Ronins Meet Scouts Chap. 8

By: Lady Twilight

***Ryo & Rei***

The three had been walking for hours trying to figure out what that odd feeling was that had been surrounding them. "I think that it was just a fluke." Ryo said finally.

"Maybe you're right. Haven't we been here before?" She looked around at the same rock that they had seen an hour or so back. Ryo looked at where she was mentioning and groaned in disgust. Rei looked as he slowly nodded his head. They both collapsed on the ground in exhaustion and the feeling of failure.

Finally Rei stood up and brushed herself off, "That's it I'm getting us out of here!" she stated. Ryo watched her hand disappear in a flash of sparkles.

Rei's hand searched around for her henshin pen, but it wasn't in there. She put both hands into her sub-spacial pocket in search for the small wand. "Where is it?!" she cried out almost hysterically. She heard laughing and a loud crunch behind her. She and Ryo spun around to see the form of a youma.

"Were you looking for this Princess?" the youma held up the smashed henshin pen. She laughed almost madly as she watched Rei fall to the floor of the cave. "Oh, please princess. Don't be so pathetic! It is hilarious to watch you crumble like the coward that you are but this!"

"Hey! Don't talk to her like that." Ryo suddenly spoke up from behind Rei. The youma finally looked at him and made the sound that means that you are obviously interested. "Are you alright Rei?" he asked the girl.

"Yeah. I'll be fine thank you Ryo." She said gratefully. She turned to the youma. "How did you get into my sub-space pocket?" Rei demanded.

"It was easy. Now that I've taken care of you I'll take care of you're little friend. Ole Kinge Colee!" a blast of orange/green energy rushed at Ryo and hit him straight in the chest. He flew back about 50 feet into the wall.

"Ryo! You bitch!" Rei rushed at the youma. She slammed straight into her stomach and knocked her down. Out of the fire that was crackling in the Martian Princess's eyes a new henshin pen formed. She held it high above her head. "Mars Heart Power!" Rei screamed.

In a flash of hearts and fire there was formed a rand new Sailor Mars. Her fuku was now a deep red with a light red collar and skirt. On her high heels there was the kanji of Virtue. Her bright red choker had a silver sign of Mars in the middle. Her gloves now reached to the middle of her upper arm. The rings around her shoulders had disappeard. Mars's tiara was now a strange silver with a blood red stone in the center.In her hands she held the Swords (katanas) of Mars, with blood red blades.

"Let's go ugly chica!" The newly henshined senshi glared. She readied her katanas in front of her body. The youma was just standing there in pure aw of what had just happened. In front of her very eyes Sailor Mars had transformed into Firestar Sailor Mars. She knew that she didn't stand half a chance so decided to run for it. "I don't think so. Firestar Flare Now!" she screamed. In a flash the youma was destroyed.


*****Makoto & Sage*****

The shadows followed the two warriors at a safe distance so as to not get caught as quickly. There was no way that they could loose the warriors of lightning in these caves. The shadows, Fosa and Cronath, had followed the two seperately until they met up when the monster had been destroyed.

"Should we attack now?" Fosa asked her brother. Cronath shook his head as a sign of not yet. "Then when?!" she exclaimed. Cronath slammed his hand covering her mouth.

"Shut up woman! Do ya want us ta get caught?" he whispered madly. His bright pink eyes ablaze with anger. Fosa immediately shut her mouth fearing more of her older brothers wraith. There was no telling what he would do if mad enough. they continued with their watchful gaze as the warriors kept walking away.

"So Makoto what are you doing in this cave?" Sage asked the tall brunette.

"Like I told you five minutes ago, the same as you! I have no clue!" She exclaimed. Sage looked down for a moment and then sighed.

"Sorry Mako. I just am very very bored and tired and hungry.Sorry for being such and ass." he apologized. She smiled at him and laughed lightly.

"It's not you're fault. I am just very sick of being stuck in the dark of caves. It gets very boring ya know?" she asked him jokingly. Then she grabbed her henshin pen and held it above her head, "Jupiter Heart Power!" she screamed out!

"Wait she's already at that level?" Fosa squeeked.

Sailor Jupiter now had a black body suit with a forest green collar and skirt. Her boots had the sign of Truth (??? i forgot Sage's KAnji) and her dark green choker had the sign of Jupiter in the center. Her wrist length gloves were a light green with lightening bolts covering them. Her hair tie was now a silvery green. Her tiara was a different type of silver with a green stone in the center. The Sword of Jupiter was in her hands now. The green hilt and blade shone brightly.

AN: I already had her be transformed from the fight when she first saved Sage's butt, but he never saw it. don't yell at me for that. The Sword is a No Datchi like Sage's too.

"Take my hands Sage." Jupiter told him kindly. Sage was intranced with her and quickly did as he was bid. "Now hold on tight. Jupiter Power Teleport!" she cried out into the echoing caves. Lightenflashed all over the place lighting the cavern up like a christmas tree.

"What are you doing?" he asked her, but recieved no answer. She was concentrating on getting them back to the Temple. Sage just held on tight and closed his eyes.

****Sai & Ami****

"I'm so scared Mercury Princess! What are you going to do to me?" Martlid mocked the Mercurian Soldier.

"Mercury Ice Heart Spear!" Sailor Mercury screamed as she slammed the Icy tip of the trident intoMartlid's Stomach. She watched grimly as ice overtook his body until he was an ice statue.

"Ami?" Sai asked her as he stood up slowly. She rushed over to him.

"Yeah that's me. Are you alright?" she asked looking him over for injury. He just grabbed her in a huge hug and then gave her a light kiss on the cheek. Ami blushed a deep red. "We'd better get going don't you think?" she asked.

"Yes! Yes I do."he pulled away blushing even brighter then she was. They began to walk again. They walked for a little while longer until Ami had an idea.

She pulled out her communicator and dialed Minako's number. She got no answer. The same happened with Rei, and Usagi. Then she tried Makoto's number and a groggy face showed up. "Ami-chan?" Makoto asked.

"Mako-chan! I'm so glad that I got a hold of you. Do you think that you could get to the control center in the Crown?" Ami asked her friend.

"Yea, sure. Why?" Makoto asked her confused.

"I met someone here where I am and I can't seem to get my computer. So I need your help." Ami tried to explain.

"Explain this someone. Guy or Girl?" Makoto asked interested. Ami shook her head in a no. "Ok I'll call back in a little while. Jupiter out." she ended the transmition.

"My friend will tell us how to get out of here in a little while. So I say that we stay put for a little while." she sat down on the ground and closed her eyes. Sai followed suit but sat down at least ten feet away.

***Kento & Minako***

"Let's get this over with asshole!" Sailor Venus said angrily. She held out her staff in waiting.

"Do you really think that I would fight you myself? I didn't think so. Come to me Clrta, Florne!" The two youma's with their dynasty troops showed up in a split second.

"Let's go bitches!" Venus exclaimed. "Venus Love Rock Crusher!" She screamed and in one blast half of the dynasty soldiers disappeared. Clrta was badly injured but Florne had managed to dodge the attack.

"Iron Rock Crusher!" A voice called from the back of the room. Venus looked behind her to see Kento in full armor holding his staff. He flashed her a quick smile. "Hey babe, can't keep me out of a fight!" he exclaimed.

"Just glad to see that you're alive. Doofus." she muttered the last word as she sent another attack flying at the youmas. They were dodging less quickly now and it was becoming easier to hit them. In a few more hits they would be out for good. "Venus Cresent Slam!!" she called out another attack on the unfortunate demons.

Soon all of them were destroyed. Artemis came out as a cat, he couldn't keep up the sharade any longer. "Minako! Get to the control center! Now!" he cried out. Minako slammed a hand to her head as Kento stared at the cat.

"Cool." was the one word that he uttered. Then Minako ushered him out the door and ran down the street to the Crown.

"Hey Andy!" Minako called to the boy worker. He waved his hand as if to say 'hi' and that all was clear. She quickly pressed a few buttons on the contol panel of a Sailor V video game and a door opened up. "Come on Kento. Hurry up." she whispered to him urgently.

When they got down there Minako saw Makoto and another guy sitting in there, staring at the black screen. "Um Mako-chan? What are you doing?" Mina asked cautiously.

"Mina-chan! How the hell do you use this damned thing?" Mako rushed to her friend and gave her a huge hug. Sage and Kento saw eachother and laughed.

"Good to see ya man. Thought we were dead or somethin." Kento hugged his friend breifly.

"Same here. At least we're back to where we slightly know where we are don't you agree?" Sage asked the other man. Kento nodded his head in fake understanding.

"Excuse me please." Minako walked over to where the guys were standing. She sat down in a chair and started typing away at the computer that she had spent so many hours using to train usagi. "See Mako you just do this." she pushed a few buttons and got all of the items on screen that Ami had wanted. "So now you call Ami-chan and I'll work the computer."

"Ok! Just don't get too involved with making the people who play the game loose." She started to dial up Ami.

"So man what have you been doing for the past few days?" Kento asked the blonde man in front of him. His eyebrow was raised questioningly.

"Nothing except be hunted down by wild animals in a cave and be saved by Mako-chan over there, how about you?" Sage asked the question to Kento now.

"Fighting, fighting and more fighting. Getting the crap knocked out of me and knocking the crap of one unnamed man." Kento laughed maniacally. Sage just looked at him carefully and them backed up, unfortunately he backed into some one.

"Watch where you're going shorty." the voice exclaimed. Minako and Makoto looked up from what they were doing to see the newcomer.

"Haruka!!" they both squeeled and hugged the older senshi.

*******On the Moon********

"All the pawns are arriving."

"Are you sure that this will work?"

"It must and it will"



Okay. That's it for right now they're final transformations are these:

Rei = Firestar Sailor Mars

Ami = Icestar Sailor Mercury

Minako = Heartstar Sailor Venus

Makoto = Stormstar Sailor Jupiter

Please r&r. Thank you for reading and wait for the next chapter! I'll try to have it out soon.