A Gundam World ~ 5

By Lady Twilight


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Chapter 5


          Ami sat nervously as she heard the boys talk. They had landed at the L8 colony but the small party had still yet to leave the plane. She was fidgeting as the boys came into the room. She kept her head down and didn't want to look at any of them.


          "Are you ready to go Ms. Ami?" Quatre held out a hand to her. Ami took it grateful for a gentleman. She nodded small-ly and allowed herself to be led out of the transport.


          "He is not here yet." Trowa stated after scanning the crowd. Wufei was normally an easy person to see due to his dislike of people.


          "Neither are my friends." Ami said somewhat dejectedly. She was getting worried, what if she couldn't find them. For a moment she thought that she saw Rei out of the corner of her eyes but then thought that it was just a mirage or something of that sort. It wasn't until she saw it again more clearly that she realized Rei was sneaking to her, obviously not wanting to attract too much attention. Ami turned to the guys. "thank you kindly for the transport here. I'll return the favor one day but now I must be leaving."


          "stop." Came a frightening monotone voice. Ami turned to see the barrel of a revolver pointed straight in her face. "you will not be going anywhere until we get some information." Ami gulped visibly.


          "Heero can't we talk about this? She doesn't know anything." Quatre pleaded with his fellow pilot. "Just let her go." Heero shook Quatre off and kept his gaze level with Ami's. Before he could do anything Heero felt himself getting kicked and his gun flying out of his grasp.


          "Ami get going! But be careful they're after the crystals!" Heero looked up to see an extremely angry black haired woman readied to fight him if necessary. Her purple eyes fumed with an inner fire as she glared at the infamous Heero Yuy. "Sere, Lita, & Mina are waiting for you."


          "Right. I'll see you soon Rei and don't get killed again."- "I won't" Ami smiled, "That's what you said last time Pyro! Byers!" Ami ran off concealing herself into the crowd. Heero, Quatre, Trowa, and Duo all turned their gaze to the pissed off Rei.


          Rei suddenly smiled and got out of her fighting position. "You must be that freak of nature's friend. Chinese boy black hair…. Ring a bell to you?" she asked. Quatre nodded dumbly. "someone should teach that man some manners. At least now he will know not to mess with Lita." Rei smirked. She looked at Heero, "I suppose you're the leader trigger boy." He nodded.


          "Yes Heero is the leader. I'm Duo, blondie is Quatre and bang-boy is Trowa" said the tall boy with the long braid. "Glad to meet you?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow.


          "Sorry about that, but if you want to meet up with your friend you're going to have to come with me. We have to be careful because we're being followed and they've already seen me." She stated watching the skies and the ground. She headed off through the crowd with the Gundam boys trailing close behind her. Not even Heero had argued or threatened to shoot her.


          Halfway through the crowd they saw Wufei standing with a group of 4 girls and he was grumbling as the tallest one held him up by the scruff of his neck and pushed him into a wall. They saw the girl in front of them chuckle slightly. They were soon at their friends side, and just in time to hear him actually apologize to a woman.


          "Say that you are sorry for calling my princess a weak onna jerk off." The tall brunette growled. Wufei hung his head, grumbling yet again. "What was that?"


          "I'm very sorry Serena-hime." he muttered louder. Lita smiled and set him down on the ground. Wufei looked over at the sound of a stifled chuckle, standing there were Duo, Heero, Quatre, and Trowa. "Shut up Maxwell." he growled at the braided boy. he stalked over to his friends and grabbed Duo's braid. Duo yelped in pain and he saw the five girls laughing at him.


          Mina looked over the five boys, "Rei who are these guys?" she whispered to her friend. Rei shrugged. Before anyone could say anything they were trasported to the gates of time. "Setsuna?''


          The time senshi nodded. "Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Heavyarms, Wing, Sandrock, Deathscythe, and Shenlong. I have brought you all hear to tell you of what is happening with these attacks. Not all of them are by Oz, as a matter of fact Oz isn't behind any of them." The pilots gaped as the senshi stood waiting. "All of these attacks have been made by an organization very well known to the senshi."


          "Beryll." came five stunned voices.


                                              Setsuna nodded, "She has taken over the Oz organization. Soon she will no longer use her Mobile suit forces and will use her youma." Setsuna sighed. "there is one horrible thing that will happen to this dimension though, win or lose. It will be destroyed." Setsuna looked at the five young men as this information sunk in. "We sill be able to move you and some of your closest friends to our dimension if you wish when this is all through pilots." she said softly. Setsuna suddenly looked up as if something was watching her. "I must go now. Tell the girls your answer and they will tell Rei and Mina who know how to get to me." with that they were back on earth in the alley way.


          "Well that was joyous. Now what do we do?" Mina sighed and sat down on the street hanging her head. "She didn't even tell us where Beryll was or any of her generals are for that matter. Argg! Why does she even say anything if she doesn't really say anything at all!” she screamed to the world. Duo sat down next to her. Turning he smiled at her cheerily.


          "It'll be alright. Everything works out in the end. We'll help you beat this bitch and then we'll go home with you....kinda like lost puppies." Duo scratched his head as the five girls laughed at him. "What?" the remaining pilots shook their heads and sighed.


          "Do you ladies have somewhere to stay tonight?" came the quiet voice of Quatre. They looked at him in surprised.


          "No, we don't. Why do you ask?" Serena asked. The other senshi were looking at him strangely.


          "Well i was just thinking that you would like to spend the night at the mansion that i have on this colony. There's more than enough room." he said smiling. the girls were taken aback. Quatre had just been told that his home was going to be destroyed by something that they should have destroyed and he was offering them a place to stay.


          Serena looked at the girls, all of them looked indecisive.” We don't want to impose. We can find a hotel and it's not like we aren't used to sleeping in a park or something like that." she told them.


          "I insist. Since we will be working together to destroy this Beryll character we should be near each other at all times. Safety is in numbers." he stated and before Serena could protest Quatre had ushered them into an awaiting limousine.


End Chapter 5


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