Rose in the Wind

Chapter 3

By Devon Masterson

Note: I know he is a blond

Cheryl and Quatre sat in a green room waiting for their host. Quatre sat casually with an attaché case resting comfortably next to him in case any of the guards in the room had any ideas. He ran his hands through his new chestnut hair impatiently. This was the first mission that he and Cheryl worked together. They were going to take down a weapon’s runner who might be supplying the Domini. He looked at Cheryl to see how she was holding up. They had been waiting for the past two hours for their guy to finally meet them. He frowned when he saw her smirk at one of the guards admiring her legs as she filed her nails. "What are you looking at?" he asked coldly.

‘That’s a nice looking woman you got there," he complimented. "She must come in handy on cold nights."

Quatre smiled proudly. "Yeah she does, but she’s got other talents."

"Like what?" he grinned. He knew he was about to get a show he would never forget.

Cheryl looked at him and smiled seductively as she stood. The guard’s eyes washed over her in greater detail as he admired her full breasts underneath her wrap-around dress. The dress did an amazing job of showing off generous amounts of cleavage and thigh with a high spilt in the front. She threw the nail file and it embedded itself into the wall next to the guard’s head. Eight guns raised as the guard slid to the floor in fright. "It was just a mosquito, boys," she replied haughtily as she and Quatre stood back to back each holding two guns to each of the two guards that aimed at them.

One of the guards looked to the wall and saw a few strands of hair and a mosquito underneath the nail file. He nodded to the other three and they all lowered their guns slowly. "Our mistake," he commented as they all put their guns away.

"I told you she was talented," Quatre smirked as he sat down and put his arm around Cheryl. He smiled as he saw the door finally open.

"Mr. Claudine will see you now," a big guy informed. Quatre picked up the case and took Cheryl’s hand and they were led through.

"Bye, boys," she called as she blew a kiss.

The men looked at her lustfully/fearfully. They envied Quatre and that same time thought he was a moron for having such a dangerous girlfriend.

"Hello, Claudine," Quatre greeted annoyed.

"That was a nice show you put on in there," he congratulated. "You fooled my men into thinking that you’re the usual vindictive, cut-throat that I bring here, but I am not so sure you’re not the cops or something."

"How do I prove it then?" Quatre asked annoyed. He was hoping that the knife trick would have done it.

"First I want you to shoot him," Claudine replied pointing on his guards.

"Maim or kill?" Quatre asked coldly as he pulled out his gun.

"Surprise me," Claudine answered as he watched Quatre’s expression. It was absolutely cold as he pulled back the hammer and prepared to fire without hesitation. He smiled as he saw the readout on him on the desk console. His heart rate was a little accelerated but nothing out of ordinary. The woman’s heart, however; was beating considerably faster. "Wait." Quatre looked at him annoyed, but inwardly was relieved as was the guard. "A cop probably wouldn’t mind killing one of us, but one of their own…"

"No way," Quatre replied, "She’s the only one I trust in my operation. I’ll just take my fifteen million somewhere else."

"If she’s your woman than show me," Claudine interjected before Quatre left.

"You’re a sick bastard aren’t you?" Quatre asked as he looked at Cheryl.

"We’ll give him a show won’t we, baby?" she asked. She looked at him with intense violet eyes. Neither one was intending to let Claudine get away from them, but they both knew they had to be in agreement in this.

"Yeah, we will."


AN: There is a lost lemon that goes with this

Claudine licked his lips lustfully as he looked at the couple in front of him. "Now let’s get down to business," he said as he eyed Cheryl.

"This is what we need," Quatre replied slightly breathless. His head was still spinning from what had just happened between him and Cheryl. "Fifteen million is the down payment. You’ll get the rest when we see the weapons." He put the case on the desk they had just vacated and opened it.

Claudine looked at the list and the money. "What are you doing with all of this? Starting a war. You’re worst than the Domini," he commented.

"That’s our business," Quatre replied. "Can you do it or not?"

"I can do it," he answered. "But the price is going to go up. I want one hundred instead…"


"And your girlfriend for the night," he added as he leaned forward. "If she does even half as good a job as she did for you, then I might feel generous."

Cheryl narrowed her eyes. "Seventy-five and me for twenty-four hours," she said shrewdly.

"Deal," Claudine replied. "You have a shrewd woman, Eric, my boy, and fiesty. I looked forward to dealing with you and her in the future. I’ll contact you in one week."

The two nodded and left the protected office. Once they were in the car, they each took a sigh of relief. Quatre was about to say something to Cheryl when she shook her head. She was not ready to talk just yet. She turned on the receiver so they could hear the inside of Claudine’s office. She planted the bug while he was engrossed in the show.

"He must be talking with the Domini," she whispered as they listened to the one-sided conversation.

"I just finished with an appointment. What can I do for you?" Claudine asked. "Yes, I checked them out. They weren’t the cops or anything! What do you mean, how do I know? I checked them out. We had a deal pal! I am not going to be stuck with 2 tons of gundanium and enough ammunition to kill a small country. Well fu.. "

Quatre and Cheryl both turned their heads as they saw an explosion erupt from Claudine’s office. "And the trail goes cold again," he sighed as he hit the stirring wheel in anger. "Damn it."

Cheryl hit the dashboard in anger. "Let’s…let’s just go back to the hotel and report in," she suggested annoyed.

An hour later Quatre laid on the bed with his hands behind his head. He looked toward the bathroom wistfully as he heard the shower going. Right about now he wished he had a room to himself. He didn’t know if he could trust himself not to pounce her. The only reason they shared a room was in case they had visitor drop by unannounced to check on them.

It was amazing how quickly things changed for him. That one act, as amazingly erotic as it was, did more than quench some of the sexual tension that he had been harboring towards her, but made him realize just how much he cared about her. He looked forward to seeing her at work and watched for her to come by for Ryoko’s lessons. Now what was he supposed to do, here he was mooning over her like it was his first time getting laid. He was well aware that his feelings went beyond sex, but what they had just shared was amazing.

"Quatre, are you okay?" she asked as she put her hand to his forehead.

"Huh?" he asked disoriented as he looked up. She was sitting on the bed looking at him with concern. "You’re flushed."

"I’m fine," he replied as sat up. He moved to the other side of the bed and got up. "I talked to Lady Une and she wanted a report when we get back tomorrow. She sent in a forensics team to do a clean up so we’ll be able to leave in the morning on first flight out."

"I see," she said as she sat back on the bed. "So what are we going to do?"

"We could get something to eat," Quatre suggested, "and then get some sleep since our flight leaves at eight."

"That’s not what I meant," Cheryl replied. She took a deep breath as she started the conversation that she had been dreading. "When we were in Claudine’s office and we…"

"We were doing our jobs," he interrupted. "I respect you for what you had to do and I hope it won’t affect our working relationship." It was better that things went back to normal as possible at least he could work from there.

Cheryl nodded slightly disappointed. Ultimately, she was going to say the same thing. She just did not have the time that was needed for a relationship. "I have an idea," she said changing the awkward subject. "Let’s just order a pizza and watch tv. I don’t feel like going out and it’s been awhile since I just chilled out in front of the tv."

Quatre smiled at her acceptance of the situation. At least he was still in there. He picked up the phone. "What kind of pizza do you like? I am a pepperoni and mushroom man myself. Duo got me started on pizza and I was hooked."

"Pepperoni and mushroom is fine with me." She smirked at realizing something else they had in common. She watched him order the pizza and sat on the edge of the bed. "Why did you become a gundam pilot, Quatre? If I may ask."

Quatre looked at the floor for a moment. "I wanted to make a difference," he answered. He looked into her violet eyes and saw how they softened. "And I wanted to protect my family."

"That’s why I became a Preventer," she admitted as she brought her knees to her chest. "I saw my parents killed in front of me and I would have been killed as well if weren’t for you guys."

"A gundam saved you?" Quatre asked. "Which one."

"Most of the files are locked on the gundams so I don’t know which one, but I remember. It was the white gundam with the twin sickles," she answered. "I used to wonder which one of you guys it was, but after meeting all of you, I don’t care anymore. Just as long as it wasn’t Wufei so he can’t gloat over it." She laughed.

Quatre looked at her in shock as he tried to go back his memory to when it could have happened. A look of gratitude flashed in his mind as he held a little girl in the hand of his mobile suit. Her eyes were unusual he remembered thinking, but he didn’t have long to focus another battle was called to his attention. "It was you wasn’t?" she asked breaking into his thoughts. He nodded.

Cheryl stood and came over to him. "Thank you," she said as she kissed him on the cheek. Quatre gripped the sides of the chair as he fought the desire that stirred within him. He felt her warm breath near his cheek. He was able to breathe normally once she sat on bed again away from him. "I owed you that. You saved my life."

"I wish I could have saved your parents as well," he said softly.

"Me too," she replied as there was a knock at the door. She opened it and paid for the pizza. She looked toward Quatre. "Dinner time." She sat the pizza on bed then laid on her stomach as started channel surfing. "I’m going to get you loosen up, Quatre Winner, we’ve had a hard day and we deserve a break."


Quatre shifted uncomfortably in the chair that he was sleeping in. He looked at the clock as he finally threw the blanket off of him. It was one A.M. He had hoped to get some sleep but it looked like he wasn’t this time. He folded the blanket and put his shoes on. A nice walk would help him to get some of his nervous energy out. "Where do you think you’re going?" he heard as he reached for the door knob.

"I couldn’t sleep."

Cheryl threw her legs over the side of bed and got up. She grabbed Quatre by the arm. "I know you’re sleepy," she yawned as she pulled him to the bed. "You had Z’s coming out of your head before the second movie was over."

"I can’t let you sleep in the chair," he protested.

"I don’t intend to," she said as she took his shoes off. She started for his belt buckle when she realized what she was doing. Her hands moved away as though she burned them. "We’re both mature adults we can share the bed."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," she replied as she hopped into the bed on her side. "Night," she said as she heard him lay back.

"Night," Quatre said. He closed his eyes.


Cheryl groaned some hours later as she reached over Quatre to hit the sleep function on the alarm. She snuggled back into his arms and nearly drifted off to sleep. Her eyes shot open as she looked up. Quatre’s eyes were closed and he looked peaceful as he slumbered with his arms around her protectively. His ocean eyes opened and he yawned. "Excuse me. Morning," he said contently as he stretched.

Her eyes washed over his chest as she saw how muscular he really was. She knew about some of his other attributes from their encounter yesterday, but she just didn’t realize how handsome he really was. He looked good even in the morning. His hair was just a little disheveled from sleeping . "," she struggled to get out. She was at a loss for words. They went to sleep on opposite sides of the bed and now here they were laying together like lovers. She pulled away from him and found her pajamas still intact. "I guess I invaded your side," she chuckled embarrassed. "Sorry."

"It’s okay," he said amused. He liked having her close to him, but seeing this side of her the blushing school girl was entertaining. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stretched again. "You can use the shower first," he said politely as he rubbed his head.

"Oh my god I must look horrible," she thought as she patted her hair. It was out of place but it could have been much worse. "I’m fine, you can go ahead," she remarked.

"Okay," he replied as he stood.

Cheryl gasped as she got a better look at his body. He stood and went to his suitcase to lay out his clothes for the day. She knew what he had under the boxers already and they wouldn’t have done a good job of hiding them anyway. She laid back in the bed in frustration as he went into the bathroom. "What’s going on?" her mind mentally screamed.

© 2001 Devon Masterson

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