Dreams and Nightmares
Part IV
by Devon Masterson
Note from D-chan :)
I've come to realize that this story plot is getting more intelligent as I continue on. I am typing this up as I go and coming up with wild ideas. This story has nothing to do with any form of politics what so ever nor is it a premise which I am trying to spout out my personal views in a subtle, allegorical manner, so no hate mail, k! It's just a story and I hope you enjoy :p
 "Mercury Torrential Ice Rain!" Sae called out as small razor sharp raindrops flew towards the armored warrior.
 The silent soldier merely held out his hands and the raindrops dropped from their path then jumped high in the air, in an attempt to get behind her, when Sage jumped into the air and slashed at him. They both landed opposite of each other, Sage in front of Sae.
The soldier touched the small scratch where Sage cut him and wiped the mark off.
 "What?" Sage murmured. He was sure that he at least dented the armor he was wearing. "What are you?"
 "Your future master," he replied as he started moving forward. "Step aside so that I may claim what is mine."
 "I will never be yours," Sae protested as she bawled her fist in anger.
 "Of course you will be, little sailor girl," he commented. "Over and over again."
 "You're never going to touch her," Sage  retorted as he jumped up into the air. "Thunder Bolt Cut!"
 "Oh stop it, you anger makes you predictable," the soldier commanded as he knocked Sage away from him.
 Sage hit the sand and made an indenture. He quickly turned his head as he heard Sae scream out. He pulled himself out of the sand and was about to attack again when he was blasted again.
 "Let me go asshole," Sae screamed as she was being dragged by her hair across the sand.
 "Now that isn't proper talk for a princess, I thought the King and Queen would have taught you better than that," the soldier teased as he suddenly felt a pull from behind her. He turned around and saw Sae wearing her subarmor.
 "Eat this!" she exclaimed as she did a kick into a full hand stand and kicked him the face. Sae looked at him for a second then got into her defensive stance as he stood up and shook his head.
 "I didn't expect that," he replied as he looked at her in anticipation. "I chose very well."
 "Need some back up?" Sage asked as he stood next to Sae.
 "Glad you're ok. Two heads are always better than one," she replied.
 "Then how about four?" Rowen asked as he and Sekhmet stood next to them ready to fight.
 "Even better," Sae answered. "Armor of Hardrock, dao gi!" Her armor clamped into place and she held her weapon ready to face off.
 "Lovely party," the solider said as he formed a ball of energy in his hand. "I'm sure we'll have a ball," he added as he threw the energy at the warriors.
 They all dodged the blast but it left a nice sized crater in the sand where they were standing previously. "This guy isn't kidding," Rowen noted as he looked at the hole.
 "Now you see why we were trying to warn you about this new menace," Sekhmet hissed as he looked at the lone soldier venomously. "And all this over a woman."
 "Hey!" Sae replied annoyed as she kept her eye on the enemy. "Will talk about it later right now we have to deal with this guy."
 "Want some more, Ronins?" the soldier asked.
 "Arrow shock wave!" Rowen called as he released a golden arrow at the soldier.
 "Please. Give me a break," he replied annoyed as he caught the arrow in mid-flight. "I am growing tired of these games. I'll just take your armors and the princess then be off."
 "Over our dead bodies," Sage retorted angrily. He was growning frustrated that every attack failed to work. The soldier was just too strong and he refused to believe that there was no way to beat him. There just had to be a way.
 "Precisely," the soldier said as he began to power up his attack. Dark purple mist started to gather around him as he slowly walked toward the warriors. "Castor Star Blaze!" he called as a haze of purple fire began to rage at them then suddenly stopped. "It's her."
 "You're very fortunate, Ronins, that I have other things to attend to," the soldier commented as he disappeared.
 "What would make him stop like that?" Sekhmet asked.
 "Mia..." Rowen answered as he remembered the revelation that was in today's files. "He must have been looking for Mia and finally found her so he can form the Star Armor."
 "Then we better hurry and get to her," Sekhmet replied.
 "How does Mia fit into all this?" Sage asked they started.
 "She's Talpa's daughter," Rowen answered.
 "That's not funny Ro," Sage warned.
 "I would never joke about something like this," Rowen said. "Now let's hope she didn't go to far from the university."
 "He's coming," she thought as she ran out of the lab at a break neck pace to put as much distance between it and her. "When I tried to use my powers, I let him find me. I've got to get out of here."
 As the door closed behind Mia, the armored warrior appeared. He looked around the room and cursed himself for being a little to late. "You're running from me, sister, I see. Well I guess I'll have to chase you just like when we were children." The warrior started after his sister when he passed a mirror. He saw the grim reflection of himself and decided to disarm so as not to draw so much attention to himself. It had been quite a while since he had seen her last so alerting her ahead of time by being in his armor would make her all the more elusive. He looked at his reflection again after sending away his armor and smiled. "Much better," he commented as he left the lab and headed outside.
 Mia looked around the campus like a mad woman then sighed in relief. She didn't seen anybody that looked like they were chasing her, of course that didn't mean anything. Sooner she made it to her car and the guys the better. She could sense her brother's feelings now and surely he could sense hers. She had to get out of there in a hurry. As she finally made it to her car, she looked toward the anthropology building and saw a handsome man in his mid-twenties come out of the building. His brownish copper closely cut locks shined in the sun as he looked around as if searching for someone. He moved his walnut colored hand to his face to shade his eyes. "Talan?" she whispered.
 The man turned in her general direction. "I feel you close, Xalan," he said lowly as he tried to pinpoint her whereabouts, their link was still weak from centuries of being dormant.
 Mia started up her jeep and drove away. She looked in the side mirror as she  drove off  only to see Talan running behind her. Mia pressed the accelerator down to the floor as he started to catch up. She looked in the rearview mirror to see if he was still in pursuit and sighed when she saw that he was gone. Suddenly, he landed in front of her car and she swerved off the road and flipped the jeep. Mia screamed as the jeep rolled over several times like a frantic person trying to put out a fire on their back. She started to become nauseous with fear and dizziness when the rolling stopped.
 "Mia, how did you..." Rowen began as he and the others ran up to her.
 "He....he came after me," she stuttered as her composure completely came unraveled and she became hysterical. "He's going to catch me. I have to get away. I have to go."
 "Calm down," Sage said as he held her shoulders. "You're safe. We won't let him get to you."
 "He'll find away, he always does," Mia cried as she started to break down.
 "Mia," Sae replied soothingly. "I know right now things seem real bad and I do mean real bad, but things will work out and we'll all come through this."
 Mia looked into Sae's eyes through her own tears and smiled. "You're right, now's not the time. I have to be strong," she said as she wiped her eyes.
 "Mia, how did you get here?" Rowen asked.
 "I guess I teleported when I flipped the jeep," she answered. "All I could think about was getting to you guys and then I was here."
 "Your powers must be surfacing," Sekhmet observed. "Good you'll be useful."
 "As long as Mia is with us, she should be safe from that guy," Rowen commented.
 "His name's Talan," Mia said as she stood then she changed the subject. "Where are the others?"
 "In the Nether realm," Sage answered.
 "We probably should be there too, we'll just end up there anyway," Mia suggested.
 "Better than being here," Sae agreed. "Besides it'll keep less innocents out of it."
 "Then let's go," Rowen said as he teleported.
 Sekhmet and Mia teleported.
 "Wait a minute," Sage said as he touched Sae's shoulder. "Don't go dying on me...princess."
 Sae blushed. "So you heard that huh?" she asked as he nodded. "Only if you can promise me the same."
 "Deal," Sage answered as he teleported.
 Sae was about to follow after him when she was engulfed in darkness.
  Devon Masterson
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