Dreams and Nightmares
Part II
by Devon Masterson

Note from D-chan
I know there seems to be a love thing going on, but I promise its not a cheesy add in like in a good action movie and it's not going to be sappy...ok not too sappy if I do it. Just remember dreams don't always tell what's going to happen but are merely self-reflecting metaphors of things to come :p

 Sae laid in Sage's arms after making love and smiled as he smoothed her blue-gray her hair away from her forehead so he could kiss it. "That was wonderful," she sighed as she snuggled closer to him.
 "I love you," Sage said tenderly as he held her tightly.
 "Now isn't that cute, the lovers exchanging pillow talk," a deep harsh voice broke in amused.
 Sage and Sae sat up, holding the sheet to her chest. "Who's that?" Sae asked.
 "It can't be," Sage commented as his face paled.
 "Oh yes it can," the voice replied as a pair eyes glowed red then a face appeared.
 "Talpa," Sage growled as he quickly reached for his armor orb. His subarmor formed on his body just as he jumped out of the bed.
 "You want to fight, eh?" Talpa chuckled as about ten dynasty soldiers along with an armored warrior appeared.
 "Armor of Halo, dao chi!" Sage called as his armor formed around him and he stood in his armor between Sae and the soldiers with his no-datchi raised. "What's with the new armor?"
 "Just a little something I was tinkering with," Talpa replied. "Gotta pass on something to the son."
 "Son?" Sage asked as he looked at the smug warrior with his arms crossed. "Who did you brain wash to sleep with you?"
 "Ask your mother about it," Talpa remarked smartly. "Kill him and bring me his armor."
 "I don't think so," Sage said as the soldiers attempted to circle him. Sage watched the armored soldier carefully as he waited for the others to attack. All of the sudden the armored soldier disappeared and the other soldiers commenced to attack Sage.
 "Let me go!" Sae exclaimed as the armored soldier held her in a head lock so she couldn't get away. She threw him over her body. The sheet that was keeping her modesty in tact started to fall but only to reveal her orange and white subarmor.
 "Kill joy," Talpa muttered disappointedly.
 Sage turned his head for a second to make sure Sae was all right when a soldier took the opportunity to strike him. Luckily Sage blocked him and ran him through before he could be injured.
 "Armor of Hardrock, dao gi," Sae called as her armor snapped into place. She pulled out her naginta and prepared to square off with the armored soldier.
 "Don't make me hurt you," he said as he circled her.
 "Who says you will?" she asked. "I'm not some weak little girl."
 "You're right," the armored soldier said as he dropped his defensive stance. "I give up."
 "What?" Sae asked confused as she dropped her naginta in a less defensive state.
 "Just kidding," the warrior replied as he sent a large blast of  energy from his hands. It hit Sae square in the chest and threw her across the room and against the wall, knocking her unconscious.
 "Sae!" Sage screamed as he saw her hit the ground. The warrior walked over to her and threw her over his shoulder. "Leave her alone!" he yelled as he tried to get over to her but the soldiers were hassling him.
 "You pick the loveliest girls, Halo, so I'm sure you won't miss this one," the warrior remarked. "Oh and don't worry I promise to take her every night. I do need a son from her you know."
 Sage growled. "Thunder bolt cut!" he called out as he struck down all the soldiers at once, fueled by his focused anger. He then looked towards the soldier. "You're not leaving here with her."
 "Yes, I am," the warrior commented then teleported just as Sage jumped on him ready to attack.
 Sage took off his helmet and fell to his knees then all of a sudden he heard Sae scream his name in pain.
 "NO!" Sage screamed as he sat up in his bed with his body covered in sweat.
He buried his face in his hands and took several deep breaths.
 "Sage?" a voice asked through the door softly. "Are you ok?"
 "Yeah," he answered his voice shaky, The dream was so vivid and freaky. Especially her scream. It was so hurtful he didn't even want to think about what they were doing to her though, he could he imagine what ever their evil sick minds were thinking of  it was something horrid.
 "I don't believe you," she replied as she opened the door. "I hope you're decent, but even if you're not I've read lots of medical books, so I won't be shocked."
 Sage smirked at her comment as he looked up at her.
 "Dad says that laughter is the best medicine," Sae said as she sat on the bed. "Nightmare?"
 "Yeah," he said nervously.
 "I had one too," she revealed as she touched his shoulder.
 Sage jumped slightly at her touch. "Thanks."
 "There's no need to be nervous. I've been well brought up so I don't bite and I'm sure this is not the first time you've had a woman sit on your bed or in your bed for that matter."
 "That was not necessary," Sage retorted angrily.
 "I'm sorry," Sae blushed. "What you do is none of my business and I shouldn't have brought it up."
 "It's all right," Sage dismissed as he stood up and went to the window and looked at the stars.
 Sae walked over to the window and looked out at the stars. "There's Mercury," she pointed out.
 "Where?" he asked as he looked in the direction he pointed in.
 "There," she remarked as the symbol of Mercury glowed on her forehead.
 "Beautiful," Sage remarked. "I've never been much of a star gazer, that's more Rowen's department."
 "Change makes you versatile," Sae replied as she looked into his uncovered eye.
 Sage looked at her then coughed to break the moment. "So what was your nightmare about?"
 Sae looked away from a moment then walked away from the window. "I dreamt that I was taken from my lover by an evil man and raped."
 "I...uh..I'm sorry that I brought it up," Sage said softly as he touched her shoulder.
 "What about you, what was your nightmare about?" Sae asked changing the subject.
 "I...dreamt that my lover was...taken from me by an armored warrior and I was powerless to stop. The last thing I heard was her scream," he answered slowly.
 "How long have you been having this nightmare?" she asked as she turned to him.
 "For the last week," he answered.
 "Me too, that's why I came here," Sae answered. "I don't know what to make of this."
 "Neither do I? You're one of my bestfriend's daughter. He'd kill me."
 "He's the one who sent me back...I told him about my dream one night when I screamed out like you did. So he knows, he doesn't admit it but he trusts me, although he left some interesting notes in my back pack."
 "So when's all this supposed to happen?"
 "Maybe nothing happens, maybe it's a clue that evil is coming," Sae reasoned.
 "What about us?" he asked. "You're saying that you don't have the slightest interest in me?"
 "Don't flatter yourself," Sae replied. "You're cute, but I've got standards."
 "What!?" he asked in disbelief. "What's that supposed to mean?"
 "You figure it out," she commented as she opened the door and walked out of the room.
 Sage jumped in his bed in anger. "She's got standards! What's that supposed to mean? I'm great quality. She should be lucky  that I..."
 "You know incessantly talking to yourself is one of the first signs of an psychotic episode," Sae commented as she poked her head in.
 Sage clamped his mouth shut and cover his head with his pillow.

 "So you're saying that something evil is coming?" Ryo asked as he and the others munched on breakfast and discussed certain parts of Sae and Sage's nightmares.
 "Not just something evil," Sage corrected, "but evil it's self. In my dream Talpa came back and he had a son."
 "I've heard about this Talpa guy. I thought he was destroyed," Sae interjected.
 "That's what we thought too," Rowen replied as he stood. "We should talk to Mia at the University and see what she's got."
 "That's a good idea," Ryo agreed as he stood also.
 "Cye and I will go to the Netherrealm and see what Dais and the others have heard," Kayura suggested as she stood next to Cye. She nodded to the others and they disappeared.
 Sae was about to stand when she felt strange for a second. She looked out the patio windows. "I'll catch up to you guys. I want to scan the area."
 "Scan the area?" Rowen asked.
 "Yeah with my Mercury computer. I'm looking for negative energy," Sae answered as she stood. "You guys go on ahead."
 "I don't think you be alone," Sage commented.
 "He's right," Ryo agreed. "One of us should stay with you."
 "Who will that be. You need Sage to help you with details, Rowen to help do the research, and you need to be there so you can know the information soon as it known to everyone else. I don't need to be baby-sat. Trust me I can handle myself decently."
 "I'll stay," Sage replied ignoring her. "If you need to know more then you can call me on the cellphone."
 "K?" Rowen and Ryo said as they left.
 Sae angrily walked outside and leaned against the patio. "I really hate to be ignored. Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean what I have to say isn't important and I'm weak."
 "You're a brat, you know that?"
 "How dare you speak to me that way?" Sae remarked. "Don't you know I'm..."
 "Arrogant? Egotistical? Have diva complex?" Sage asked angrily. "I'd love to know who died and made you queen."
 Sae gasped and blushed. She had always tried to be humble but in her anger she would sometimes get out of hand. She was a princess and soon to be Queen of Mercury, a top notch warrior, she had one of the finest minds in the universe, and she was beautiful. It was so easy to let all of that go to your head sometimes, that's why she worked so hard at it and here she was slipping.
 "I'm sorry," she whispered softly then started to walk toward the beach.
 "Wha?" Sage asked dumbfounded. He was totally unprepared for that response. This girl had been a puzzle every step of the way. What kind of siren did Kento raise anyway. She had only been there two days and he was still trying to figure her out. But it seems  like he now hit a nerve. "Sae," he began slowly as she pulled out a blue stick and said something about make-up. "You don't need any you're already beautiful."
 A blue light surrounded her then dissipated in bubbles as she stood in a sailor fuku.
"Yes," she answered as she touched her right blue earring. A soft blue light shielded her eyes then dissipated leaving a blue visor over eyes. She held a mini computer in her hand and opened it.
 "Wow," Sage commented as he admired her uniform. "I mean, I'm sorry too for being so hot...harsh! For being so harsh."
 Sae smiled. "Thanks even though you don't mean it, about me being hot," Sae began as she opened her computer. "I know you hate me and that's my fault..."
 "I don't hate you," Sage said as he moved closer to her. "You do drive me crazy though."
 "Gee thanks," she replied sarcastically
 "You're welcome," he whispered as he kissed her.
 Sae pressed herself closer to him as the kiss grew deeper. She heard a beeping sound and pushed Sage to the ground as a blast of energy passed over them. The two sat up as they saw a figure rising out of the sand. "Stay away from me," Sae mumbled to the figure as it  rose out of the sand. It was the armored man from her nightmares.
  Devon Masterson
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