Ronins Meet Sailors ~ 11

By: Lady Twilight


Fire and Ice

Wind and Rain

Through the Snow

We march Again

Never knowing

Never slowing

Always onward

We fight

For you all

Our friends

We live

We die

It's all for you

One day you will see

Why you are

So dear to us.

~~~*~~Lady Pyro-chan~~*~~~

*****At the Hospital*****

The three ronin warriors looked sadly down at the three injured senshi. These girls had almost given their lives for one person. They needed to meet Usagi and find out why she was so special. Sage glanced around at the plain off white walls that surrounded the room. They seemed to make the room seem smaller somehow and he didn't know how. He chanced a glance at Ryo, Cye, Mizuno-san, and Hino-san. They all looked about as sad and depressed as he felt.

Rei could feel the eyes on her as she regained consciousness, though she didn't open her eyes. Even though she couldn't see she knew that she was in a hospital, most likely the one that Ami's mother worked at, the smell of ammonia and antibiotics was fresh in the air. Rei slowly opened one eye, just enough so that she could make out some people. There was her grandfather, Cye, Sage, Ami's mother, and Ryo. Knowing that she was surrounded by people that she knew she fell back to sleep.

"Mizuno-san? When do you suppose they will wake up?" Cye asked from his spot next to Ami's bed. He looked straight into the doctor's eyes.

Her tear filled eyes stared straight back into his, "They should wake up within the next 24 hours. I have to do my rounds now. Watch after them." she left the room rubbing tears from her eyes rapidly.


*****Ami's Dream (again)

Ami was running through the woods, racing for her life. She was being followed, but she couldn't tell what it was. She was running from those who had killed her beloved. They were after her now and they were catching up quickly.

Ami chanced a glance over her shoulder and ,to her suprise, there was no one there. But she knew, like always they were hiding. Hiding from the fact that she could beat them if she knew where they were. Now she knew that she couldn't though, not in this grief that she was feeling. Her love was gone and there was nothing that she could do about it. Ami, the Crowned Princess of Mercury, fell to her knees and wept. She stayed there for how long, she didn't know.


Ami sprang up in bed, ignoring her aching sides and head. Tears stained her pale face. Instinctively she reached for the closest thing to her, that was Cye. She didn't even know who it was as she cried into his chest.

Cye stood there stock still until Ami fell back to sleep. He then laid her back down and looked at the others worriedly. "What was all of that about?" he asked them.

The other two just looked blankly at the british boy. Whatever kind of nightmare that Ami Mizuno had had, it certainly wasn't a good one. They just had to find out what was going on. They needed Rowen and Usagi back.

**A few hours later***

Rei sat up in her hospital bed. Her back and side hurt like hell, but other then that she was feeling much better. She looked around her, the only people in the room were Mako and Ami. The others had left to go and get some rest and something to eat. She slowly hopped off of the bed making very little noise as she landed.

Looking around again Rei saw that both Mako and Ami were now awake and following her lead, even though Mako shouldn't have been able to move at all. "Mako-chan! You should go back to bed, you're hurt much worse than either of us." Ami whispered urgently. Makoto just shook her head and walked slowly over to them. "What are we going to do Rei?" Ami now asked the dark haired girl.

"We get out of here. That's what. We'll have to slip by your mom, my grandpa, and the guys." Rei explained as she found her old clothes. They were tattered and torn, but still wearable.

"Rei is right Ami. We should get somewhere other then here. That would keep those around us out of danger if we were attacked again. There is no F***ing way I will allow those who i know and love die. no way!" Mako said, her voice gradually rising. Ami nodded and all of them quickly got dressed, making sure not to bump their wounds.

The three Inner Senshi crept carefully down the hall. They were on the 4th floor so it was going to be rather tricky getting down to the ground level. They thought about transporting but that would take too much energy. So they just took the hallways that Ami said were rarely used. As they passed the cafeteria they felt a little guilty. Especially when they saw the worried faces of everyone that they knew. But they had to go, so they wouldn't be hurt.

Makoto, Ami, and Rei were soon out of the building and running as fast as their battered bodies could take them. They would go to Mako's for now.


Minako slowly got up, rubbing the whitespots from her eyes. She saw Zoicite standing there waiting for her to get up. She was in a fighting stance, awaiting Minako's, as Sailor Venus, attack. Minako was happy to oblige her old enemy. "Venus Sand Storm!" she screamed. A blast of glowing sand/knives flew through the air at Zoicite. The demon had not been expecting that attack and barely had time to put her arms up in defense. The sand/knives sliced through her arms and legs.

"You'll pay for that! Dark Orb Attack!" Zoicite sent a huge dark orb towards Minako. The orb practically swallowed her up. Inside of the floating ball Minako was hit from all sides as it shrunk. Fire, wind, ice, lightening, water and dark energy struck her from all sides. She was quickly brought to her knees as blood loss and pain flowed through her. <I have to get out! I have to save Usagi and my friends!> Minako suddenly powered up her strongest attack.

"For my friends, and my loved ones you will die! Venus Shooting Star Crusher!!!" She screamed and a huge blast rose from her fingertips. Zoicite could only look on in horror as the Dark Orb shattered into a thousand pieces. A bloody Sailor Venus/Minako stood, floating in the air. Minako positioned her fingers like a gun, aiming for Zoicite. "DESTROY!!" she screamed the final word and the blast sprang oway from her.

The bright orange sphere flew from it's creator, greedy for the destruction of Zoicite. As it neared it's target the sphere's speed intensified. Smashing into Zoicite it crushed all bones, turning the demon into a limp noodle. Then slowly stripping her of exsistance layer by layer: outer skin, inner skin, muscles, tendons & ligaments, and finally bones. The sounds were that of a dying animal as Zoicite felt her body being eaten. The attack disappeared when it was finished.

Minako detransformed and collapsed onto the ground unconscious, slowly bleeding.


"Are all of you going to be alright?"Kento asked teh Tsukino family and Naru. They all nodded slowly, still in shock.

"We'll be fine young lad. Now you go and do what Minako told you to do. Find your friends." Mr. Tsukino said, snapping out of his trance. He ushered the boy away from his family and watched until Kento was out of site.

Kento ran diligently down the streets, with Luna on his shoulder, of Juuban until he reached his home, where Mia and Yuli lived with White Blaze. He ran through the door out of breath. "Mia! Yuli! White Blaze! Any one here??" he cried out. Luna looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Where are you're friends Kento. We must find them."Luna said urgently hopping off of his shoulder. She set about looking around for the people. Luna had just gone into the kitchen when she raced right back out, swiftly followed by White Blaze.

"White Blaze! Go get Yuli and Mia." Kento told his leader's tiger. It ran off quickly. Kento looked at Luna, "Scared much?" he laughed out.

"Shut up you great big lummox. Are those them?" she asked as a little kid and a woman came out of the back room. The child immediatly tackled Kento.

"Kento! You're back! What's going on? Where are the others? Come on tell us already!" the young boy, Yuli, exclaimed as he latched onto Kento's neck. The Warrior of the Armor of Hardrock gave a slight laugh.

"Yuli, before he says anything why don't you make him a sandwich." Mia suggested, but to her surprise he held up a hand.

"No that's not what I came here for. Besides I'm not hungry right now. You should all sit down." he gestured towards the couch and the detransformed into his subarmor. They three of them sat down on the couch, or in White Blaze's case the floor. " Luna do you want to do the honors or should I?" Kento asked the black cat.

"You should Kento I'm going to call Minako." Luna said. Mia and Yuli looked at her strangely. "What you've never seen a talking cat before?" she asked before she walked out of the room. Kento explained all that had happened to them. About the Sailor Senshi, the demons, and the minions. He related the whole story to them.

"So what do you think?" he asked when he was finished. The two humans just sat there with their mouths hanging open. They just stared blankly at him, until the doorbell rang. Mia got up and walked to the door.

"Hello may I help you? Oh, my god!" the heard Mia exclaim after they heard a two soft thuds. "Kento come quick! She's hurt." Mia called out.

Kento raced to the door way hoping it wasn't who he thought it was. But it was, It was Minako. Torn and bloody she lie there on the floor of the entryway, blood spilling from her undressed wounds. They could see the path that she had dragged herself there on. It was stained red.

*****On the Moon*****

Usagi and Rowen were sitting in the royal throne room staring at a floating orb. Usagi had tears streaming down her face at the sight that they were witnessing. "Why is this happening to them?" Usagi asked no one in particular.

"Princess you know as well as all of us that destiny will lead them down the correct paths. They will overcome their fears, doubts, injuries, and emotions all in due course. Meanwhile Setsuna-mama and I will stay here to protect you and Rowen while Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama help on earth." Hotaru walked over to them. She smiled innocently and then left. The two teens looked after the Warrior of Death, seeing the wisdom in her words.

Rowen and Usagi sat there for a long time afterwards and talked of the future battles that they would be witnessing. In the long run they would have to start training again so that they would be able to help the others when the need arose.

******In the Hospital*******(again)

The guys returned to the room to find that the three injured girls had vanished. "Where did they go?" Cye asked frantically. "Where could they have gone?" he turned towards Sage and Ryo. They were just as confused and frantic as he was.

"We told Hino-san and Mizuno-san trusted us to watch them. I can't believe that we allowed this to happen." Ryo pounded his fists against the wall. "What if Talpa and Beryl got them?" He hung his head in shame and turned from the warriors of wisdom and trust.

"There's no way that they would allow themselves to be taken by those screw-ups. They must have done something themselves. We can ask the security guards if they have seen anyone in the past hour or so." Sage suggested.

*********************Lita's Place**************************