Dreams and Nightmares
Part III
by Devon Masterson

 Kayura and Cye stood in a large field in the Nether realm. Kayura took a deep breath and smiled. "I miss this place sometimes," she said wistfully as looked to the east. "Can we make a small stop on the way first? I want to pay my respects to Anubis."
 "Of course," Cye replied as he put his arm around her tenderly. The two of them had recently started dating after finally admitting their feelings to one another. Cye still couldn't believe that she felt the same way as he. She seemed so sure of herself and confident, opposite of his shy personality. "He sacrificed himself for all of us."
 "I knew you'd understand, love," she replied as she took his hand and they started for the graveyard. "What are you thinking about?"
 Cye blushed slightly. "Nothing just our mission."
 "I don't believe you," Kayura said playfully as they walked along. "Were you thinking of me in an indecent manner?"
 Cye blushed furiously. "I...I was just thinking about..."
 "The mission," she finished for him. "You said that already."
 Cye stopped at looked into Kayura's eyes. "I love you, Kayura, and I'll always will no matter what."
 Kayura kissed him then took his hand. "I know that," she  replied as they started walking again. "You want to know what I'm thinking."
 "What?" he asked curiously.
 "That I'm glad I'm not a minor anymore," she replied as she smiled devilishly.
 Cye tried to hide his smile as he flushed slightly. Kayura turned 18 a few days go just before they finally got together. "Kayura, love, are you thinking of me in an indecent manner?"
 "I'm just thinking of the our mission," she teased as she winked.
 "Quite cheeky aren't you?" Cye commented as they walked. "But that's one of the reasons I fancy you so much."
 "Of course," Kayura said as she pulled him closer to her.
 The couple continued to walk down the beaten pathway talking when an evil presence passed over them. "Something's wrong back at the house," Cye replied as he stopped in his tracks.
 "Talpa's back," Kayura added as she called for her staff. "We must get back to help them."
 Cye nodded in agreement as his subarmor appeared.
 "Don't worry they'll be joining you shortly," a deep voiced said.
 "Joining us where?" Cye asked as he prepared to defend himself.
 "There," the voice answered as the ground opened up and swallowed  the two of them up then closed.
 Cye hit the hard stone ground after what seemed minutes of falling in total darkness. He grunted in pain as he sat up. "Kayura," he called as he looked around. When he didn't hear an answer, he quickly stood up and looked around the dark void, only to trip over something soft. Cye felt the object in the darkness as fear started to take a hold on his heart. "Kayura," he whispered as he touched her hair.
 The kanji of trust started to glow on his forehead, shedding a soft dim blue light in the dungeon. Her kanji also lit up as he checked her pulse and let out a sigh of relief. She was only unconscious. There was a cut on side of her head where she hit her head when they landed. Cye held her in his arms as he looked around the place.
 "He got you too, Torrent?" Dais asked from behind Cye.
 Cye turned around and saw the ex-warlords chained to the wall. "Talpa?"
 Dais nodded. "And his son," he added. "They couldn't enslave us again so he put us here 'til he's ready to take our armors."
 "What's his story this time?" Kayura asked softly as she opened her eyes.
 "Are you ok, love?" Cye asked.
 "I have a slight headache, but I can't worry about that now," she answered as she leaned her against him in an effort to dull the pain in his warmth.
 "Lady Kayura, he has captured you too," Dais observed sadly. "Then we only have one hope left."
 "What is he after, besides the mortal world and mystical armors?" Kayura asked.
 "Talpa is after the same as he has been for thousands of years," Cale answered. "It's his son that we have to worry about."
 "How come we never heard about his son before?" Cye asked.
 "He hid him from us," Sekhmet replied. "His son wants to conquer an entire different plane all together. He wants to master time and space."
 "How can he master time and space?" Cye asked.
 "The only way he can do that is to be from another world," Kayura answered. "Dimensional travel can be tricky and fatal at times. How is he to master another dimension?"
 "By taking the princess and producing a son," Dais replied. "He can rule through the child. He sent her dreams to lure her here."
 "Sae..." Cye whispered. "So he knew the whole time about her."
 Dais nodded. "And there is nothing we can do once he gets her. All is lost."
 "Only if  a son is born can he do this?" Kayura asked as she stood.
 The warlord nodded.
 "There has to be something Talpa takes from this," Cye commented. "There's no way he's going to just let his son supersede him like that."
 "I believe when the chance presents itself that a double cross in order," Cale observed.
 Cye looked at each of the warlords chained up curiously. His kanji was still glowing on his forehead as was Kayura's but the warlord's weren't. In fact they should have contacted him as soon as he spoke the first time and they knew way too much information almost every detail. Kayura touched his shoulder as she started to grow suspicious as well. "How long have you been down here?"
 "We were captured just before you," Dais answered.
 "Why didn't call for me when you were captured so I could bring the others?" Kayura asked.
 "We thought we could handle the situation," he answered.
 "Well we're here now," Kayura commented, "and I have a plan. Do you still have the jewel of power that I fashioned before I left?"
 "It's back at the house," Dais answered.
 "Ah good," Kayura answered as she changed into her subarmor and held her staff.  A orb of bright light formed in the dungeon blinding the warlords for a moment. "Except there is no jewel of power. Now tell me who you are before you make me angry."
 The warlords didn't answer as they broke the chains that held them previously.
 "I don't think so," Kayura replied as she blew out the ceiling. She and Cye jumped through. The warlords followed after them.
 In the light of outside, the true forms of the warlords were revealed to be dynasty soldiers poised ready to fight. "How did you know Lady Kayura?" one of the soldiers hissed as he and his comrades began to circle the two armored warriors.
 "The warlords are prideful warriors they're never glad to have anybody save them much less admit it especially to me," Kayura answered as she pulled out her weapon.
 Cye and Kayura stood back to back as they prepared to face off with the dynasty soldiers. "Don't make us hurt you, Lady Kayura," the head soldier warned as they looked for a weakness in their defense. "Master Talpa wants us to bring you to him alive and unbruised."
 "She's not going anywhere with you," Cye replied.
 "What Master Talpa wants, Master Talpa gets and nobody stands in his way," the soldier commented. "Ask your precious warlords in hell when you get there."
 "Enough talk!" Kayura exclaimed her anger apparent. "You will die for your part in this." She looked at Cye out the corner of her eye as the soldiers started to spring upon them and he nodded. The two warriors jumped high into the air and released their attacks on their enemies below, as they rushed in. "Quake with Fear!"
 "Super wave smasher!"
 Kayura's attack wrapped the soldiers in an entrapment  of chains and started  electrocuting them as Cye's wave of water crashed upon them finishing them off.
 "We need to get back to the others," Cye said as he looked at the soldiers remains then looked away.
 "Cye, look out!" Kayura screamed.
 Cye turned his head in her direction and everything went black.

 "So, Mia, do you think your grandfather had anything on Talpa having a son in his files?" Ryo asked as he sat in chair her left.
 "I'm not sure. He has so much I still have to decipher. He had everything encrypted in several different codes to deter thieves of his information," Mia answered as she brought up a number of her late grandfather's files.
 "Well every little bit helps," Rowen replied optimistically. "Even a prophesy that'll give us a clue."
 "Well grandfather knew the most about Talpa and if he knew anything about his son it will be here," Mia commented as she looked at the section of her grandfather's files on prophesies and Talpa's lineage. "Here's something."
 "What is it?" Ryo asked as he looked at the screen of numbers and letters.
 "It's a file about Talpa's lineage written in binary code," she answered curiously as she started a language program. "It came up when I cross referenced child and prophesy. I wonder why he used such an easy code. Almost like he wanted me to find it."
 "Maybe  he knew this day would come," Rowen suggested as the file decoded line by line.
 "You're probably right," Mia replied then turned to Ryo. "Tell me more about these nightmares of Sage's."
 "There's not much to tell according to Sage. He just saw an armored man grab Sae and take her away. Sae and Sage have been having the same dream for about a week. Sae showed up two days ago. We tried to call you, but I guess you were busy."
 "Actually I was tired and just let the machine pick up, it's been a rough week. I didn't check the machine 'til an hour ago," she said as she rubbed her eyes. "Sage and Sae aren't the only ones with sleepless nights."
 "You've been having nightmares too?" Rowen asked becoming very interested.
 "Yeah but not the same ones, just about the past. They were some trying times," Mia answered. "It's amazing sometimes what you forget and when you see it again, you're surprised."
 "What do you..." Ryo began.
 "Ah, the files done," Mia commented as she started scanning the file for details. "I think this is what we're looking for." They all moved closer as  Mia began to read. "According to this, Talpa created two living armors from his own armor before the battle with the Ancient. He called them the armor of Gemini and they were total opposites, but when brought together formed the powerful Star Armor. The two living armors were in the form of children. Talpa used them to fight the Ancient and at one point of the battle, the Ancient was able to break them apart and cast them out in the world encased in star crystal, separate from one another..."
 "But wouldn't they just get back together if someone freed them?" Rowen asked.
 "According to this Gemini C and Gemini P, each named for the two brightest stars in the constellation Castor and Pollux, were total opposites in that one represented good and the other evil. So whoever was dominate in personality at the time determined whether the Star armor was used for good or mass destruction. Separating the two living armors was the turning point in the battle and Talpa swore that he would find his children and take over the universe."
 "That is heavy," Ryo commented as he sat back. "So he might be after this armor now? Does he say anything more about the Gemini armors?"
 "There's more," Mia answered as she scrolled the screen up some more. "In his travels to learn more about Talpa and the Nether realm he found a young girl about five amongst broken glass. She had no idea who she was and where her parents were. He took her in and after sometime realized that she was one of the Gemini armors... that doesn't make sense grandfather never told me about such a girl."
 "Mia," Ryo began quietly, "you don't think that..."
 "That's impossible, Ryo, I can't be that girl. My parents died when I was little. There's no way!" she exclaimed as she got up. She started to pace the floor. She was feeling very unsure about her identity. She didn't remember her parents and then there was her dreams over the last couple of weeks. Nightmares about someone chasing her and calling for her, telling her that he needed her. She worked at the university and she had friends, there was no way that she could be just an armor created to suit an evil purpose. She wasn't evil.
 Ryo touched her shoulder to comfort her. "It's ok," he said softly.
 Rowen continued to look through the file so that he could put an ease to Mia's insecurities when he found the message at the end of the file. "Mia, I think you better come over here," Rowen said sadly as he stood.
 Mia walked over to the computer and saw the message that read:
Mia, my granddaughter, I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but if you're reading this file  then it's because Talpa has finally found out my little secret and has done away with me. I compiled all this information over the years for you, my dear, so that you can understand what you are up against. Only you can stop the Star Armor. Don't let your brother over shadow you and become master of time and space. Find the Ronin Warriors to help you in your quest. I wish you all the best my granddaughter and I love you.
 "No," Mia whispered as she dropped into the chair.
 "Mia..."Ryo began.
 "I gotta go," Mia said quickly as she stood up and ran out of the room.
 Ryo was about to go after her when he felt the others. "I'll have to talk to her later. I hope she's okay while I'm gone."
 "Sage needs help," Ryo said as he looked at Rowen.
 "He's not the only one," Rowen commented as he saw the three warlords standing in the doorway.
 Ryo turned around. "I think the crap just hit the fan."
  Devon Masterson
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