Ronins Meet Scouts Chap. 6<p>

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'Where am I?' that question was whirling around in Rei's head. All she remembered was<BR> going towards a red light and then she had woken up here. All she knew was that she <BR>was in an area of intense heat and there was another high energy being nearby.<p>

Suddenly there was a noise behind her. <BR>It was loud and obnoxious and didn't stop. She spun around in circles trying to<BR> find the source of the noise. Rei had to sit down because she was becoming dizzy <BR>from all of the spinning. When she finally saw clearly she looked around again. Now she<BR> was in a cave and the heat was even hotter. There was a strange red glow coming from a <BR>nearby cavern. Rei walked over to the seperate room in the underground, <BR>she then found out why there was such an intense heat. She was in the middle of a volcano.<p>

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Ryo had been walking around in the volcano for hours now. The <BR>heat was slightly soothing to him and since he had his armor around her could be in the <BR>heat for as long as he wanted. There had been a noise going on the whole day and it was<BR> getting louder. He was beginning to get used to it when another noise was added. It<BR> sounded like some one was moving around up above the lava, where he was. <p>

He slowly made his way up the steep incline until he was at the top. He stayed in his <BR>armor just in case there was an emergency and he had to fight. To his surprise there had <BR>been someone walking around up there. She was enjoying the heat as much as he had been.<BR> She suddenly looked up at him her raven hair flew in front of her face as she glared at him.<BR> Ryo was slightly taken aback at her angry appearance. 'She is beautiful, but I have to be <BR>careful.' he thought to himself<p>

"Who are you and what do you <BR>want?" She called across to him. She stood up fully now making sure that he was a good<BR> distance away.<p>

"My name is Ryo and I have no intention <BR>of hurting you. I have no idea why I am here, but I think that I might know where we are."<BR> Ryo called back. "Now who are you?"<p>

"My name is Rei. I followed a strange wierd red light <BR>and then I was transported here." Rei walked slowly over to where Ryo was standing.<BR> "At least now I know someone who I think that I can trust. It's written all over your face."<BR> she said at his bewildered expression.<p>

Ryo nodded in slight understanding. He was wondering about this wierd red<BR> light it could have been his yoroi. "I was being attacked when I was brought here. <BR>I landed down in the volcano, down there." he pointed to the lava below. Rei nodded her<BR> head knowingly.<p>

They began to walk from the volcano's heat into the caverns to find their way out of <BR>the mountain. The heat left them quickly and there was the sense of someone following <BR>them. The echo helped ratify their suspicions, they could hear the extra footsteps behind<BR> them. Rei and Ryo moved closer together, without knowing it, for protection. As they <BR.moved farther and farther away the light disappeared until they were left in pitch darkness.<BR> When that happened they stopped walking and tried to figure out a way to see in the cavern.<BR> Ryo suddenly pulled out his yoroi, "I'm going to try something, close your eyes." Rei did<BR> as she was told and Ryo put his power into making the small marble-sized yoroi glow <BR>brightly.<p>

Rei opened her eyes slowly. When she did she saw <BR>the same red light that she had seen earlier. She looked at Ryo oddly for a moment but <BR>did not say a thing. They kept on walking knowing that the footsteps behind them had<BR> gotten closer. "Who's out there?" Ryo suddenly called. There was a low growl and they <BR>both turned to see Whiteblaze walking up behind them. Ryo smiled at the large white tiger<BR> while Rei stood there frightened. (for once, no?)<p>

Whiteblaze walked over to her and licked her hand. "Nice tiger."she giggled <BR>uneasily. Ryo walked over to Rei and Whiteblaze.<p>

"He likes you Rei." he said kindly. They both smiled at eachother for a moment and then looked <BR>away. "Umm, we had better get going. Come on Whiteblaze." He, Whiteblaze and Rey set off again.<p>

******************************************************on the moon****<p>

"Where am I?" <p>

"I don't know."<p>

"Who are you?"<p>

"I'm Rowen who are you?"<p>

"My name is Serena and I think I know where we are."<p>

"Where are we?"<p>

"On the moon."<p>


End Chapter 6<p>

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