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Ronins Meet Scouts Chap.3<p>

It was late afternoon before Kento awoke. He looked around the room, had yellow <BR>hearts on the wall and the room was orange. Kento sat up slowly until he could lean up against the back of the bed. <BR>'Where in the hell am I?' he asked himself. He heard water running in the next room.<p>

"Mina-chan will you hurry up? You take the longest showers ever!" Kento heard a male<BR> voice call from down the hallway. He quickly laid back down and shut his eyes.<p>

"Artemis calm down! I'll be out in just a minute." he now heard a female voice call from<BR> what he guessed the bathroom.<p>

Kento heard the water shut off and footsteps entered the room. He squeezed his eyes<BR> shut tight so that he wouldn't see anything. "I can see that you are awake so don't try to hide anything." <BR>The voice said. Kento opened his eyes and saw a girl standing there in a pair of jeans and and an orange tank top.<BR> "My name is Minako but you can call me Mina."<p>

"I'm Kento Fuan. How did I get here?" he asked slightly dazed.<p>

Minako looked at him for a second and then sat down in a corner. "Well I found you in <BR>a pile of rubble after this old man pointed to it." she said.<BR> 'He's going to think that I'm crazy.' she thought to herself.<p>

"An old man?? Okay I know who that was. Why did you take me here? Other then the <BR>obvious fact that I was injured. Okay bad question." he laughed sheepishly.<BR> She looked at him as if he was insane and then laughed.<p>

"Well let's see. I could have called the police, but then they would have wondered why<BR> you were so seriously injured and I was untoudhed. I was going to take you to the hospital<BR> today if you hadn't of woken up." Minako stated.<p>

There was an akward silence until there was a meow from the bedroom door. Kento <BR>looked over and saw a serious looking cat sitting there. Minako walked over to the door <BR>and knelt down by the cat. "I'll be right back. There's someone at the door." She lied and followed the<BR> cat out of the room. A few minutes later she walked <BR>back in, "Just a salesmen. Sorry about that Kento. What were you doing out there anyways?"<p>

"Well um..... I was with some friends and we were attacked by these monster things. <BR>My friends all disappeared and I got knocked out.<p>

Minako didn't ask any more questions. She figured out that he was hiding something<BR> from her, but she was hiding something from him too.<BR> "You go back to sleep now Mr. Fuan and I'll be back in a little while to check on you<BR>." Minako walked out the door.<p>

Kento settled back into the comfy bed. 'Man am I lucky to be saved by such a babe.' He<BR> thought as he fell back asleep.<p>

"Mina-chan! I don't think that you should be too friendly with that boy. I am getting an<BR> odd energy off of him." Artemis followed Minako to the kitchen where <BR>she fixed herself a sandwich.<p>

She looked down at him, "he's a good guy. Don't ask me how I know because I just do<BR> okay?" she glared at Artemis. "I know what I'm doing you have taught me <BR>to be the best that I can be." Mina smiled at the cat.<p>

Artemis grumbled off about being more careful and not trusting too many people.<BR> Mina looked after him contimplating why she was trusting this Kento Fuan person.<p>

"Minako? Are you in here?" a voice called. Minako didn't even look up.<p>

"What is it now Artemis?" she asked impatiently, turning around she saw Kento <BR>standing there. "Oh, sorry Kento. What's the matter?"<p>

"Nothing I was just kind of hungry and I'm sick of lying around."<BR> He blushed slightly. "By the way....Who's Artemis?"<p>

"Um....Artemis is my brother. Here have a sandwich." She handed him one of hers.<BR> Suddenly Artemis as a human walked in.<p>

"I'm going out now Mina-chan. Tell your friend that he should go to a doctor." Artemis<BR> said and then walked out of the room.<p>

"Okay. Artemis." she called after him. "That was my brother. I know that we don't look<BR> anything alike. We had different fathers."<p>

"Oh. This is a good sandwich." Kento said through a mouthful of food. He swallowed.<BR> "I know that I've probably already said this, but Arigatou very much for saving my life. <BR>You are one of the nicest people that I've ever met. Do you think that I could take you to a movie later?"<BR> he asked her. 'I hope that she doesn't say no!' he thought frantically.<p>

"I'd love to Kento. Please call me Mina-chan. All of my friends do."She smiled<BR> winningly at him.<p>

The sat there and ate sandwiches for a while until there was a knock at the door. Mina<BR> looked up surprise. "I wonder who that could be." she asked out<BR> loud as she walked to the door.<BR>

Kento followed her making sure to stay out of the other persons veiw range. <BR>At the door there was a tall man with dark hair. <BR>"Minako I need to talk to you about my Usa-ko." The man said.<p>

"What's the matter Mamuro?" Mina asked kind of worriedly.<BR> She led the man into the house.<p>

"I was just wondering Minako. Is Usa-ko cheating on me? She hasn't answered<BR> my calls today." he said.<p>

"Iie! Of course not!!!" she exclaimed. Kento heard him muttering something under<BR> his breath. "What was that?" he watched as she began to get a <BR>disturbed look on her face.<p>

"I said. Damn! That means it will be harder for<BR> me to break it to her." Mamuro cried out.<p>

Minako looked at him in disbelief. "!" <BR>Minako slapped him hard across the face.<p>

Mamuro looked at her in shock. He smiled evilly and punched her hard in the face.<BR> Minako flew backwards and into a wall.<p>

Kento chose that moment to walk out from around the corner and step in front of <BR>Mamuro and punched him in the face making him fly through the front door.Mamuro<BR> walked back in the apartment. "What the hell was that for?"<BR> Mamoro demanded.<p>

"Get out of here you asshole." Kento growled. Mamoru glared and then left the<BR> apartment. Kento locked the door and then went over to<BR> Minako who was just sitting up. "Are you alright Mina-chan?" <p>

She looked up at him through squinted eyes. "I'll be fine when I'm able to see out of <BR>both of my eyes not just my right one." she mumbled out. <BR>"Thank you for taking care of Mamoru for me." she gave him a weak smile.<p>

Kento picked her up and brought her back to her bedroom. He then walked back<BR> to the kitchen and got an ice pack for her eye. <BR>When he got back in there she had fallen asleep, Kento smiled gently.<BR> He placed the ice pack over her eyes and then sat down in a chair next to the bed.<p>


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