After, in the dark

Chapter Two

By Devon Masterson

"I don’t like this. This is not how I want it."


"Please don’t…"

"I can’t be by myself any more. This is how I can make you mine."

Her eyes widened as she saw the situation escaping her control. She tried to push away from him again but he held her fast as he ripped her negligee open. "Not like this," she said over and over. Her sentence trailed as he covered her mouth with his. The smell of whisky and scotch assaulted her as he kissed her roughly. "I’ll be with you always, just please don’t," she begged.

"I want you to be mine always," he said again, "mine and only mine."

"No," she called out as she felt sharp pain. She started to cry as her innocence drained away like flour through a sift. He continued to hold her hands above her head as she struggled and kicked against him. "No!"

"You’re mine now," he whispered. "Forever." He kissed her again.

Heero sat up suddenly and grabbed his head. It was much clearer this time. The dream had been haunting him and slowly destroying his life. He was no longer sure of who he was and could not always account for time. He still couldn’t make out the dream completely but he had a better idea what was going on. Everything about the dream seemed familiar, but he couldn’t quite place the girl yet. She seemed familiar. Was the dream something he had seen as a child and blocked? He just couldn’t shake it off.

He threw the covers off of him and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He had to find Relena. She would most likely be the last target since she would be the easiest to get to. He and Quatre would be too on guard now, where as Relena might not even be fully aware of what was going on. He went to the hospital to see her anyway, using the back way, and what he saw hurt him more than what an ice pick could ever do. She had marks on her skin from where she tried to hurt herself and she was restrained to the bed. He called out to her and all she did was look at the wall listlessly as though she didn’t see him. He remembered feeling her tremble when he caressed her cheek and kissed her lightly. After that he never went back.

The soothing warm spray calmed him as he allowed it to heal him. He reluctantly shut the valve off and stepped out of the stall after his purification. He grabbed a towel and started to dry himself off. He cleared a spot in the mirror so he could see himself as he brushed his teeth. He frowned as he looked at his reflection. He was still alive and his best friend was dead. It was only him and Quatre left now. "Why can’t I remember what happened?" he asked his reflection. He suddenly saw the look of fear in Quatre’s eyes. "I didn’t do it," he whispered. "I couldn’t have…"

Heero turned away from the mirror. There was no time to start doubting his sanity now. He may not have a continuous stream of memory but that was due to a lack of sleep. He had to get to Relena and protect her. The Maganacs would take care of Quatre. He quickly dressed. "I don’t know what happened last time, but this time I’m going to let anyone hurt you," he vowed as he looked the only picture that he and Relena took together.

He fingered her smiling face wistfully. That was only picture that he ever allowed someone to take of him. Maintaining a low profile was always the most important thing to him even with the threat war no longer present. He was still a soldier. the only time he was ever happy was when she was in his life, but now she denied him that. She told him once that she would always be with him. "I want to know what changed things, tenshi." Heero picked up the picture and placed it inside of his jacket. He would find out soon enough.


Quatre looked around the empty mansion cautiously. He paid a visit to the hospital where he knew Relena had been staying only to find that she had been discharged months ago. She was to be staying in the care of her brother at home. He shook his head as he left the hospital. Apparently, they made no effort to check up on their patients or they would have known that her brother had been killed. She was all alone in the world with no one now with a killer stalking her.

"Her brother died months ago and she’s alone. How could you people be so heartless? Once your patients leave your care you nothing about them," he accused as he looked sternly at the desk nurse.

"We assumed that the nurse that her brother hired would taking care of Miss Dorilan," the nurse said in defense. "The nurse did not call indicating that she would no longer be of service so we assumed she was in good care.

"So she isn’t alone then?"

"Miss Dorilan was released with under the pretense that she would be cared for by her brother or some other care giver."

"Thank you for the information, Miss."

Birds chirped outside oblivious to the horror and torture that had fallen upon the family that once lived there and their associates. Quatre was keenly aware as he swept through the still mansion. He knew something was wrong. It was entirely too quiet. He knew that Zechs sent all of the servants away when Relena had her break down, but he wasn’t getting any signs of life what so ever.

"I don’t like this," he thought as he started moving through the rooms of the house. He finally came to a room down the hall. He pulled out his gun and pushed the door open quickly. He kept his back against the door then suddenly turned with his gun raised to check out the room.

"Die," a woman screamed in terror as she broke a chair over Quatre. The gun flew out of his hand and he crumbled to the ground. The woman stood over the intruder breathing hard from the epinephrine rush. She looked toward the gun that slid in the corner of the room and walked over to it.

Heero crept cautiously along the grounds of the estate. "Quatre’s here," he noted as he made his way inside. "Hmm." He looked around with a more critical eye as he swept the perimeter. The furniture looked generally undisturbed for quite some time. He didn’t like the scenarios running his head of what he might find as he moved further and further through the house. "Just be alive and safe, Relena."

"Die," he heard someone scream. He broke into a run up the stairs to where he heard the scream. He looked towards the end of the hall when he heard a crash as well. "That’s Relena’s room!" He ran down the hall and dived into the room with his gun pointed at the intruder.

A woman started crying and screaming hysterically. "Stay away from me," she screamed as she waved a gun.

He raised slowly from his crouched position looking at the woman coldly. Her appearance was no less than odd. She was wearing a nightgown and her face was tear stained. "Where is Relena Dorilan and what did you do to Quatre?" He demanded as he held the gun fast. The young blond lay unconscious at his feet.

"He came in and I…I can’t handle this. I…she’s…a monster. How do I know…I don’t know," the woman babbled.

"Where is Relena?" he asked again. He was losing patience with the woman. He was not going to fall for this possible act of ignorance. For all he knew, she was the killer. If that was the case, she was only a few short steps away from his exacting revenge for his friends.

Quatre started to stir on the floor. "No," the woman said softly as she looked at the young Arabian. "No. No. You’re dead. No. I saw. I was there. And you…you…I saw. No. No!" She raised the gun and pulled the hammer back when Heero pulled the trigger.

The woman flew back from the force and lay unnaturally in the corner of the room. Heero looked away and helped Quatre to his feet. He looked around the room and saw a bed with the remains of restraints near the floor as though someone had recently escaped. "What happ…" his sentence trailed when he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. "Quatre?" he asked as his limb started to feel heavy.

"I’m sorry, Heero, you got here sooner than I expected," he said as he threw a syringe on the floor.

Heero swung haphazardly at him, but Quatre merely dodged him. He swung again and fell against Quatre. As he slid to the floor, he noticed something in his hand. "Hair?" He looked up at his one time friend and saw a wig cap with small tufts of ash blond hair. "You’re…not…Quatre," he whispered as he slipped into oblivion.


© 2001 Devon Masterson

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