A Gundam World ~ 8

By lady twilight

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Previously on A GUNDAM WORLD!!!

Rei and Lita kidnapped after boys proclaim their love to their specific love earlier in the day…Beryll mentions that Heero and Wufei are not going to like what is going to happen to Rei and Lita even more then they normally would…but I’m not into writing the whole lemon fic thingy so the senshi will rescue them before anything along those lines happen….got it…I am not a hentai! Okay enough about what has happened now to the present

A war counsel is taking place……………

**Quatre‘s Mansion**

“What are we going to do you guys??” Serena asked, worried about her friends safety. She looked around at the group of angry faces and stopped at Heero and Wufei. “We will get them back, I promise you that.” she said comfortingly…they just nodded dumbly. They had lost a part of them when the girls had been kidnapped, it was like they were stuck in a dream world without them.

Suddenly Mina stood up, “We should go and get them! They’d do the same for us and you know it! Beryll would not be expecting an attack this soon and with the help of the Gundams and their wonderful pilots we could get them back in a jiffy.” she pounded her fist on the table.

“Mina! When did you get so, well, smart?” Ami asked her fuming blonde friend. The normally bubbly blonde looked at her.

“You didn’t think I was the leader of the scouts for nothing did you?” she smirked and sat down next to Duo. She smiled at him and he gave her a reassuring wink.

“We need to have two teams. One distraction team and one infiltration team. Duo, Trowa, Ami, Serena and I should be on the distraction team. While Mina, Heero and Wufei will be on the infiltration team.” Quatre stated. They all looked at him and nodded. Duo pouted slightly, but knew that Mina would be safe with two of his best friends.

“right! Lets go!” they all said. Mina walked over to Heero and Wufei after every one had left to go plan their attack. Noticing they were still in their trances she waved her hand in front of their eyes. When that didn’t work Mina sighed and said “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this to you.” she wound up her right arm and punched both of them in the face sending them flying backwards into the wall. They looked at her shocked.

“Onna why did you do that?” Wufei growled unsheathing his katana. Mina backed off a little then growled right back.

“Do you think, even for a second, that Lita would like to see you sitting here moping because she was kidnapped. Or Rei for that matter Heero. I mean would they rather be happy that you were sitting here while they were being tortured, or worse. Or would they be happy knowing the fact that you were coming to get them?” Mina demanded, causing both pilots to step back in shock. Then they bowed their heads and followed Mina to where the others were planning their attack.


**Beryll’s castle………..

Rei was suspended in the air, holding her up there were just a pair of heavy duty handcuffs. Her arms were hurting terribly and she felt as drained as if she had just had her energy level sucked dry, which it had. The room was so dark that you couldn’t see 2 inches in front of you. Rei felt terrible, as if she was going to throw up at any second. The only thing she could remember was eating lunch and seeing Lita disappear and then falling through a portal while hearing Heero scream her name.

“Ahh, my pet. You’re finally awake.” said a sickly familiar voice. Rei lifted her head up slowly as a dim light cascaded through the room. There he was…..Malachite!

“Go away Malachite! Leave me alone.” she cried out hoarsely. She felt her face being backhanded and winced in pain. “What do you want from me?” she asked harshly.

“First to make you bleed and then to take away your innocence.” he laughed. She grimaced.

“I doubt that you will do either. I don’t bleed easily and I’d kill myself before I let you touch me.” she snarled. She felt another blow to her face knowing that it would bruise. “Oh I get it now. You’re only good if your opponent is chained up and cannot move.” she hissed.

“now that was just plain mean princess. I play fair and square, just to make sure I do so I’ll even cut you down so you can attempt to fight back.” he chuckled, and Rei wondered what was so funny.

Soon she felt herself drop from the ceiling and land about 30 feet below where she had been hanging. Hearing a small snap she felt her leg break, wincing she limped over to a corner. “Hiding from me are we princess. Well you know that I will find you sooner or later.” Malachite began to fly around the room in a tireless search for her. Luckily the room was large and he started on the opposite side.

Rei tried her best to search for her henshin pen, but couldn’t find it anywhere in her subspace pocket. ‘I left it back at Quatre’s in Heero’s room when we were talking.’ she suddenly realized. ‘Heero where are you?’ she called mentally only to be answered by darkness and defeat. Tears started to flow from the Martian princess’s eyes as she silently cried.

***Lita in Beryll’s castle……….

Lita woke up in a similar predicament. She was chained up, not to the ceiling but to a pipe hanging about 12 feet off the ground with her feet cuffed to another pipe about 1 foot from the ground…stretching her out. She tried to look around but her head was so heavy from her energy drain that she couldn’t. <Wufei where are you??> her brain screamed hoping that he could hear her. “Where am I??” she asked groggily.

“Why my dear Jupiter. You have awakened.” came another familiar voice….unfortunately this one did not belong to a general. Instead out of the darkness walked Darien. Lita gasped trying to hold in her surprise. “yes it’s me…I do work for Beryll and soon you will too, by my side. I just have to beat some sense into you.” the former prince of earth grinned wickedly as he walked closer to the Jovian princess. He grasped her chin in one hand and kissed her roughly. Tears ran down her cheeks as she thought of her Wufei. “I’ve always wanted to do that.” Darien mumbled as he pulled away.

“Bastard! Get away from me!” she screamed thrashing in her chains in a futile attempt to kill Darien. He just laughed and laughed at her until she grew too tired to move.

Darien pulled a whip out of nowhere and glared at her. “Now that that’s over time to teach you some manners.” an evil smile spread across his face as he unrolled the nine tails. “This is for killing my generals in out dimension.” he said as he lashed out. Lita tried not to scream in pain as the leather ends split her soft skin. “For taking my usako away from me just as I could have turned her to my side.” he lashed out again and again for things that she couldn’t even remember doing. All that Lita knew was that her back, legs, arms, and chest were bleeding profusely.

“Leave me alone, please.” she begged, tears running down her blood-shot eyes. He laughed.

“I’ll let you recover for a little while so that you can at least pleasure me later.” he cackled, and walked from the room. Lita started to cry.

***outside Beryll’s castle……..

The gundams started their attack on the enemy base while Sailors Moon and Mercury assaulted the youma troops that poured out. While the rest of the palace was busy fending off their attackers Mina along with Wufei and Heero snuck into the fortress. Mina had been here before so she knew her way around slightly.

“They’ll be downstairs, in the dungeons. The generals also have their living quarters down their. We’ll search every room until we find them.” she ordered. The two pilots were amazed at her skills as a leader and nodded their acceptance to her plans.

“I believe you have forgotten someone Princess Aphrodite.” Mina’s head jerked at the use of her formal name. Standing before them was Prince Endymion. “I thought I told you to never call me that.” she snarled. Motioning for the pilots to go she stood ready for an attack.

Heero and Wufei caught the sign the ran off in the direction of the dungeons. When they reached the bottom of the stairs they both felt pulled in opposite directions. They split up Heero going to the right and Wufei to the left.

Heero ran down the hall praying that he wasn’t too late to save his Rei. He stopped at a large door with the letter M printed in scrawling writing. He opened it slowly, Malachite had been called to the battle. Hearing sobbing in a corner he ran over to it and saw a bruised Rei clutching her leg.

“Rei?” he asked timidly. She jumped about a foot in the air and pressed herself harder into the corner. Frightened she put her head down so she couldn’t see his face or get hit in the head again. Heero ran over to her, watching her cower in fear and begin to cry again. He embraced her gently not knowing where she was hurt. “Rei, it’s me Heero.” he said softly in her ear. Her tearstained eyes looked up at him and she smiled.

“Heero! I knew that you would come!” she began to sob into his t-shirt. He just rocked her gently for a few minutes.

“We should be going. Wufei, Lita, and Mina will meet us at the front gate. Can you walk?” he asked looking at her broken leg. She struggled to her feet limping a couple steps around.

“I think that I can make it.” she forced a smile through gritted teeth. Heero scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the room.


Wufei ran down the hall looking left to right, trying to figure out which door held his precious Lita. He heard small sobbing coming from a room with a large E printed in fancy type on the door. Wufei cautiously entered the plush, dark living quarters. In the dim light he could make out a figure hanging in the middle of the room. Her clothes were in tatters and there was a large puddle of blood beneath her. He ran over to her. Gasping when he recognized her as Lita. She was sobbing and her whole body was shaking in pain.

“Lita?” he asked timidly. She tried to jerk her head around but she was too weak. “It’s Wufei. Hang on and I’ll get you down from there.” he rushed to undo the foot cuffs first and then the hand cuffs, releasing her she fell into his arms. She curled up into a ball on his lap and began to cry, sobs racked her body as he threw his coat over her.

“Thank you Wufei.” she said when she had regained her voice. She slowly pulled herself to her feet and attempted to walk around a little and regain some energy but she failed to take one step. “I am so pathetic.” she mumbled to herself trying to get up again. She felt herself be lifted off the ground, looking up she saw Wufei, “You must think me to be weak now.” she said unhappily.

“Quite the contrary, I think that you are one of the bravest and strongest people I know. Now let’s get going.” he smiled at her and ran out the door.

Mina waited for about five minutes before the pilots came running up with her friends. She had only beaten Endymion because he was preoccupied by something else. “Ready to go?” she asked as they showed up. They nodded, “alright. Duo is meeting us outside with a transport to take us back home and then the others will join us later.” she told them and they ran out of the building. Sure enough there was Duo smiling as he let them in.

“All aboard! Hey babe.” he said to Mina as they boarded.

End Chapter 8

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