Rose in the Wind

Chapter 5

By Devon Masterson

"Hello, Commander Winter," the doctor said as Cheryl sat down.

"Doctor, I donít mean any disrespect, but could we cut through the formalities?" she asked. "I have some paper work I need finish up before I go on my mission."

"Thatís what I want to talk to you about," the doctor replied. "You might want to think about cutting your work load over the next few months."

"Why would IÖyouíre kidding," Cheryl asked as she stood.

The doctor shook his head. "Youíre six weeks pregnant."

Cheryl started to feel lightheaded as the news sunk into her consciousness. She felt herself drop into the chair. "The first timeÖ"

"Are you okay Commander?"

"Iím fine, just surprised," she explained.

"What will the father have to say?"

"Iím sure heíll be as happy as I am. Weíve always wanted to have a family of our own."

The doctor smiled. "Well I guess we wonít have to discuss alternatives then. Congratulations."

"Have you made your report to Lady Une, yet?"

The doctor nodded, "I made it an hour ago."

"I have to go," Cheryl said suddenly as a smile spread across face. "Thank you."

"Youíre welcome, Commander."


"Whatís this I hear about you having sex with women in your office?" Martina demanded as she walked into her younger brotherís office.

Quatre sighed. He knew one of his sisters would hear about it sooner or later. "Itís was not women it was just one woman, Martina," he corrected.

"Quatre!" she exclaimed in surprise. She hadnít actually believed that it was true but it was worth checking out. She had always wondered about her brother. The thought had come across her mind that he was sweet. What he did in his personal time was of no real interest to her as long as he eventually produced an heir. She had been patient up until now. He was thirty-one now and it was well past time. "Does she at least mean anything to you?"

"No, I just make it a customary to have sex with every woman that comes into my

office," he replied sarcastically

"Iím serious, Quatre," Martina said as she looked at him sternly. "Youíre thirty-one years old and you still donít have an heir."

Quatre sighed as he knew what was coming next.


Cheryl walked down the corridor of Winner Enterprises in a daze. Even the odd smirks and smiles that Quatreís employees gave her did not disturb her. All she knew was that she was going to have the man she lovedís baby. They were destined to be together. She knew that now. "Ms. Winter," Ms. Daily called as she up behind her. "Mr. Winner is meeting with his sister and Iím sure he will be with you shortly."

"Oh," Cheryl sighed as they got closer to his office. She had hoped to pop in and tell him right away. She was silly for thinking that he did not have anything else to do, especially since he did not know she was coming.

"Of course I know what my responsibilities are," Quatreís voice carried through the partially opened door, "and I wouldnít do anything to tarnish our name. Only a woman with the most prestigious background and highest moral standing could have my name."

"So then youíll meet with Angeline?" Martina asked.

"How could I not? We both knowÖ"

Ms. Daily shut the door quickly. "Iím sure itís not how it sounds, Ms. Winter."

Cheryl only looked at the woman stunned.

"Ms. Daily, get in touch with Miss Angeline LíEngle and arrange a meeting," Quatre said over the intercom without waiting for a response.

"Donít tell him I was here," Cheryl said softly.

"Ms. WinterÖ"

"Thank you, Miss Daily," she said before running off.


"Are you happy now?" Quatre snapped as he sat back in chair. "Iíll meet with her."

"Well donít sound all happy about it," Martina said. "I am only looking after your welfare and the companyís welfare."

"I need to get back to work," Quatre commented.

"Fine," Martina replied. She stood, gathered her things and left. "Good-bye dear


"Good-bye dear brother," he mocked lowly as he watched her leave. "Ms. Daily," Quatre called through the open door.

"Yes, Mr. Winner?" she asked annoyed.

"Whatís wrong?" he asked suddenly. The older woman looked tremendously annoyed about something.

The woman shook her head. "I was wrong about you. You donít deserve such a nice girl. For shame, for shame, for shame."

Quatre looked confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Shame on you for stringing Ms. Winter along when you planned to marry someone else," she said angrily. "We heard everything and I thought you were such a nice young man. For shame."

"Wait a minute, Ms. Winter was here?" he asked. "Where did she go?"

"The poor girl left here broken hearted and she seemed so excited to see you too. Shame on you!"

Quatre could feel his patience being tried as he looked at the woman. "Let me get this straight, Ms. Winter was here to see me and she left without seeing me?"

"Yes we heard you talking with your sister about meeting with Miss LíEngle."

"Oh damn," he sighed as he sat on his desk holding his head. "I was being sarcastic, Ms. Daily. I am just meeting with Miss LíEngle to appease my sister. I have no intention of marrying her, but I might have killed my chances of marrying Cheryl."

"Well what are you waiting for she has at least a fifteen minute head start," she said as she looked at the young man.

"Youíre right," Quatre replied as he walked out of the office. "Thanks."


"Hi, Miss Winter," Ryoko greeted as she hugged her. "Did you come by to check on me? I got Aís on my last three tests."

"Very good," she praised. She pulled the little girl into her lap. "Actually I came by to say good-bye. I have to go away for a while."

"Why?" Ryoko asked as her world started to fall apart.

"Iím..Iím having a baby."

"Mommy had all of her babies here," Ryoko reasoned.

"Yes, I know sweetie, but I...well itís really hard to explain."

She slid out of Cherylís lap and looked into her violet eyes with her Prussian ones. "When are you coming back?" she asked.

"I donít know."

"I want to come with you," she said as she hugged the woman tightly.

"What about your mommy and daddy? You know Ja-Zell and the boys will miss you."

"They can come too," Ryoko suggested.

Cheryl smiled at the little girl and stood. "I canít bring you with me," she said as she sniffed. "I need you to be a big girl."

Ryoko looked at her coldly. "Iíll be fine by myself."

"RyokoÖ" Cheryl said as she reached out for her.

Ryoko pulled away. "Iím fine by myself."

Cheryl took a deep breath and left the room. "Bye, Ryoko." She walked quietly out of the house in her thoughts. She had already tried to turn in her badge into Lady Une. She told her that she wouldnít be able to keep up with her duties as a single mother and that she wanted to focus on the most important thing to her.

"Running away from Quatre, whom I assume to be the father, isnít the answer Commander. I wonít accept your resignation. You are on sabbatical until you feel ready to come back. Iíve learned that sometimes you just need timeÖ"

She shook Lady Uneís words out of her mind. She was not running away. She just needed space to breathe. Paris was a nice place to raise a child even if was on the other side of the world, so that was where she was to be.


Quatre walked into the office that he shared with the other commanders. They all stopped what they were doing at looked at him as he came into the room. "What?" he grumbled as he sat down at his desk. He had been up all night trying to reach Cheryl at her house, but she just wouldnít pick up. He even camped outside so he could catch her when she tried to leave and explain.

Wufei raised an eyebrow. Since no one would be willing to start the ball rolling he would. "Have you no class, Winner?" he asked. "Commander Winter was the ideal woman for someone as yourself, who needs the company of woman to feel complete. I could see how Maxwell could screw it up, but you I am surprised."

"Wu-manís got a point there, Quatre, except about me screwing things up, but Iíll over look it," he replied glaring at Wufei.

Wufei glared back. "Iím sure."

Duo looked back at Quatre. "We want to hear your end of the story."

"I need to talk to Cheryl first," Quatre commented stubbornly. Right now he just wanted to smooth things over her.

"Well youíre going to have a long wait then," Duo said as he sat back in his chair. He leaned back and looked at his friend. "I heard from a reliable source that sheís on sabbatical. We all know that means that sheíll be much harder to track. I already tried to track her and I still havenít found out which flight she actually went out on. We each found a reservation going to ten different destinations with at least three stopovers per destination."

Quatre sank in his chair defeated. "I refuse to let this happen," he thought. A determined look crossed his face as his mind started working on various routes he could check out to find her. "Letís just say she misunderstood something I said to my sister."

"Must be about getting married," Heero commented not looking up from computer. "I have eliminated four of the ten destinations."

"Thank you, Heero," Quatre said as he looked at his friends.

"Iím doing it for my daughter," he informed.

Quatre nodded though he knew that Heero did not have to tell him that he was even looking for Cheryl. It was his own way of rooting for him.

"Iíll check in with you guys in a couple of days. I have something I need to do," Trowa remarked as he grabbed his coat and left. "And by the wayÖcongratulations."

"Oh yeah, Q-man, I almost forgot about that," Duo said as he sat up. "Another mind for me to corrupt. Good job, man."

"I seem to be only one missing something," Quatre replied as he looked at Duo strangely.

Wufei sighed. "I have never known you to be a slow man, but today you are disappointing me, Quatre. Commander Winter is carrying your child."

Quatreís eyes widened as he felt lightheaded but he shook it off. "Sheís having my baby? And she heard what I saidÖno wonder she hates me."

"The poor girl left here broken hearted and she seemed so excited to see you too..." Ms. Dailyís voice echoed in his mind.

"She must have come by to tell me whenÖI have to find her!" Quatre balled his fist. "Iíll be in touch," he said as he walked out of the building. The others nodded toward him as they continued on what they were doing.

© 2001 Devon Masterson

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