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Chap. 5<p>


Sage looked up and saw nothing but darkness,'oh, great now where am I?' he asked <BR>himself. He tried to sit up but knocked his head on something above him.<BR> He reached up with one hand and felt around. It was a rock, he was in a cave.<p>

Slowly he got to his knees and crawled his way out of the tiny passage way. When he<BR> was finally able to stand he took out his marble (sorry I don't know the name for it) and <BR>had it light up. With that small bit of light he was able to find a safe place for him to sit <BR>down and try to figure out where he was. He had no idea where on the globe he was or<BR> in what cave.<p>

He thought that he heard a rustling in the background but just passed it off as a bat.<BR> When the noise drew closer and louder however he turned around and getting into his <BR>sub-armor. He glanced around cautiosly but saw nothing. "Who's out there? What do you<BR> want?" he called out. The only answer was a soft crunch and a low growl. Sage knew <BR>that he had made a mistake now. He saw a shadow looming in the darkness toward<BR> him. He wasn't even able to duck before it slashed at him.<p>

He fell to the ground with at thud. When he opened his eyes he saw red, there was blood seeping <BR>from the wound in his head. He lifted a hand to try and stop the bleeding but found that<BR> he was pinned. Atop him was a huge bear/wolf/tiger crossbreed. It's saliva dripped from <BR>it's blood stained teeth and tongue. He tried to move his legs to hoist the creature off of <BR>him but couldn't reach. <p>


Makoto heard a muffled voice<BR> coming from down the corridor as she walked through the twisted tunnels. She <BR>moved carefully in the direction that the voice had come from. All she could see was a large<BR> animal of prey. Mako hid behind a large boulder so that she wouldn't be seen.<p>

She watched the display for a little while longer<BR> until she saw the arms underneath the creature. Mako looked at them for a moment, a little<BR> slow to catch on to the fact that they were human. She waited when the arms stopped<BR> moving to see if the thing was still alive. 'What if it's dead and I just make myself a targer<BR> for it's next meal?' she asked herself.<p>

The legs moving high in the air gave her the sign that she needed to help whoever it was. <BR>Quietly racing from her hiding spot Makoto delt a few quick blows to the monster with her<BR> fists. It cried out in slight pain but did not move. Makoto took a deep breath and backed<BR> away. She then ran at the creature at full throttle. He foot connected squarely with<BR> the back of the monsters head. She heard two sickening crunches, and one of them came<BR> from her. She lowered herself from the rock she had hung to to gain more height. The <BR>blood from the creatures neck had made the ground slippery and she slipped upon landing.<p>

Makoto slowly stood up on two feet <BR>but her right foot gave way as she put pressure on it. 'Kisama! I must have broken it.' she <BR>glared at her foot. Hopping over to the body she looked down at it. 'What a hot guy! He<BR> looks just like my old boyfriend!' she practically said out loud. "Are you alright mister?"<BR> she asked him.<p>

He opened his eyes and looked at her strangely. "Who are you?"<BR> he asked her impolitely.<p>

"I am Kino Makoto. Who are you sir?" Makoto asked him just as <BR>rudely. She was looking him over so she could tell if he was injured or not.<p>

"Date Sage. Why did you help me? I haven't helped you in any way?" <BR>Sage asked her suspiciously. "What do you want?"<p>

"Why do people always ask that when someone helps them out?! I helped <BR>you just to help you I don't want anything from you!" she exploded. She gave him a <BR>patented death glare and then began to hop away. <p>

Sage looked after her in amazement. No one in his entire life had ever talked to him like that.<BR> He watched her hop and realized that she had been injured helping him. 'Dammit! <BR>How ungrateful am I? I should at least help her out.' he thought regretfully.<p>

"Hey wait a minute!"<BR> Sage cried out after her. She didn't even stop to turn around. He stood up and began to <BR>follow her. Sage caught up with her in a brightly lit passage way. "Look let me help <BR>you. Let me see that ankle." he told her. He looked up at Makoto kindly. Mako rolled her <BR>eyes and slowly held out her foot for his inspection. When he first touched it she <BR>cringed in pain. "Sorry." he said.<p>

Sage looked at her foot closely. It had turned a<BR> sick kind of purple green and was bigger then a baseball. There was absolutely no hard<BR> surfaces any more, the bones had been crushed. You could see the bones hanging out in <BR>some places of the foot. There was blood and muscle, ligaments and tendons all over.<BR> Sage cringed for her as the blood poured out. <p>

"Can I try something? It shouldn't hurt too much." she just nodded. <p>


End Chapter 5<BR>

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