Rose in the Wind

Chapter 4

By Devon Masterson

Note: Humor me with the business talk

"Are you thinking about Uncle Quatre?" Ryoko asked as she looked up from the project she was working on.

"What made you ask that?"

"Youíve been acting weird since you got back from your mission," Ryoko smiled. "He would make a great husband."

Cheryl looked surprised. "Iím sure he will."

"I wouldnít mind if you were his wife," Ryoko added.

"I see, youíre a matchmaker," she replied as she sat beside the young girl and started to tickle her. Ryoko giggled and squirmed. "Do you give up?"

"No," the girl squealed.

Quatre stood in the door amazed as he watched the two play. He could have watched them forever but he remembered a promise. All of the guys were supposed to take the kids to the zoo and for pizza so their parents could have some time alone. "Are you ready for the zoo?"

"Yeah," she said as she broke away from Cheryl and ran to him. "Can Ms. Winter come too?"

"Of course," Quatre replied as he looked at Cheryl.

"Thank you, for asking honey, but you need to spend sometime alone with your Uncle. I know you miss having him all to yourself," she answered.

"I want you to come," Ryoko pressed as her eyes started to get dewy.

"Ah, I know that trick," Cheryl said. She kissed Ryoko on the forehead. "I have something to do and I canít. Iím sorry."

"Okay," she pouted.


Quatre sat in his office at Winner Enterprises going over the paperwork he had neglected the past couple of days. He couldnít seem to focus. There was something wrong between him and Cheryl. She seemed distant towards him lately and he had hardly seen her. "Mr. Winner, you have someone from the Snow Corporation to see you," a secretary said as she opened the door.

"Excuse me," Cheryl said as she pushed passed her. "How could you?"

"You canítÖ"

Quatre raised a hand to let her know that it was all right. "Whatís wrong?"

"Winner Enterprises bought out and sold Iomega Industries one of our subsidiaries without my consent. I own forty-nine percent of the company and none of its holdings can be sold without my knowledge," Cheryl pointed out. "I canít believe you would do something like this."

"I donít know what youíre talking about," Quatre said as he tried to calm her down. "I needed to catch up on some paper work and nothing is final without my signature." He started to look through the small stack of papers and found one that needed his signature. He held it up in front of her and tore it up. "I hate it when things like this get pass me. Iím sorry Cheryl."

Cheryl looked at him and sighed. "Thank you," she said and turned to leave.

"Wait," Quatre called out as he grabbed her arm. "IĎve hardly seen you the past few weeks."

"Iíve been busy," Cheryl said quickly as she tried to pull away from him.

Quatre tightened his grip to keep her from leaving while still maintaining his usual gentleness. "Why have you been avoiding me?"

"I havenít been avoiding you," Cheryl said as she pulled away.

"Yes you have," Quatre replied annoyed. "Whatís wrong, talk to me?"

"IÖ" her sentence trailed. She looked into his concerned eyes then looked away. "Let me go, Quatre."

His grip on her arm loosened and her arm dropped to her side. "I donít want to," he whispered. He touched her face and kissed her deeply. He half expected her to fight him, but she didnít. His strong arms surrounded her and pulled her into him, as the kiss grew deeper.

"I hope that Quatreís in better mood after we take him to lunch," Duo said as he and Trowa walked down the corridor of Winner Enterprises. "Weíre not taking no for answer either."

Trowa simply shrugged. He wasnít so sure that they should drag Quatre off anywhere just yet. "Whatís going on?" he asked as he saw a small group standing by Quatreís office door.

"Excuse me, ladies," Duo remarked as he moved through the women to get to the door.

"Mr. Winner is very busy," a secretary commented as her cheeks reddened.

"Iím sure he wonít mind," Duo said as he raised his hand to knock.

"Oh god, Quatre."

Duo froze with his hand in the air as his jaw dropped. "Heís getting laid," he squeaked.

"And it sounds like heís killing her," Trowa remarked stoically. Though the young man seemed unfazed he was every bit as shocked as Duo.

Duo didnít further comment as he looked around. "I need a glass," he said as he put his ear to the door.

"Does that really work?" another secretary asked curiously.

"Of course," Duo answered as he tried to lean more into the door.

"I always knew he had too much of a package to be gay," one of the women muttered to another.

"Shh," Duo said as he tried to hear everything.

"Damn, you feel so good."

"This is getting good," Duo replied as he rubbed his hands. He would so light into Quatre when he saw him again.

"Youíre such a pervert," Trowa remarked as he shook his head.

"Damn right," Duo replied as he looked into Trowaís visible eye grinning. "I just want to know if heís been paying attention to everything Iíve told him."

"Quatre has been on a dates before and does know where to put it," Trowa commented in his best friendís defense.

"Under my tutelage of course," Duo added before bowing. "Remember that ladies." He winked at the women standing around curiously. Quite a few of them reddened at the possibility of what he said. It was definitely apparent that Cheryl was pleased with Quatreís abilities.

"Okay, Duo," Trowa said as he shook his head. "At least we know they worked things out."

"Oh god, Cheryl, I love you."

"He finally admitted it," Duo said incredulously, "Albeit when he came, but at least she knows itís true."

Trowa nodded in agreement.

"Alright ladies break it up. Thereís nothing else to see here," Duo said as he shooed them away. "The nameís Duo Maxwell and Iím in the book."

Trowa shook his head as a few of the ladies winked at Duo and made an obvious mental note to look him up sometime. "Youíre incorrigible, Duo."

"Yeah, I know," Duo replied proudly. "Itís what I do."

"Okay," Trowa said coldly. It was getting a little thick in there, as far he was concerned.

Duo looked toward Quatreís personal secretary. "Give them a minute then let him know weíre here."

The two fell sideways and laid panting in each otherís arms for what seemed like eternity. He watched her as she lay with her eyes shut. He couldnít help but stare at her as he tried to etch her upon his memory. She was positively radiant in her after glow. He touched his lips absently. He could still feel her kiss burning upon his lips and the touch of her fingertips as they roamed all over him. This was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of life with.

"What?" she asked softly.

"Iím just looking at how beautiful you are," he answered.

Cheryl blushed. "Thank you." She moved her head closer to him and kissed him lightly. She touched his face tenderly as her eyes softened. "I love you too."

Quatreís face lit up in joy. "IíveÖ"

"Mr. Winner, Mr. Barton and Mr. Maxwell are here to see you," the secretary informed. "Should I send them in?"

Quatre stood quickly and ran to his desk. "In a moment, Ms. Daily," Quatre said into the intercom. "Iím finishing up with Ms. Winter."

"Yes, Mr. Winner," Ms Daily said.

The two of them scrambled around the office gathering their clothes and straightening themselves. Quatre buttoned his jacket to hide the missing buttons from his shirt and patted his hair in place. It looked a little disheveled but not nearly as bad as it looked a few moments ago. He looked towards Cheryl and she gave him the go ahead after putting on fresh lipstick and combing her hair. She crossed her legs as Quatre told the secretary that it was okay for Duo and Trowa to come in.

The door opened and Duo and Trowa walked in as usual. "I smell sex and candy," Duo replied as he sat in one of the chairs in front of Quatreís desk.

"What?" Quatre nearly choked in surprise.

"Thatís an old song from the nineties," Cheryl commented.

"Yeah havenít you heard it on the oldies channel?" Duo asked innocently. "I heard it the other day and Iíve always wanted to walk into a room and say that."

"Oh," Quatre sighed. "So what brings you guys by?"

"We wanted to take you to lunch," Trowa answered. "We thought it might help improve your mood."

"Well thatís sweet," Cheryl said as she stood. "Donít let me keep you from your bonding time. Iíll see you guys at the office." She started for the door. She winked and blew a kiss to Quatre behind their backs before exiting.

Quatre smiled then turned his attention back to Trowa and Duo. "So Quatre, did you enjoy warming up Commander Winter?" Duo grinned once she left.

"The whole office knows donít they?" he asked as he put his face in hands

"I think thatís safe to say," Trowa answered.

"I didnít know you were such a wild man, Quatre," Duo chuckled. "I have taught you well."

"Duo," Quatre sighed as he looked at his friend.

"Oh come on you know it was worth it. She made you say the L-word," Duo pointed out. "You know it was."

Quatre smiled. "The best."

Duo grinned like a Cheshire cat and Trowa shook his head. "We better head back."

"Yeah," Duo agreed as he continued to grin. "Donít forget annual exams are this week. Of course Iím sure youíll be probing Cheryl often enough know the ends and outs."

"Okay, thatís enough, Duo," Quatre warned.

Duo just smirked as he and Trowa left. He could have been happier if it had been him.


© 2001 Devon Masterson

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