Ronins Meet Scouts Chap. 9

by: Lady Twilight

***Usagi and Rowen***

"Usagi who was that women who showed up earilier?" Rowen asked the Moon Princess. Usagi looked down for a moment.

"That was Sailor Pluto, Setsuna. If she was called in then we are in very deep trouble." Usagi said worriedly. When she felt a hand on her shoulder she turned around.

"Usa-mama. Don't worry, Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama are going to help everyone while we're up here. You and you're friend have nothing to worry about." the innocent voice of Hotaru floated to Usagi's ears. Usa looked down and smiled at the small child.

"Thank you Hotaru. Don't you worry about us we'll be just fine." Usagi smiled again at the powerful young girl. With that the little girl ran off in the direction of the palace towers. Most likely to look at the surrounding area.

"Who was that Usa-chan?" Rowen walked over to her. "She seemed very smart for one so young." he commented.

"That was Hotaru, princess of Saturn. She is a very good friend of mine. You should be glad that she likes you; she could destroy you with three words." Usagi smiled broadly and walked off towards the garden. Rowen followed her.

"So where are we going Usa-sama?" he said regally. She blushed fakely.

"Well Rowen, we're going to the garden's because I haven't been there in years. Is that alright with you?" Rowen nodded happily and took her arm as they walked off to the Moon Gardens.

*****At the Crown*****

"Haruka what are you doing here? Where's Michiru and Hotaru?" The two inners asked the older girl. She gave them no answer.

"I can only answer these questions when all of you are here. Minus Moonface. Keep trying to get a hold of Ami and Rei." The sky Senshi ordered. They did as they were told.

"Ami are you there? Come in Ami." Makoto asked into the miniscule communicator. She had been trying for almost an hour now and it was beginning to get on her nerves.

"Still no anwer Mako-chan?" Sage asked her. She nodded.

"Let's think about this rationally. Mako, you and Sage were in a cave and Kento and I stayed here. Was there any background noise when you talked to Ami?" Minako asked her tall friend.

"Yes there was. There was the sound of running water there." Sage suddenly exclaimed. The others looked at him. "And since we're obviously going by powers then there would only be one person who would be there with your friend"

"Sai must be with your friend Ami!" Kento finished for him.

"So then Ami is with your friend Sai?" Makoto asked the guys. They nodded profusely.

"Since we can't get a hold of them Michiru and I will go out and get them. We'd have rathered they find their own way but this can't wait any longer. Call me if you find them." Haruka stood up and headed for the exit. Makoto and Minako nodded their heads in understanding.

"We'll keep trying." Makoto said.

"Oh, Haruka? Could you do me one favor?" Minako asked her friend. The older girl raised her eye brow questioningly. "Could you maybe kick Mamuro's ass if you see him? I'll tell you why later." Haruka nodded slowly and a smile spread across her face.

"Well let's keep trying ladies." Kento said after Haruka left. They went back to work diligently.

****Haruka and Michiru****

"We have to get them fast. You go after Ami and I'll go after Rei." Haruka told Michiru.

"Got it. I'll see you later then. Be careful Haruka, we have to survive this one no matter what." Michiru henshined and transported off to the watery depths of Japan. Haruka followed suit but went to the volcanoes.

"""Rei & Ryo***

Sailor Mars ran over to where Ryo lay in the ground. "Ryo are you alright? Speak to me!" she cried looking at his fallen form.

"Yelling isn't good for you ya know." He suddenly whispered out. One of his eyes opened and then was followed by the other. "Or for my ears." he added.

"You're alright!" she squeeked out. She wrapped her arms around him in a huge hug. She didn't let go until he cringed a little bit. "Are you alright?" she asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm alright, but I'm not to sure about my ribs after that bear hug." Ryo smiled and sat up slowly. "What happened after I was slammed through the wall?" he asked a bit groggily.

"Nothing really. The youma ran away, or at least tried to." Rei went over and picked up her new katana's from where she had dropped them. An evil smile crept over her face, and Ryo couldn't help but laugh.

Rei thought that she heard some one calling"Hey firebug, where are you?"but it was faint. Too faint to be real. She felt a familiar aura floating around though.

"Rei are you ok?" Ryo's voice broke through her trance. She shook her head briefly as if to rid herself of the noise.

"Yeah, I just thought that I heard someone calling for me a moment ago." she muttered.

"You did firebug. You really do have bad hearing don't you?" a voice called out from behind her. Rei whirled around. "I like the new transformation by the way. It's very you."

"Who are you?" Ryo asked the other senshi suspiciously. The sandy blonde woman looked at him oddly.

"I am Sailor Uranus or Haruka. Are you two coming or do I have to stand around here all day?" Haruka said impaciently. The other two looked at her strangely. "We have to get to the Crown pronto kiddies. Let's teleport there already!" she held out her hands to the other two and they quickly teleported back to the Crown.

****Ami & Sai****

'They look too cute to wake up, but I guess that I have too.' Michiru was looking at Ami and Sai sleeping at the edge of the river. They made the perfect couple in her eyes.

"Ami-chan. Ami. Wake up sleepy head."Michiru said softly next to her friends ear. Slowly the blue haired girl stirred and began to wake up, so Michiru went over to Sai. "Sai-san. Sai wake up boy. Wake up!" she said a little more rudely. He quickly woke and saw a turqoise haired woman staring down at him.

"What the heck?" he asked his british voice ringing through the trees. Ami awoke and saw Michiru standing there, laughing.

"Michiru?!" Ami ran over to her friend and gave her a humongous hug. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I'm here for you two. We have to get back and you weren't answering your communicator. I was sent out here by Haruka and your friends." Michiru explained to them. "Sorry for frightening you, Sai." she told the young man.

"That's alright now that I know you're a friend of Ami's." Sai said in relief. The girls looked at him and smiled. He started to get uneasy.

"We have to go right now so no time for pleasentries." Michiru held out her hands for the other two to hold on to. They were quickly transported to the Crown.

**************************************end chap not really***************









"Where are your friends with Ryo and Sai?" Kento asked. The others looked at him and glared slightly.

"They'll get here when the do Kento. So calm down k?" Sage said to him, a little harshly.

"Are you guys quite done?" Mina and Mako asked in the same voice, then they laughed at themselves. "Good."

Suddenly there were two bright flashes of light. In half of a millisecond there were six people standing there. Ryo, Rei, Haruka, Sai, Ami, and Michiru. The people who had been in the room were lying on the ground, because the others had landed upon them. "Would you mind getting off of us?" Minako asked the group.

"Sorry. It's good to see you guys!" Ami hugged Mina, Rei and Makoto.

"Good to have you two back!" Sage and Kento told Rei and Sai what had happend while they were seperated.

"Where's Rowen?" Ryo asked just as Rei asked" Where's Usagi?" They looked at eachother and smiled. Then quickly turned away blushing.

"We'll tell you but you all need to be extra quiet. got that?" Haruka asked the group. They all nodded.

Michiru started off, " About one hundred years in the future an enemy will arise and find the gates of time. The future Setsuna is greatly injured and he manages to travel back in time to now. In the future he has destroyed much of the Moon Kingdom, and many soldiers have died fighting for Neo-Queen Serenity. Endymion has deserted the palace and returned to the Earth to fight along side the enemy. We can't trust him here either, he could turn on us at anytime. Even the Queen herself has fought and lost to his power. We were told this by the future Setsuna."

"If we can defeat him in this time that means that we won't have to search different times for him to show up again. There is only one way to defeat him and that is if you're two teams work together to beat him. We are not going to get the Princess back until we have severly damaged his forces. The boy Rowen will not be coming back either. He is going to stay up there and protect our princess alongside Setsuna and Hotaru. Her mother is also there to help along with a friend of hers they will also protect her." Haruka finished off for Michiru. They looked around at all of the other senshi and warriors and felt pity for them. The two groups didn't get to see one member of their teams for a very long time and it was going to be very hard for them.

"So how do we beat this asshole?" Rei asked softly, holding back tears from missing her best friend. The others were doing the same.

"First of all we have to defeat all of his underlings which are old Beryl and Lord Talpa. Then we'll have a chance to get to him but not until then. That's about it. With your new transformations that should be no problem and with the help of these men as well." Haruka replied.

"Do you really think that it will be that easy? You are very stupid Haruka!" a voice laughed from the doorway.

******Real End of Chap. 9******

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