No Ordinary Love

By Devon Masterson

Note from D-chan:

This is a sequel to "Out on a Limb." Enjoy and feel free to tell me how much this ruined/saved your life;p

"He didnít call again, my lady?" Niko asked as he brought in some tea.

"I wasnít expecting any calls," Lady Une answered stubbornly. She had been hovering around the terminal for the past three weeks and no calls from Heero, letters, or even unexpected drop-ins. She was starting to look desperate now. She wanted some time to sort her feelings not for him to drop off the face of the universe. "With me on leave, Iím pretty sure Sally will make sure no one bothers me."

"Youíll be able to keep your stress level down," he reminded her.

Lady Une sighed and took the tea. She was perfectly bored with nothing to get into or plan against. She could almost curse her doctor for telling her that her job was too stressful. Her job was fine and didnít stress her...much. It was something that she lived for, especially now with Heero incommunicado.

She rubbed her lower abdomen softly and smiled. She did want the baby. It was the only reason she followed the doctorís orders. It was apart of her and Heero, they made it from their love. Even though their love didnít apparently last at least a symbol of it will.

"Lady, are you alright?" Niko asked as he touched her shoulder gently.

Lady Une turned toward him and left the couch. "You donít have to be here, Niko. I can take care of myself perfectly fine. I have lived alone before and I have my familyÖ" Her sentence trailed slightly as the last few words. That was something she could have said a year ago, but recent incidents lead her back to them and the heeling process could begin. "Öso thereís no need for you to feel obligated."

"I have other reasons for being here," he answered as he looked at her with intense eyes.

She looked away as she read all of his feelings in his eyes. She didnít know what to say. She had suspected that he cared for her, but she figured that it would have passed by now. "I see," she replied.


Heero sat back in his chair and looked at vid screen. He smiled as he watched his angel sleep peacefully. He sat up as he zoomed in on her face and saw the calmness on her face. He touched the screen wistfully, wishing that he could send his hand through the screen and caress her face. "Victoria," he sighed sadly. He noticed a shadow fall over her form. He became alarmed and zoomed back to see who was in the room. He knew he should have had guards posted in her house. His fears melted away and anger flared instead as he saw the shadowís face in her room. "Niko? What the hell is he doing there?" he growled

Niko walked over to Lady Une as she slept and caressed her cheek then brushed his lips across hers. "He doesnít deserve you, my lady. I loved you through everything and was by your side. I can love you better than he can," he whispered. He sighed as she did not respond bringing him back to reality. Those were the words that he longed to say, but could never say while she was awake and attention. His timing never seemed to be right. First it was His Excellency and now the gundam pilot, but this time he might have a chance since the pilot didnít seem to know a good thing when he saw it. He would take care of his lady and be a father to her child. He just wanted to be with her. "Soon, my lady," he sighed as he kissed her softly once more and left quietly.

"Heero," she called softly in her sleep as she smiled.

Niko paused as he closed the door. It would take time and patience was one of his virtues.

Heero leaned into the screen as he strained to hear what she said to Niko in her sleep, but could not. From their short time together, he knew that she commonly talked in her sleep. The first night she actually scared the hell out of him. She was having a nightmare about some thing in her past that she never discussed with him. All he knew was that he tried to restrain her until she woke up from the nocturnal torture and she pulled a gun on him and fired. She had her silencer on so the shot wasnít loud enough to wake her up, but she managed to graze him in the shoulder. The wound was shallow enough to ignore, but what hurt more was the hysterical crying that came afterward. She started to mumble in another language that he didnít recognize. He held her and she cried into his shoulder never once waking up. After that incident, he disarmed before they went to bed.

"Working kind of late?" Duo asked as he walked in.

Heero cut off the monitor and looked Duo with his usual stare. "Yeah and?"

Duo shook his head. "Watching her sleep after she broke up with you is kind of pathetic donít you think?"

"We didnít break up," he commented.

"Heero, when a woman says she needs a Ďspaceí itís the ultimate kiss off. Everybody knows this," he replied gesturing wildly. "Face the facts man you lost her. Now you have to get her back."

"I havenít lost her," Heero nearly yelled.

"Whatís going on?" Duo asked. Heeroís response was just a little too stressed.

"Nikoís staying at her house," he growled.

"Oh man, Heero, we got to do something," Duo said as his tried to comfort his friend.

Heero sat back in his chair. "I want you to take care of Victoria," he replied. "I donít know when Iíll be back from this next mission and I canít leave her behind unprotected."

"She hates me," he replied as he shook his head.

"She does not besides. Youíre the only one who can do this."

"What about the other guys?"

"Wufei wouldnít keep her out of trouble just alive. She would kill Quatre or drive him insane," Heero replied.

"What about Trowa?" Duo asked. "Theyíre both scary as hell. They would have something in common."

"Too much," Heero answered with a hint of jealousy.

"Damn, I am the man for the job," he sighed as he looked at his best friend. "Iím on it."


"Lucy, Iím home." Lady Une heard from inside if her study. She frowned at the bad Cuban accent and sighed. "He wouldnít dare," she said under her breath.

Duo burst into the study followed by Niko. "You know your doorman really sucks," he commented smiling. He sat down beside her looked at her teasingly. "SoÖdid you miss me? Oh come on I know you did. Just a little."

Lady Une just blinked for a moment. She had missed him actually. She never let on to it but she found him hilarious and spent several afternoons laughing at him privately in her office. She admired his spirit after all that he had seen, but sheíd never admit it. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I had some vacation time coming up and I thought to myself. You havenít been in my realm of influence in a month so I figured Iíd hang around a while and give the baby a preview of Uncle Duo," he answered. He put his arm around her. "So, Vicky, what do you want to do first." His eyes shifted downward as he stared down at the barrel of her gun. "Tori?" The hammer was pulled back. "Lady Une." He sighed slightly as she put the gun away, but his smile never left. "Heero probably would have shot me," he mused.

"I know what youíre up to," she answered. "I donít need a babysitter."

"Well maybe in seven months you will, you never know," he answered.

Lady Une looked at him and shook her head. "Donít you have an assignment to be on?"

"Iím on vacation," Duo answered. "My schedule has been cleared for the next seven months. Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei are handling anything that could possibly need me. I need some me time. Itís been awhile since I explored myself and who better to spend my vacation with than you. I know you have to be bored. Niko isnít exactly Mr. Entertainment."

"Lady Une wants you to leave. Your services are not needed, gundam pilot," Niko replied.

"Itís okay," Lady Une said as she waved Niko away. Perhaps he could liven things up around here. "Iíll show you to your room."

"Great," he smiled as they got up. This was easier than he thought it would be. Now he would be able to keep an eye out for her like Heero asked him and have some fun.

© 2001 Devon Masterson

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