Dreams and Nightmares
by Devon Masterson

Note from D-chan :)
This is a cross over that I came up with while I was sitting in my sensory deprivation tank...ok I'm kidding. I had the idea while working on some other fic. Hope you like it and if you need more background to help figure out what's going on then read my SM fic. Enjoy!!

 Sae stepped out of the dimensional pocket and sighed as she took off her backpack. She surveyed the sandy surroundings and fanned herself in the hopes of cooling off. "This place is stifling....I think I need to change my clothes," she thought as she looked towards a patch of trees to hide herself in while she changed. "I think that two piece is going to come in handy."
 Once she got to the trees, she opened her back pack and found her once piece bathing suit and a note that read:
 You don't need this rag. You're not there to guy watch, besides you know you can't date 'til I'm dead.
Sae was about to send a mental protest about how she was treated like a baby to her father, when she saw another note pinned to her two piece.
 Don't listen to your father and have some fun while you're there, it's always nice to be a little bad sometimes :p
Ps- Make sure you stop by the library because you have a report  on dimensional culture due when you get back ;)
 "Man," she sighed as she started to change into her suit and sandals. "The life of a scholar I suppose."
 A few minutes later, Sae emerged from the trees wearing her ice blue two piece bathing suit. It looked more like short shorts and a bikini top though. She placed a white cap on her head that had the kanji of justice on the front in blue and her long blue-gray hair hung out the back of the cap. She looked towards a beach house about a quarter of a mile in the distance and started on her way.
 As the visitor from another world started for the beach house, the occupants held a house meeting on the patio. "Guys, I'm getting worried," an Englishmen commented as he looked at his friends in concern. "It's been two days."
 "Don't worry, Cye," Sage commented as he ran his hands through his hair. "He's probably off somewhere because we left him here."
 "Or he could have found an unlimited source of food," Rowen joked as he looked over the book he was reading for a minute.
 "Let's be serious," Cye replied as he looked at the others.
 "Cye's right," Ryo remarked as he stood. "It is strange that he's been gone for this long and didn't even take White Blaze with him."
 "Poor thing was practically starved when we got back," Kayura said absently as she looked out into the ocean. "I hope nothing happened to him. I shouldn't have been so hard on him."
 "I think we should look for him right now,"  Cye commented. "Kento would never be so callous about White Blaze unless something happened."
 "You're right," the other guys commented as they were about to get up and search for their lost friend.
 "Before you do that," Sae broke in as she came up, "let me tell you some things."
 They all looked in her direction. "Who are you?" they all asked in unison.
 "I'll get to that," Sae replied as she opened her back pack and took out a couple of items. "This is for Rowen. It's a book on astrophysics, he thought you'd find it interesting. I know I did the first couple of times I read it. For Ryo, a fire scroll, my bestfriend Skye made it and Dad thought you'd like it. Sage, for you I have a kitana for your collection. Kayura, this is for you, it's a long list of practical jokes Dad played on you that's he's sorry for, and for you Cye, this is a crystal fish from my home, I have a million of them, and this is Tupperware. Dad told me to bring him something back."
 Everybody stood in utter silence as they held the gifts.
 "Whoa whoa whoa," Rowen said interrupting the silence and tension. "Dad...how can you be Kento's kid. You have to be at least twenty years old and Kento's 20 so how..."
 "Besides you're too good looking to be his kid," Sage interjected as Rowen rattled on.
 "K, I'll explain," Sae replied. "My name is Sae Ami Rei Faun and as much as I like  what I'm taking as a compliment, I'm only eighteen. I didn't realize that time passed so slowly here, but where I come from Dad is thirty-eight. Dad met my mom when she fell through a dimensional rift eighteen...two days ago. They were together a week when she was given the chance to go and he decided to go with her. That's basically it."
 "How come he didn't come back with you?" Cye asked.
 "He can never come back," Sae commented softly as she looked down. "But I came back to find out what my dreams meant."
 "What dreams?" Kayura asked as she moved closer to Sae.
 "Can we talk about it later, they're really disturbing?"
 "Sure," she replied.
 "Do you mind if I hang out with you guys?" Sae asked.
 "No," Ryo replied. "We want to get to know you."
 "Are you hungry?" Cye asked as he stood up.
 "Always," she answered as she smiled at Cye. "I can eat Dad and Auntie Serena under the table."
 "Definitely Kento's kid," Rowen chuckled as he started looking at the astrophysics book that Sae gave him. "Hmmm interesting."
 "It is. Mom lets me teach her classes on it at the Crystal Tokyo U when she's busy. Dad reads it all the time, he says it is the absolute cure for insomnia," Sae commented as she went inside with Cye to get something to eat.
 Rowen's eyes widened as Sage leaned over and smiled. "Who ever thought you'd be able to have a meeting of the minds with Kento's kid."
 Ryo and the rest snickered as Rowen rolled his eyes and went back to his new book with even more interest.

% % %
 "So you like ocean life too?" Cye asked as he set another plate of food before Sae.
 Sae nodded as she chewed her food. Even though she had a bottomless pit for a stomach she had excellent table manners.
 "You're very polite," Cye commented, "not that your dad..well."
 "I know Dad's a pig," Sae said as she smiled then changed the subject slightly. "He told me a lot about you. I control water too as well as earth."
 "Finally someone that will understand," Cye joked as he smiled.
 "I guess you joke on each other's powers just like we do."
 "We?" Cye asked.
 "The other pri...sailor scouts," she answered as she stood and walked outside.
 "What are the sailor scouts?" he asked as he followed her outside to where the others were chatting about their new visitor.
 "In my dimension, sailor scouts are protectors of the universe. We come from each of the nine planets in the silver millennium where the Moon family is head. I am from the planet Mercury though I spend most of my time in Crystal Tokyo...."
 "But I thought there was no life on other planets," Sage replied.
 "Maybe not here, but where I come from there is," Sae remarked coldly.
 "Brrr," he replied as looked at Sae.
 Sae hissed at him like a cat then rolled her eyes. "We're also are protectors of the Princess Serena, the next queen of the silver millennium. She's affectionately called Small Lady but I don't know why, I guess from when she was little....but that's the highlights."
 "Interesting tale," Kayura said thoughtfully.
 Sae yawned. "Excuse me," she apologized as she blushed. "I guess I'm more tired than I thought."
 "It's kind of late anyway," Ryo commented as he looked out into the darkness. "We can talk more in the morning after you get your rest."
 "You can room with me," Kayura replied as she took Sae's hand and led her in the house.
 The other guys said goodnight and headed inside as well.
 "What are you thinking about?" Rowen asked as he looked at  his friend.
 "She's the girl from my dream," Sage answered as he looked at the waves crashing on the rocks below.
 "You're kidding," Rowen said in disbelief. "You are talking about the dream that you had about the girl that you slept with!?"
 "Keep it down will you," Sage whispered as he shushed his bestfriend.
 "You're going to jail," Rowen remarked jokingly in a low voice. "There's got to be a law against mating with your friend's daughter."
 "You're a million laughs, you know that Ro," Sage commented bitterly. "You should take your act on the road."
 "Ok, I get the point," he replied then changed the tone of his voice. "Her being here doesn't mean that anything will happen between you two so don't worry."
 "You're right," Sage said as he looked at Rowen. "Not all my dreams come true."
"Of course, I'm right," he replied as he yawned. "Night....and sweet dreams."
 "Very funny. Good night," Sage smirked then turned back to the waves crashing.
"Of course I would feel even better if hated her guts instead of being attracted to her."
  Devon Masterson
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