Ed and Duoís Greatest Adventure

Chapter 2

By Devon Masterson

Ed sat indian-style on the lawn looking straight ahead. "How long is she going to stay like that?" Duo asked as Faye.

"With her there is no telling," Faye replied as she lay back in her chair and started sunning herself. "Ed is the weirdest person Iíve ever met. I think being alone too long melted her brain."

Duo balled a piece of paper and threw it at Ed and got no response. "Sheís got to move," he replied as he picked up a small wad of paper.

"Duo, stop," Quatre said as he shook his head disapprovingly.

"This is way too fun," he replied as he threw another ball of paper and got no response.

Quatre turned his attention away from Duo and to Faye. "So exactly where you from?"

"Now thatís a long story that youĎll never believe," she answered as she shifted her sunglasses.

"Try me."

"I donít remember where I am from due to reasons that I do not wish to disclose, but Ed is from Earth," she answered.

"Oh so youíre from the colonies like us then," Quatre replied.

"Not quite," Faye answered. "More like a parallel universe and I was duped into coming with Ed. Iíll probably never get back home and theyíll get all the good bounties." Faye balled her fist then sighed. "Well at least itís nice here."

"That is the most ridiculous story Iíve ever heard," Wufei said coming from behind. "A woman bounty hunter. Women are too weak to handle such matters."

"Oh yeah?" Faye asked as she swung her legs around and stood in front of Wufei. "I can take you anytime."

"I donít fight weaklings, only those worthy to battle," he replied.

"Oh so youíre a sissy then?" Faye asked. "I didnít know. I thought you might be a man."
Wufei balled his fist as they hung by his side. He was not going to be goaded into a fight. If these people were from a parallel universe like she claimed they might use some kind of weapon that he was not familiar with. It would not be wise to rush foolishly into battle that was not Natakuís way. "Think whatever you like."

"Being a coward is not something that you should be ashamed of. Itís better to let the real men fight on the field than get into the way," Faye sighed.

Quatre was about to jump between them as when Wufei suddenly hit the ground in a red haze. "No fighting, Ed much rather play."

Wufei knocked Ed off of him and glared at her. "Damn, sheís fast," Duo remarked from beside Quatre.

"Iíve had enough of all I can take with you with your cheerful attitude and smiley faces." He swung out at Ed and she playfully dodged it. He tried to sweep her and she only did a back flip and danced around. He was at his wits end. He stalked off in the direction of the forest.

"I guess he doesnít want to play any more," Ed commented.

"I could have handled it, Ed," Faye answered. "It was funny to watch someone else be annoyed by you."

"You love Ed donít you?" she asked as she hugged Faye tightly.

Fayeís eyes widened and she peeled herself out of Edís embrace. "I wouldnít go that far, but I do tolerate you."

"Tolerate Ed. Tolerate Ed," she sang as she did a cartwheel. She picked up a ball of paper and hit Duo in the head with it then giggled.

"Hey," he said in surprise as he threw another piece of paper back at her.

Up in the house Trowa looked out at the window. "What a strange girl."

"That girl is a menace," Heero replied as he walked into the room. She erased my anti-virus program and uploaded one that she made. I have smiley faces that look like her all over my laptop. If she was able to break the code on that who knows what else she can do. What are you looking at?"

"Iím watching the menace. I think Wufei might put an end to your problem. He was walking rather angrily towards where he has Nataku stored. He is so temperamental."

"Apparently she doesnít bother you, Duo, and Quatre," Heero replied. "I understand Duo. He can be almost as annoying when he wants and Quatreís thinks of her as a little sister. So whatís with you?"

"I just refuse to allow her weird happiness to bother me," he replied simply.

"You were right about Wufei," Heero replied as he saw Nataku stand up amongst the trees. "We should stop him before he destroys something."

"He is so temperamental," Trowa remarked as he and Heero left the room to deal with Wufei.

"Heís done it now," Duo said casually as he saw Wufei making his way for Ed. "Wu-man, sheís just a kid."

"Wufei, this is getting out of hand," Quatre reasoned.

"This is between me and the girl," he replied.

"He is definitely going down now," Faye commented as she remembered her first encounter with Ed.

"Oooh, Nataku," Ed gasped amazement as Nataku stood over her. "You want to play with Ed. Letís dance." She pulled down her goggles and remote control. She started to dance the around the lawn.

"What theÖ" Wufei gasped as he lost control of Nataku. Nataku started to follow Edís movements and danced around the lawn doing twirls and jumping into the air.

"Oh my god," Duo laughed as he fell to the ground kicking. He had never seen anything so humorous in his life.

Quatre fought to keep a straight face of the sight of Nataku doing twirls and plies. He knew if he lost his sympathetic look, he would never keep Ed alive. This was not first eruption of anger by Wufei and Heero appeared to be miffed with her as well but not as much.

"And now for the finish," Ed said as she bowed generously and ejected Wufei from the cockpit. Nataku caught him and placed on the ground safely. "Time for sleep," she remarked as she led Nataku back to its hiding place. "That was fun."

Wufei stalked into the house angrily and shut the door.

"Hmmm." Heero looked at Ed and nodded toward her. She was a force to be reckoned with and simply killing her would not be that easy, besides her presence kept everything from being boring. "Just stay off my laptop." He walked inside and snickered lightly at the dancing Nataku.

Trowa stood quietly and took in the entire sight. Duo was on the ground literally rolling in laughter. Quatre stood in utter shock as he held his amusement inside, most likely to keep the peace later. Faye just stood smugly and sat down in the chair to sun herself, glad that Ed was terrorizing someone else.

"Did you like the dance?" Ed asked breaking into his thoughts.

He blinked as the whole thing settled down. Her expression of hopefulness was priceless and he could not hold it anymore. He heard a sound escape his body as warm feeling covered him.

Ed smiled. "Ed thought it was funny too," she replied as she danced around.

Quatre smiled as he watched Trowa laugh. The young man had so many limited facial expressions. It was nice to see him clearly enjoying himself and that a girl made him laugh.

Ed hugged Trowa and danced off in another direction.


"Faye, will you help Ed get a date."

"What?" she asked as she sat up in bed. It was four in the morning. "Ask me in the morning." She fell back in the bed

"Okay," she replied as she lay on the floor and went to sleep.

"Sleep in your own room, Ed."

Ed sat up and smiled. She got up and started down the hall toward her room. She touched the doorknob and heard a click behind her. "Uh oh."

"Normally I donít use such weapons especially on someone like you but you forced my hand," Wufei said lowly.

Duo opened the door and sleepily poked his head out. "Wu-man, Iím the only god of death around here, go back to bed." He closed the door.

Wufei narrowed his eyes. "You are making friends but they canít be everywhere."

"Night, night Wuffy," Ed smiled as she kissed him on the cheek and danced into her room and shut the door.

Wufei blushed then balled his fist angrily. "Damned woman," he remarked as he put his gun away. He was going to have to find away to get her alone and away from everybody if he were going to succeed in killing her.

Heero walked down the hall holding a hot cup of tea and shook his head. "Trying to kill Ed again, Wufei?" he asked rhetorically. "She has too many allies."

"Youíve sided with her as well?" Wufei asked shocked "You have a weakness for women. First Relena now her."

Heero shook his head. "I just have a heart, besides she didnít have me dancing all over the lawn like you," he answered as he opened the door to his room and walked in.

Wufei growled and walked down the hall to his room to start making plans

"I donít think you really need me," Quatre as he sat in chair of a boutique waiting for Ed and Faye to come out.

"Of course Ed does," she replied as she popped her head out of the fitting room.

"Get back in here and stop squirming," Faye yelled as she pulled Ed back inside.

Quatre smiled in brotherly pride. He had never been in a situation where he was the Ďolder brother.í Even though wasnít really his sister, he thought of her as one. She was just so cute in personality that he gravitated to her every since he saw her in the mall fighting with Faye. She immediately latched on to him. Life certainly had been different with her in their lives.

"Weíre ready, though itís not much of an improvement," Faye muttered as she came out of the fitting room and stood beside Quatre. "Well weíre waiting."

Ed poked out her head and smiled as she stepped out all the way. She was wearing a trendier version of her normal clothes. Instead of the spandex shorts and t-shirt, she was wearing black jean shorts with rolled up cuffs, a white baby tee that fitted her form closer, and a pair of hiking boots. Her hair had been brushed and its actual length could now be determined. It was half way down her back and placed in a high ponytail with smiley face barrettes. She looked more like a teenager that was until she jumped up and down in excitement. "Ed loves it," she replied as she twirled around for a three sixty view.

Quatreís eyebrow arched. The outfit was flattering. He didnít realize that her body was so feminine until now. He knew someone who might be interested in know this though he wonít admit to being interested in the first place. "You look lovely."

Ed giggled. "Ed looks older and pretty now."

"Ed, exactly how old are you?" Quatre asked as he handed his credit card to the sales girl.

"Ed will be eighteen next week," She answered. "Ed will be a woman soon."

"You have no idea," Faye answered casually.

Quatre nudged her.

Faye looked around innocently. She knew that Quatre had no idea what she had planned, but she better play it safe just in case. "So who is this guy youíre trying to impress?"

Ed blushed furiously. "Itís a secret. Shhh," she answered putting her fingers to her lips.

"Iím sure Iíll get it out of you later," Faye scoffed as she stood. She looked out of the window and saw a flyer for casino that recently opened up. "Iíll catch you later."

Ed waved and Quatre watched her leave. He wondered what she was up to.

"You think Fayeís pretty, Quatre?" Ed asked breaking into his thoughts.

Quatre caught guard looked away. "Sheís attractive of course, but I donít think sheíd go for guy like me."

"Faye is complicated," Ed replied. "She likes you, because she hasnít stolen your money yet and left.

"Okay," Quatre said unsure. "You can be serious when you want to."

"Of course, Iím not on all the time, silly," she replied as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the boutique. An hour later they were back home. "Iím back," she called.

"Hey, EdÖ" Duoís sentence trailed, "what happened to you?"

"Whatís wrong, donít you like?" She asked as she twirled around.

"Entirely too much," he replied with a smile. "How old are you?"

"Iíll be eighteen next week. Yea!"

"Youíll be legal then," he said with a laugh.

"Duo," Quatre warned then shifted his eyes in another direction.

Duo caught his drift and acted accordingly. "So what are we doing? Todayís been kind of slow without Wufei trying to kill you and us pranking each other."

"Ed will come up with something," she remarked as she twirled about in her new outfit then suddenly stopped. She slid her goggles down and zoomed in on Wufei walking into the forest. She wondered what he was up to now. "Ooh la la, Wu-man is on the prowl. Iím going to check it out," She said as she darted toward the veranda doors.

Trowa blocked her path. "You should leave him alone today. Heís in a real bad mood."

"Donít worry about Ed. Ed will quiet like a mouse," she replied as she stepped around him ran off outside.

"She wants him to kill her," Trowa remarked.

"I think she just likes messing with him," Duo answered. "Wufei knows he likes battling with her, he just wonít admit it. Itís probably his way of flirting or something weird."

Trowa raised an eyebrow slightly at the last comment. Only the trained eye would have noticed the slight annoyance that he displayed. Quatre saw such a display and nearly smiled as he realized that his and Heeroís theory was right.

"Yeah you never know about Wufei," Duo continued as he gauged Trowaís expression. "They might even have a funky love thing going on. Who knows? I just think the whole thing is funny."

"Hmm," Trowa replied. "I better keep an eye out just in case it isnít." He darted off to catch up with Ed and Wufei.

"Why did you say that, Duo?" Quatre asked.

"I just wanted to make sure," he answered. "I guess I owe you guys fifty bucks."

Quatre shook his head then backed away. "I just remembered I got to do something. Iíll be back later."

"Going on a secret rendezvous with Faye?" Duo teased.

Quatre blushed. "No, just thought Iíd check out the new casino maybe do some gambling."

"Donít lose it all," Duo joked as he went upstairs.