Ronins Meet Scouts Chap.10

By: Lady Twilight

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What Happened In the Last Chapter:

"Where's Rowen?" Ryo asked just as Rei asked" Where's Usagi?" They looked at eachother and smiled. Then quickly turned away blushing.

Michiru started off, " About one hundred years in the future an enemy will arise and find the gates of time. The future Setsuna is greatly injured and he manages to travel back in time to now. In the future he has destroyed much of the Moon Kingdom, and many soldiers have died fighting for Neo-Queen Serenity. Endymion has deserted the palace and returned to the Earth to fight along side the enemy. We can't trust him here either, he could turn on us at anytime. Even the Queen herself has fought and lost to his power. We were told this by the future Setsuna."

"If we can defeat him in this time that means that we won't have to search different times for him to show up again. There is only one way to defeat him and that is if you're two teams work together to beat him. We are not going to get the Princess back until we have severly damaged his forces. The boy Rowen will not be coming back either. He is going to stay up there and protect our princess alongside Setsuna and Hotaru. Her mother is also there to help along with a friend of hers they will also protect her." Haruka finished off for Michiru. They looked around at all of the other senshi and warriors and felt pity for them. The two groups didn't get to see one member of their teams for a very long time and it was going to be very hard for them.

"So how do we beat this asshole?" Rei asked softly, holding back tears from missing her best friend. The others were doing the same.

"First of all we have to defeat all of his underlings which are old Beryl and Lord Talpa. Then we'll have a chance to get to him but not until then. That's about it. With your new transformations that should be no problem and with the help of these men as well." Haruka replied.

"Do you really think that it will be that easy? You are very stupid Haruka!" a voice laughed from the doorway.

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****Usagi and Rowen****

Usagi looked up from the rose bush that she had been staring at and turned towards the Earth. Her expression quickly turned from happiness to an odd worried, and scared face. She fell to her knees and looked down. Rowen rushed over to her.

"Usa-chan! What's the matter? Are you alright?" he asked her frantically. He looked at her with pure concern as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Something terrible has happend to our friends down on earth." she told him looking into his eyes.

"What happend to them are they alright?" he asked looking straight into her eyes boring holes of worry into them.

"Prince Endymion, my former love, has turned to the side of the enemy and has given this enemy the strength of the Earth. It is possible that they will fail in their mission and be destroyed." she began to cry. Her crystal blue eyes filling with tears of sadness and terror. The tears fell upon the warm ground as Rowen envelovped her in a loving hug.

They sat there for hours on hours staring at the flowers and wishing that their friends were sitting in this beauty beside them. Not on the Earth fighting to protect them.


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*****On Earth*****

All heads and eyes swung to the doorway as the voice laughed. They could see no one standing there. The voice flew all around them on the air in the room. The senshi and the warriors stood back to back not sure of what to expect. Suddenly the voice stopped and there was a familiar feeling in the room.

In one sudden movement Ami fell to the ground with a black rose sticking out of her side. She tried to get up but she was paralyzed. When the group saw this they all swung so that they were now facing eachother. In the center of their circle was the Prince of Earth himself, Endymion. Rei made a move to attack him but was brutally smashed into the wall. She crumpled to the ground in a heap.

"Mars you always were too hot-headed for your own good."Endymion walked over to her fallen form. He pushed the Senshi away from her and then kicked Rei in the side.

Out of nowhere Ryo slammed his foot into Endymion's back and sent him flying. "You have no right to do that to them!" he said as Ami and Rei were carried to a corner to avoid future injury.

Makoto lunged at Endymion with her fist and connected with his face, "Let's go Endymion just you and me!" she challenged. He raised his hand and wavied his fingers to say 'let's go.' She threw a flurry of punches and kicks at him. He dodged them all.

"Now it's my turn." Endymion said evilly. He began to throw punches at her but at the same time he threw fire and ice. He had taken some of the powers away from the Mercurian and Martian Princesses when he had attacked him. Makoto couldn't take these extra attacks as she still tried to block his punches, weak as they were. She fell to the ground as he kept on attacking. Soon she had nothing left to fight with and all she could do was lie there. "I guess I had my fun, well with you." he left her bloody, broken, unconscious form prone on the ground.

"You are a bastard!" Sage said, that surprised everyone in the room that was still conscious. He pulled out his yoroi and was about to activate his armor when Sai grabbed his arm.

"That will only get us into more trouble. Let's make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else ok?" He whispered to Sage, Kento and Ryo. They all nodded in agreement. When they turned to face Endymion they found another problem, he had disappeared, and so had Minako.

"Damn! Mina-chan where are you?" Kento called out. Fortunatly for the guys she popped up out of one of the control panels holding something. She handed it to Haruka and Michiru.

"Did you guys think that I had been taken? Sorry if I gotcha worried." she looked down sheepishly. "Michiru is this the old communicator that you were looking for?" she held out her very first communicator that she had gotten from Artemis.

"What's that for?" Sage asked from his place by Makoto's side. All of the fallen girls were beginning to regain consciousness. "We need to get them to the hospital."

"We'll explain later, because we need to get them there quick." Minako said. She quickly dialed 911. In around 15 minutes the ambulance showed up and the guys went with the girls. Minako and Kento were given the chore to tell the parents that their daughters were in the hospital because of a fight.

"Michiru, Haruka why won't you guys come with us?" Minako asked the older girls.

They smiled down at her, "You as second in command to the Moon Princess should be able to handle this. We have to go and check on Hotaru, Setsuna and Moon face."Haruka explained and then they got into their helicopter and left the two standing there.

"Great. Let's get this over with shall we? We kind of have to go to the place where me and the guys live to tell Mia and Yuli too." Kento told her.

They set out for the Cherry Hill Temple first since it was the closest to where they were right now. Neither of them said anything since they were brooding over their own thoughts. When they got there Minako told Kento to stay at the gate while she informed Rei's grandfather of Rei's condition. "Hino-san? Are you here?" Minako called out. "There's something that I need to tell you about Rei-chan."

Grandpa Hino walked out from behind of a shed, "What happend to Rei, Minako?" he asked his all knowing eyes gazing into hers intensly.

Minako began to get uneasy, "Well Hino-san. The thing is...well. Rei-chan..she's..umm...Rei-changotintoafightandisinthehospitalwithsevereinjuries." she said in on breath. Grandpa's eyebrows raised and he ran from the temple in the direction of the hospital.

AN:for those of you who don't know what she just said it was: "Rei-chan got into a fight and is in the hospital with severe injuries."

Minako watched after him and then walked back to Kento, "How did it go?" he asked her. Mina shrugged and motioned that they go on to Usagi's house next. Since Makoto didn't have parents or siblings they didn't have to stop by her place. Then they would go to Kento's house. Ami's mother worked at the hospital so she already knew what was going on by now, and if she didn't then she would soon.

When they got to the Tsukino house Sammy(i forgot his jap. name) was sitting outside waiting for his father to come home. "Hi Sammy are your parents home right now?" Minako asked nicely.

"Why do you want to know? What has Odango-atama done now?" Sammy asked her. Minako looked at Kento.

"Look kid we just need to talk to your parents ok?" Kento said smiling fakely.

"Sammy you'll find out when we see your parents." Minako added to Kento's sentence.

"Why Minako! What a pleasure to see you! Is this your boyfriend?" Usagi's father walked up behind them and they both jumped about a foot in the air.

"Ohayoo Mr. Tsukino. This is my friend Kento. We need to talk to you, Sammy and Mrs. Tsukino. If you don't mind, but first we have to go see Luna." She excused herself and she and Kento ran up to Usagi's room. "Luna? Are you in here?" Minako called out. The cat had returned from the Moon already.

"Over here Minako. What is going on? No one has told me anything." The cat looked down. In a matter of minutes Kento and Minako relayed the whole story that Michiru and Haruka had told them.

"We need to tell Usagi's family who we are, and who Usa is or they will get too suspiscious. We should also tell Naru(??? is that Molly's name??)" Minako said.

"Are we allowed to do that Luna?" Kento asked, since the guys had to be revealled too. The cat slowly nodded.

"In this dire of circumstances we will tell only the four people: Mr. & Mrs. Tsukino, Sammy, and Molly. I will say who I am as well." Luna hopped onto Kento's shoulder.

The three of them walked down into the Tsukino's living room where Usa's family was waiting for them. "Before we tell you anything we need Molly here as well." Minako went and called her, using her fake Usagi voice. Soon Molly was over and sitting with them wondering where Usagi was.

"Now none of you must say anything to anyone. Kento, Minako, you may change now." Luna said. The two soldiers nodded at eachother and the cat.

"Armor of Hardrock, tao chi!!"

"Venus Heart Power!"

In a few seconds of bright light the two of them were transformed. "You're Sailor Venus!" the people cried out. Over the next hour Luna explained what had happend to Usagi, the girls, and the Ronins from the time that the senshi to when they had arrived at the Tsukino household.

"Wow! So Usagi has really been Sailor Moon the whole time?" Sammy asked. The three nodded. "That is so cool can I have your guys's autographs?"

"Sammy! When will she be back?" Usagi's mother asked them.

"We don't know. Are you alright Molly?" Minako went over the the girl.

"How come she never told me who she was? We've been friends since before we started school and we always told eachother our secrets." Molly cried. Minako gave the girl a hug.

"Molly she wanted to tell all of you so bad that it sometimes took all of us to talk her out of it. It's our fault that she never told you before."Minako told her. She looked down at her feet.

"Well, well, well. Hello Heartstar Sailor Venus." a familiar voice cackled from around them. Minako swung around to face Zoicite in the flesh. "Now we fight!" was all that Zoicite said before she attacked.

"Kento! Get them out of here and go tell your friends what's going on. Take Luna with you!!" Minako cried out. <I hope they get out safely>she thought. She dodged another one of Zoicite's attacks and landed a kick in her face.

"Let's go folks!" He picked up all of them minus Mr. Tsukino who was the only one who wasn't frozen in place. He looked after himself and watched as Minako fought on gamely. <She'll be okay.> he thought.

Minako watched them leave and her eyes didn't leave their backs until they were completely out of sight. When she turned back to the fight the last thing that she saw was a foot in her face.


***End of Chapter 10***

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