Ronins meet Scouts Chap ~ 13

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Previously on Ronins meet Scouts:

Minako gets beaten up before she kills Zoicite (again) and winds up at Mia and Yuli’s mansion.

Rei, Mako, and Ami are beaten up by evil Endymion and are sent to the hospital they snuck out and are now crashing at Mako’s apartment because no one knows where that is.

Serenity-hime is contemplating whether taking Rowen and Usagi from Earth is the right decision any more and is thinking of maybe sending them back down to earth to be with their friends…(that will happen this chapter or the next)


Mako’s Apartment

Ami was the first to awaken from her slumber, thankfully it had been peaceful and dreamless. Thanks to her Mercurian blood most of her wounds had healed themselves in her sleep. She saw that the other two senshi’s wounds had been healed as well. ‘thank goodness’ she thought happily, and walked over to the phone.

Quickly dialing her home phone number she held the receiver to her eat. Surprisingly enough it was Sai who answered, “Ami?” he asked hopefully.

“Of course it’s me silly who else would I be?” she laughed softly at his voice. She heard him sigh through the phone and smiled a bit more. “I’m over at Mako’s apartment, we all are. My mother has the address, oh and please tell Hino-san where Rei is as well.”

“We’ll be right over. I’ll be sure to tell Hino-san. You’ve been missing for two whole days, we were really, really worried.” he half scolded her.

“I’m so sorry Sai-chan. I’ll try to wake the others up soon so that you can see them fully awake when you get here! Can’t wait to see you guys! Bye” she said happily as she hung up the telephone. Then she went to rouse her fellow injuries. “WAKE UP!” she screamed and then flopped onto the couch.

The other two inner senshi slowly opened their eyes and awakened from their deep, healing slumber. Makoto was the first to walk towards the shower. “I’m first fight over who can be next, but no more blood.” she said stiffly, though attempting to make a small joke. Rei and Ami laughed slightly.

Enter: the boys

Sai quickly asked Ami’s mother where Mako lived and told her that was where the girls had been. He then ran off to round up Ryo and Sage while telling Hino-san at the same time via cell phone. He found his friends sitting at the park looking severly depressed. “why so glum chums?” his british accent glittering with joy.

“Why are you so happy brit boy?” the two warriors asked suspiciously. They rose from their bench and walked over to their british friend.

“follow me and you’ll find out why I’m so happy. Come on!” he ran off for the direction of Makoto’s apartment building with Ryo and Sage hard on his heels. They soon reached the building and Makoto’s front door. Ryo rang the doorbell quickly. They heard a small shuffle inside and the door being unlocked. There stood Makoto soaking wet and in a bath towel. She looked like she had just gotten out of the shower. “Hi Mako-chan.” the guys blushed and covered their eyes.

Mako looked down and blushed a bright red. “come on in guys while I go get dressed.” she said sheepishly. She swiftly walked to her bedroom while the guys sat down on the furniture. Ami was the only one who was sitting in there and due to the fact they could here the shower running that was where they believed Rei to be.

Mako came out moments later in a dark green tank top and extremely baggy black pants. She sat down next to Sage on the couch and it didn’t seem like he minded at all. Ami and Sai were sitting quite close as well.

“Why did you leave the hospital?” Sage asked Mako, looking her straight in the eyes. She tried to look away but couldn’t help but look into their depths.

“We don’t fare well in hospitals. We heal better on our own without any medical attention.” she said quietly. She finally pried her gaze away from Sage’s and looked down at her cold hands. “I’m sorry that we worried you.”

“As am I. I feel terrible for making you guys worry so much, could you ever forgive us?” Ami asked on the verge of tears.

“Of course we will! What else could we do? We could never not forgive you.” Sai said, and kissed Ami on the forehead. Sage smiled knowingly at Makoto and gave her a gentle hug. She laid her head down on his chest and fell asleep.

“Ami it’s your turn.” a voice said from around a corner. Out came Rei wearing some of Mako’s old clothing. She sat down on the floor next to Ryo who promptly put his arm over her shoulder and gave her a light squeeze. She smiled and leaned her head down on his neck. Ami reluctantly got up and made her way to the shower.

The Moon

“Setsuna! I’m sending them back!” a regal voice rang out through the throne room.

“Are you sure that that is a wise decision my queen?” Setsuna asked the moon queen, who only nodded.

“I cannot bear to see my poor daughter and her friend so melancholy any longer. They will be sent back in the morning. Don’t tell them though and don’t want them to become overly excited.” the queen proclaimed. Setsuna acknowledged her majesties wishes and disappeared into the shadows.

End Chapter 13~

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