Ronins meet Scouts ~14    

By: ‘lil twilight


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Mia’s house~~~


          “I’m so happy that you’re awake!” Mia sighed in relief. “I’m Mia Koji (??) I’m so happy to meet you!” she smiled warmly at the just awakened Minako.


          “Hiya!! I’m Minako Aino. Thank you for helping me! Sorry about the blood on the front walk.” She said sheepishly. She smiled up at Kento who was smiling brightly. “What?”


          “Nuthin just happy that you’re alright. You scared me ya know.” Kento said quietly. Mina smiled at him reassuringly.


          “Did you tell them?” she asked. He nodded. She smiled and stood up. “Umm Mia do think I could maybe borrow some of your clothes until I can get home? Mine are kind of shredded right now.” Mina said motioning towards her torn up fuku.


          “Of course you can. Let’s go up to my room so that I can find you something.” Mia said and the two girls headed up the stairs.


The Moon~~~


          “Serena-hime. You are to be sent back to earth in one day with your friend Rowen of Strata. Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn will escort the two of you there. We will drop you at the Tsukino’s house.” Setsuna told Serena calmly. Serena almost squeeked with happiness, but immediately calmed down.


          “Thank you Puu! You’re the best!” Serena said happily. “I’m gonna go tell Rowen right now. I’m sure he’ll be just as happy as I am.” She walked off to the gardens where Rowen was waiting for her.


          She found him sitting by the swimming pond staring at the earth. She crept up behind him and placed her hands over his eyes. “Guess who!?” she exclaimed.




          “Samurai Pizza Cats?” …. “NO!!!”


          “Serena?” her giggles erupted as she gave him a huge hug.


          “Smile Ro-chan!” she said over joyously. He looked at her strangely for a moment and then smiled hugely. “Guess what!”


          “what?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “We are going….” She started.




          “HOME!!! We are going back to earth in one day!” she squeeled and gave him a huge hug followed by a heart-felt kiss. He gladly returned both with joy. When they finally pulled apart they blushed deeply and stared at the earth.


          Serena laid her head down on Rowen’s chest and fell fast asleep. Rowen smiled and stroked her long silvery-blonde hair, until he, too, fell asleep.




Mako’s Apartment~~~


          Ami had long since gotten out of the shower. Now the picture was all of the girls were sleeping soundly on each of the warriors. Mako had her head buried into Sage’s chest and her arms were wrapped around his waist. He had placed a protective arm around her shoulders and was slowly petting her hair absently. Rei had laid down with her face nuzzled in Ryo’s neck she was curled up into a ball on his lap and he was holding her gently in a soft hug.  Ami had immediately fallen asleep right after her shower and her head was comfortably resting in Sai’s lap he was smiling calmly as he stroked her hair.


          “hey guys what happens if they get injured this badly again?” Sai asked out of the blue. “What happens if we aren’t there to protect them?” they all looked around at each other and then at the girls that had fallen asleep on top of them.


          “I have a feeling that we know very little about the girls that we now love. I also think that they can take care of themselves sometimes.” Sage said quietly. He looked down to see Mako staring up at him with a sad expression hidden behind her happy face.


          “Of course we can take care of ourselves silly! I mean geez we are the Sailor Senshi! Or have you forgotten that fact already?” she grinned and pecked him on the cheek as she rose from her sleeping position. “I’m going to go make dinner. Anything in particular that you guys want?” they shook their heads in a no and she walked to the kitchen. Sage rose about a minute later and followed her.


          “Did she say dinner Ryo?” a small voice came from his lap. He looked down, smiling gently, and nodded. “Yum. Mako is the best cook in the entire world. Wake me back up when it’s time to eat.” She then fell back asleep.


End chap. 14

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