No Ordinary Love

Chapter 3

By Devon Masterson

Heero squinted his eyes as he felt the early morning sun shining on his face through the slit in the curtain. He turned his face away and opened his eyes. A smile crept across his face as he saw his Victoria snuggled up beside him. It wasn’t a dream after all. He touched her face gently and brushed his lips across hers. He moved in silence as he quickly dressed. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearly six o’clock. Relena would be getting up soon. "See you in a couple of hours, Koi," he whispered as he exited.

Hours later Lady Une opened her eyes and yawned. She normally got up around seven, but she could tell by the sun that it was about noon. She smiled as she thought about her last night. She would have been able to get up if she was entertaining for the most of the night. Her body ached a little from their activities, but the means justified the ends as far she was concerned. She frowned a little when she saw Heero’s clothes off the floor. She felt a little jealous, but she knew he was in the middle of a mission. It had been selfish to keep him out all night. She knew better, but she still didn’t regret anything.

"You’re finally awake," Duo commented as she walked out on to the patio. "You’re just in time for lunch."

Lady Une sat down across from him. "Where’s Niko?" she asked as she looked around.

"He went for a walk," Duo answered. He leaned in and grinned. "I think he had a little trouble sleeping last night because all the noise."

Lady Une flushed slightly. "I didn’t notice."

Duo laughed and left it at that. Her gun wasn’t where he hid it this morning. "So when is the big day?" he asked as he bit into his sandwich.

"What makes you think there is going to be a wedding?" she asked innocently.

"The whole house heard his proposal and your acceptance," he answered.

Lady Une blushed and looked away. "I think last night is not proper conversation for the table," she replied. "We have not discussed a date as of yet."

Duo smirked as he watched her eat then shook his head. She was a piece of work.

"My lady?" Niko asked as he walked in. "May I speak with you alone?"

"Of course," she answered. She put down her napkin. "Excuse me, Duo."

"Not a problem," he replied as she walked passed him. His eyes glinted with mischief. "Vicky," he added lowly. He grunted when he felt his head yank back. She had him by the braid. He smiled playfully as he looked up at her upside down.

"Do not press your luck, Commander," she replied.

"That’ll just be just between us, I understand," he commented as he tried to pull away. He winked. "Lady Une."

She sighed exasperated. She was good mood and did not want to spoil it. She let go of his braid and walked over to where Niko was waiting. "Fine."

"That hurt you know," he called out. He rubbed the back of his head and pouted.

"Not as much as the bullet between your eyes would have," she replied. She turned her head and Duo caught a slight glint of mischief.

"Something tells me, their kids are going to be hell spawns…my type of kids," he smiled as he went back to his food.

"Lady, I…" Niko began once they were alone. "I’m leaving. You don’t need me."

She looked at him with chestnut brown eyes. Her eyes betrayed nothing as she searched in his and found the reason for him leaving as what she suspected. "I hope you’re happy where ever you go and thank you."

Niko painted a smile on his face. "There’s something I want to tell you before I go," he commented as he moved closer to her. He touched her face and she pulled away.

"My finacee would not like that," she replied.

Niko’s eyes reflected pain in her statement, but he did not move. He stroked her cheek once more. "I love you," he said tenderly then left.

Lady Une sat down in the chair as she heard the door shut behind him. "I’m sorry," she whispered.


Heero walked up to the car he was renting, in the parking garage of one of the Preventer satellite offices, and pushed the keyless entry remote. Soon he would be with Victoria and he would take care of her himself. He needed the time off. He hadn’t had a day off since he became a Preventer six years ago. The lights blinked in response to his command. As he reached for the door, he heard a slight sound and raised an eyebrow as he saw a reflection in the car’s shiny finish. He opened his jacket slightly in an inconspicious manner so the potential attacker would not notice. The would be attacker put the gun to the back of his head and pulled the hammer.

"I know you heard me coming," Niko replied. "I never was much of a field operative. All I ever was good at was protecting her. I would die for her and any man that claims that he loves her should be willing do the same for her. Would you?" he asked.

"Yes," Heero answered.

Niko nodded. "I will hold you to that as a soldier. If you ever hurt her I will do my damnedest to hunt you down and kill you." He pulled the gun away and walked off.

Heero looked after the lonely man and growled slightly at being threatened. He would never do anything to hurt Victoria. He knew where he was coming from though, if the roles had been reversed he would have done the same. He stepped into his car and drove out of the garage.

Thirty minutes later he arrived and walked into the house through the front door. "I hope you here to stay this time," Duo smiled as he looked up from his comics.

Heero nodded and Duo smiled even brighter. "Where’s Victoria?"

"She’s upstairs in the nursery," he answered. He put down the paper and walked over to him. "I just have one question…is she the colonel all the time or are you?"

Heero’s eyes widened in understanding and he pulled out his gun. "Duo," he growled.

"Oh come on, Heero," Duo replied looking down the barrel of his gun. "I just want to know as your best friend and fellow pervert. Is it at least as good as your fantasies?"

"Better." Heero smiled and put his gun away. He didn’t have time to waste on messing around with Duo.

"You hit the jackpot," Duo teased as he went back to his comics.

"Bakayaro," he mumbled as he walked up the stairs. Duo was exasperating but killing him would mean that he wouldn’t have anyone to talk guy talk with. The other guys didn’t seem as comfortable about talking about some aspects of life. It seemed like they all depended on Duo to get that kind of stuff out in the open for them to deal with. He walked down the hall and went to the second door on the right. He figured she would be painting the walls or something since Duo mentioned that she was decorating it. When he opened the door, he saw her sprawled out on the floor with her eyes closed. "Victoria," he called out as he rushed to her side.

Lady Une opened her eyes suddenly. "What’s wrong? Is there an emergency?"

Heero raised an eyebrow when he realized that she wasn’t hurt. He flushed slightly for jumping to conclusions. "Why are you on the floor?"

"I can’t decide what to paint on the ceiling," she commented as she realized what happened. "I’m sorry that I scared you, tenshi." She sat and took his hand as he helped her up.

"What did you call me?" he asked curiously.

"Tenshi," she answered. "I have been researching the Japanese language."

"Ok," he nodded in understanding. "But why call me tenshi?"

"In the hanger, I looked up and saw you looking at me and you looked like an angel," she explained shyly.

"I see," he said. He was flattered that she would liken him to angel. He put his arms around her. "You’re still my angel though."

She smiled as she felt his warmth then sighed. She knew this would only be but so permenant. "When do you go on your next mission?"

"I’m taking some time off," he remarked. "I need to be with you and I want to enjoy my honeymoon."

She kissed him lightly and sighed contently. Normally she would argued with him, but she missed his company and it was his fault she couldn’t work anyway. At least he could entertain her. "I have a question," she said suddenly as she turned to face him. "What is your real name?"

Heero’s eyes narrowed for a moment. He didn’t really like for people to ask him about his past. But then this was the woman he claimed that he trusted and would have his children plus he knew her past. "This is between you and me," he commented. He took a deep breath. "Odin Lowe Jr."

"So I am going to be Mrs. Lowe?"

"No, you’re going to be Mrs. Yuy," he corrected. "I’ve changed and burned everything that said otherwise. That part of my life is gone and I hate the name Odin."

"I guess we should start thinking of names for Miss Yuy," she suggested as she turned and leaned into him.

Heero’s eyes widened once again at the new information and he held her more possesively as the reality of him being a husband and father sunk in. He would do everything in his power to be a good husband and father. "Thank you, Angel," he whispered as he kissed her cheek.




© 2001 Devon Masterson

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