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Chapter 7!!!!!

******Minako and Kento*******

Minako awoke to see Kento sitting next to her bed. The ice pack had fallen off

in the

middle of the night and she couldn't see out of her left eye. She smiled

gratefully at the sleeping man.

She sat up slowly, making sure not to disturb him. Minako climbed out of her


and went to go and take a shower. When she looked at herselfin the mirror

and saw

her face she gasped. The whole left side of her face was a giant bruise and her

eye was

squinted shut. "Oh, my god." the princess of Venus looked at herself in


After her shower was done she found Kento in the kitchen cleaning up from when

Mamoru had

come into the apartment. Her was washing up the blood that had come from

Mamoru's mouth when

he had punched him. "Good Afternoon Mina-chan!" he greeted her warmly. She

smiled in return.

"Afternoon? What time is it?" She asked confused.

"It's exactly 2:19 Friday afternoon. You've been out for a couple days. How are

you feeling now

Mina-chan?" he asked helping her sit down at the kitchen table.

"I'm alright I guess. What happened while I was out? Nothing too big I hope."

She asked worried

that Artemis had messed up or something. She must have looked really worried or


because Kento was looking at her strangely. "What?"<p>

"Nothing, Mina-chan. Nothing really happened. Your brother hasn't been home

though. <BR>

I would have thought that he would have come back by now." Kento blushed

slightly. They<BR>

both sat there in silence. Suddenly a huge mob of Dynasty soldiers and Youma's

rushed into her kitchen.<p>

"What the hell is this!?" Mina exclaimed instantly reaching for her henshin pen.

The youma's had<BR>

surrounded them in the blink of an eye. Nephrite stepped out in front of them.

"You're dead!" she exclaimed.<p>

"Who's this Mina-chan?" Kento asked her, he was now in the full Armor of

Hardrock. <BR>

She looked at him for a moment and then shook her head as if to say he shouldn't

know. <BR>

Nephrite just stood there and laughed not saying a word except for whispering

something to his soldiers.<p>

"Venus Crystal Power!" Minako cried out. She was too late and they opened


before she could help Kento. He was out in a flash from the numerous hits all


his body. "No! Kento! That's it Nephrite it's time for you to pay. Venus love

and Beauty<BR>

Shock!" she cried out but it had no affect on the newly regenerated


"Princess Minako did you really think that that puny blast would hurt me.


going to have to do a whole lot better then that." he laughed out.<p>

Minako looked down at the unconscious Kento and then at Nephrite.<BR>

Tears formed in her eyes and from those tears there emerged a new henshin<BR>

pen similar to her old one but different all the same, "Venus Love Power!"


cried out. Orange and Yellow hearts surrounded her.<p>

When she emerged her bodysuit was a deep orange trimmed<BR>

with a yellow collar and skirt. Her shoes had the sign of strength on <BR>

the clasps and her now dark orange choker had a yellow sign of Venus on <BR>

it. Her tiara was an eerie silver with a similar orange stone in it. In her

hands she <BR>

clasped the Staff of Venus. (AN: I forgot what Kento's weapon was called


AN: I will be jumping around a lot this it's going to be kind of


*******Ami and Sai********<p>

Ami now Sailor Mercury watched her attack fly towards Martlid and hit him


in the chest. Unfortunately it did no real damage to her opponent. "Ha! Nice

try Mercury!<BR>

Now here's one from me to you! Crazed Mushy Fright!!" he cried out. A huge ball


mushy black stuff with faces flew at her. Mercury braced herself for the impact

but it never came.<BR>

She looked up slowly and saw that Sai had taken the hit for her.<p>

"Oh my god! Sai! Sai are you alright?" she knelt down by her new friend.<BR>

He looked at her weakly, smiled, and nodded his head. She gave him a small


"I told you not to involve yourself in this fight. And now you've gotten hurt.

I can't stand to <BR>

see my friends hurt." tears welled up in her eyes. <p>

"I'll be alright Ami. I'm just glad that you're ok." Sai said.<p>

There was a gagging sound in the background. "This is so sweet I<BR>

think I got a cavity. Can we get on with this you twit? Crazed Mushy <BR>

Fright!" the attack now hit Ami head on but it didn't budge her.<p>

In the period of time that it had taken for him to talk a henshin pen had <BR>

materialized out of her tears. At this time she held it above her head and


out, "Mercury Heart Power! Make Up!" In a flash of watery and icy hearts there


stood the newly transformed Sailor Mercury.<p>

Her fuku had changed a lot now. The body suit was a midnight blue with a ice

blue collar <BR>

and skirt. The skirt had a small ring of dark hearts at the bottom. her boots

were the same<BR>

but had the symbol of trust at the points. Her choker had turned a midnight

blue with a light <BR>

blue Mercury symbol in the center. Her tiara had turned a mysterious silver with

the same stone<BR>

in it, plus she now held the Trident of Mercury in her hands. "Now lets fight!"

she proclaimed.<p>

******Makoto and Sage******

"What do you want to try?" Makoto asked Sage suspiciously. She was ready to

fight him if the need arose.

"I think that I might be able to help you with your foot. If you don't mind." he

offered out his hand to inspect the foot again. Makoto reluctantly allowed Sage

to take another look at her broken foot. She tried to pull back when a strange

green aura surrounded him, but he held her foot tightly. There was a slight

crunching of bones going back into their original positions, and then it

stopped. The light faded from the man's hands.

"What did you just do?" she asked as she tentatively put pressure on her foot.

She was able to stand without falling over or limping. "Whatever it was I thank

you deeply. Are you alright now?" she asked as he sat down hard on the ground.

"Yeah doing that just drains me for a while. I'll be better in a little bit. You

can go now; I don't need any help." he tried to stand up now. Sage almost

collapsed, but a strong pair of hands steadied him. He looked up and saw Makoto

standing there smiling lightly.

"I think that we both need each others help to get out of this maze. Don't you

Sage?" She asked him now politely. "Hang on! We didn't start off on the right

foot. My name is Kino Makoto, it's a pleasure to meet you." She held out her


Sage took it readily, "The pleasure is mine Mako-chan. My name is Date Sage.

Shall we find out way out of this hellhole? Please excuse my French." he

apologized for his language.

"Don't sweat it Sage. I probably swear a whole lot more then you do." she smiled

as they headed off into the maze-like caverns that they were now trapped in.

Hand in hand they were going to find a way out or die trying. Unbeknownst to

them there was now more following the blooming couple.

******Rei and Ryo******

They had been walking for what it seemed was now hours. All three of the

traveling companions were lost, tired and hungry. That was when Rei thought of

something that might work, but she knew to keep it to herself until they had to

take drastic measures. "Why don't we take a break for now?" She asked Ryo and

Whiteblaze. They looked back at her and nodded their heads.

"So how long have you had that tiger Ryo?" Rei asked him. Ryo sat there

thoughtfully for a few moments and then he shrugged.

"In all actuality I have absolutely no clue. He's been with me for years, ever

since I moved to Tokyo he was with me." Ryo explained to her. They both sat in

silence for a really long time until there was the slight sound of Rei sleeping.

Ryo looked at her in admiration, it would have been forever until he had gotten

out of that cave if it hadn't have been for her.

He watched as she slept like a baby until Whiteblaze popped his head over his

shoulder and gave out a low chuckle like laugh. Ryo glared at the tiger before

staring at the ceiling of the cave that the were now in, 'I wonder how in the

name of hell we're going to get out of here.' he thought to himself.

Ryo eventually fell asleep, since it was getting cold he lied down next to Rei.

After a few hours Rei had woken up, much to her surprise Ryo was lying down next

to her, and she had her arm around him. "Hentai!" she shrieked.

Ryo got up immediatly, "Oh god. Sorry I sat down near you and must have dozed

off. I'm really sorry and I'm not a hentai!" he exclaimed. Rei looked at him for

a moment and then nodded her head slowly.

"I'll believe you just this once, but if it happens again you're dead meat." she

said. "Let's continue, shall we?" she walked off ahead of the group, making sure

not to get too far ahead of them.

"Hey Rei wait up!" Ryo ran up to her after a little while and grabbed her

sleeve. "Can't you feel that?" he asked. There was an odd aura in the air

surrounding them. Part of it was slightly reassuring and the other part was

exremely evil.

"Yes I can now that you mention it. What do you suppose it is?" she asked him.

******Usagi and Rowen******

"So how did you get here Usagi?"

"I have no idea." she replied. They were sitting in the Great hall of the the

Moon Palace. It had been a few days since their disappearance and they were

watching all what was going on.

"I do believe that I have the answer. Thank you for coming on such short notice

daughter, Rowen." a soft calm voice said from behind them. The two of them spun

around to see Queen Serenity standing there in the actual flesh.

"Mother! How did we get here? Why are we here?" Usagi ran to her mother. They

hugged for a few seconds.

"I brought you here, because I needed to talk to you both. In the very near

future you will each be against a terrible force. I have been warned of this by

Sailor Pluto. If you don't join forces you will perish. This enemy is the

reincarnation of Beryl and Talpa." Queen Serenity explained.

"Excuse me Serenity-sama, but what does this have to do with us. Other then the

fact that Talpa is back." Rowen asked the Queen.

"You'll find out soon enough. You will go back to the Earth in a few days. Usagi

you know where the spare bedrooms are. Show your friend to one. I have to leave

you two now, but we will see eachother soon." With that the Queen left.


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