And don't worry about getting out the chains because they are draining your power, you'll never get enough strength to call your armor."
 "You bastard," Cye uttered as he continued to pull at his chains in an attempt to free himself and get to Talpa.
 "Oh you let my little secret out," he mocked as he moved toward the bed. "I've been waiting to humble her for so long. I'm going to enjoy this." He flipped the kimono open and admired her mature body.
 "Talpa, don't hurt her," Cye begged. "Let her go or I will kill you."
 "I like to live dangerously," Talpa replied as he thrusted into Kayura.
 "NO!" Cye screamed.
 Kayura's eyes flew open in pain and she tried to struggle in her disorientation. She tried to fight Talpa but all he did was move harder and cause her to scream out. She looked away as tears streamed down her face. She could see Cye chained and helpless as he watched his love being violated. She called out to him to help her, something she never did in all her years of being a warrior. Kayura was not used to asking for help and being helpless, a victim. Only the gods knew the last time she ever cried. She was known for her strength and power. She didn't want to be just another helpless, weak woman, she refused to be and yet that's what she was. Talpa was hurting her, he was epitomizing all her worst fears all at once while stealing her most precious gift, a gift not meant for him.
 "STOP IT!" Cye screamed as he pulled at his chains.
 Talpa continued on with a wicked smiled as he saw the tears flowing from Kayura's face as she began to beg. The pleasure heightened with each plea and look of pain that crossed her face. After a while, he was finally spent and dismounted her. "The powerful Lady Kayura and great lay. Better than I would've ever imagined," he commented evily then walked over to Cye. "Enjoy the show, Torrent?"
 Cye looked at Talpa, his eyes burning with anger. "You're going to pay for hurting her," he threatened his voice dripping with hatred. He had never been more furious in his life nor had anyone he had ever cared about had been hurt so badly and he powerless to help them
 "So you didn't like the show," Talpa replied feigning disappointment. "Well you'll just have to catch the next show later."
 Cye didn't comment only tried to jump at Talpa.
 "Jumpy aren't we?" Talpa laughed as he left the room.
 Cye looked over to Kayura who laid on the bed silent. He wrists had burn marks and small trails of blood  from her struggle. She stared blankly at a wall, eyes glazed over not really focusing on anything particular. Then she started to scream over and over again as she pulled at her chains and contorted her body in an effort to escape. As Cye watched, his heart broke once more and guilt settled in.  Had he been more careful they would've never been captured. He wondered why couldn't he have been stronger and protected her. She called his name over and over again, and all he could do was watch her being defiled.
 "Love, I'm sorry," he whispered as he cried. "I'm sorry I couldn't have been stronger for you. But I will avenge you. He will pay!"

 "We're going to have to split up," Ryo said as he, Dais, and Cale stood outside Talpa's castle. They had been fighting soldiers for the last five hours trying to get to the place. "I'm sure he has Kayura and Cye in there."
 "If they're still alive," Cale added.
 "They're still alive," Ryo commented annoyed.
 "How can you be sure? Torrent is not the best of fighters and Lady Kayura can't take them all alone," Cale reasoned.
 "I would know," Ryo said agitated.
 "Let's just find them and meet with the others as planned," Dais suggested.
 "Dais go up, Cale take down stairs, and I'll go up the middle," Ryo replied.
 "Whatever," Cale replied as he started for the lower floors of the castle.
 Dais nodded as he and Ryo split up.
 Ryo crept softly down the hall with his kitana's raised. Being out numbered he had to be on total guard  and he would be stupid to think he had the complete element of surprise. As he moved throughout the castle, no one moved through the darken hallways. Ryo could smell entrapment in the air as he moved closer to a large door at the end of the hallway. He opened it and prepared for an ambush. "Cye!" he called.
 Cye lifted his head weakly. "He hurt her."
 Ryo looked at him strangely then looked around the room and saw Kayura naked and chained on the bed. He shook his head and pulled out his kitana to cut the chains that held Cye in bondage free. Cye immediately walked over to the bed and looked at Kayura.
She seemed in another world and all she did was whisper Cye's name over and over again as though she was calling for him and didn't have the strength to scream. Ryo cut Kayura free. Cye covered her and  picked her up in her semiconscious state.
 "Heads up," Ryo commented as they left the room. "It was too easy getting here."
 Cye nodded understanding his meaning. His safety was the last thing on his mind right now. He just wanted to get her to the safest place he could, plus he figured when Kayura started to get her wits about her again she was going to be difficult to handle.
 The two warriors quickly moved down the hall and met up with the their other comrades.
 "That was too easy," Dais observed. "He's up to something big."
 "Well as long as he doesn't have Mia, we still gotta a chance,"  Ryo said as they made their way to the cavern that he told the other to meet at.
 "What happened to her?" Cale asked pointing to Kayura.
 "I don't want to talk about it," Cye answered as he moved away from Cale.
 Seeing the look in Cye's eyes Cale knew instantly what had happened. "The old bastard just doesn't know no means no, does he?"
 Cye scowled at Cale. "I don't want to talk about it."
 Cale was about to say something else when Dais intercepted him. "Leave it alone, Cale."
 Ryo looked toward Cye and saw the hatred in his eyes. He couldn't blame Cye for feeling that way, but it scared him to see it in Cye's eyes. He had never known Cye to be so angry at anyone in all the years her had known him. Cye was the optimist and strongest one in the group. Everybody relied on him and looked to him when things got tough. Now he was the one who needed someone to talk to and to lean on. He was going to want revenge and Talpa was definitely going down for what he did. There was no doubt that if Cye didn't do it that Kayura when she got herself together was going to make him wish he was in hell.
 As they reached the cave, Rowen came out to meet them. "Sae was taken," he commented as they came up.
 "Great, get one lose one," Cale said as he went inside.
 "Don't mind him," Dais apologized. "He doesn't have any interpersonal skills."
 Ryo, Rowen, Dais chuckled to break the tension as Cye brushed passed them.
 Cye went inside the cave and laid Kayura down on a small bed of moss. She continued to say his name over and over again. "I'm here," he whispered, "and he'll never touch you again." Cye touched her face and Kayura whimpered. He quickly moved away to give her some space but not so far that he couldn't keep a close eye out for her.
 "Cye," Mia began as she touched his shoulder.
 "I don't want to talk about it," Cye said forcefully.
 "When you do then you know where I am," Mia said softly.
 Before Cye could say anything, Sage walked into the cave and started pacing the floor. "We should be looking for her now," Sage suggested
 "We don't even know what we're up against," Ryo said trying to calm him down. "We go out there without some sort of plan and we'll lose. They're picking us off one by one."
 Sage looked away angrily. He knew Ryo was right but it didn't make him feel any better as the warlords filled them in on what they knew about the situation.
 Cye glanced at Sage he wanted to say something to assure him, but he could find no words when his anger was out of control with him.
 "Don't even say it, Cye, you don't know how this feels," Sage snapped.
 "Actually, thanks to Talpa I do," Cye replied softly as he tried to maintain his composure.
 Sage looked at him strangely then noticed Kayura stirring in her sleep though she was having a nightmare and mumbling something incoherently in another language. The color drained out of his face as he put two and two together about Cye's comment. "Cye, I'm sorry. I guess with everything going on I only..."
 "Don't worry about it," Cye said as he looked away. "I'm saving all my anger for Talpa."
 Mia watched the warriors as they started making plans to rescue Sae and take down the Talpa and Talan. It was going to be an awesome battle to come, her first and probably her last. A funny thing destiny was. It let her meet the Ronin Warriors and showed her true identity. She was going to do all that was in her power to help.
 She stood up and walked to the mouth of the cave and breathe the fresh air. Mia smiled as she felt Ryo's hand on her shoulder. "It's peaceful out here when you don't think about how the dynasty is trying to destroy it."
 "Yeah it is," Ryo agreed.
 "We're going into battle tomorrow," Mia began. "And I wanted you to know..."
 Ryo kissed her as her sentence trailed then touched her face. "I know," he replied. "And everything will be ok and we'll get through this."
 Mia leaned her head against him as he held her. "I hope so."
  Devon Masterson
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