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Note: All years are in Universal Timespan.
Dates are marked by the Era Denomination of that particular planet
Years are Terran years

1 UT Year = 1 Terran Year
1 UT Year = 4 Saiya Years
1 UT Year = 5.62984
SelrenŠl Years

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Amazonian/Saiyan Names & Language

Children of Male-Female Pairings

Royal Saiyan Name Format: (Personal Name) (Traditional Name) (Royal Name)

Common Male Saiyan Name Format: (Personal Name) (Son Of) (Father's Name)
Common Female Saiyan Name Format: (Personal Name) (Daughter Of) (Father's Name)

Common Female Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) (Daughter Of) (Mother's Name)
Common Male Amazonian-Vampire Name Format: (Personal Name) (Son Of) (Mother's Name)

Royal Female Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (Goddess)*(status) (Daughter Of) (Mother's Name)
Royal Male Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (God)*(status) (Son Of) (Mother's Name)

Royal Female Saiyan-Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (Goddess)*(status) (Daughter Of) (Mother's Name) (&) (Father's Name)
Royal Male Saiyan-Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (God)*(status) (Daughter Of) (Mother's Name) (&) (Father's Royal Name)

Children of Male-Male Pairings

Royal Saiyan Name Format: (Personal Name) (Traditional Name) (Royal Name)

Common Saiyan Male Name Format: (Personal Name) (Son Of) (Sire's Name) (Of) (Bearer's Name)
Common Saiyan Female Name Format: (Personal Name) (Daughter Of) (Sire's Name) (Of) (Bearer's Name)

Common Female Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) (Daughter Of) (Bearer's Name) (By) (Sire's Name)
Common Male Amazonian-Vampire Name Format: (Personal Name) (Son Of) (Bearer's Name) (By) (Sire's Name)

Children of Female-Female Pairings

Royal Saiyan Name Format: (Personal Name) (Traditional Name) (Royal Name)

Common Male Saiyan Name Format: (Personal Name) (Son Of) (Sire's Name) (Of) (Beaer's Name)
Common Female Saiyan Name Format: (Personal Name) (Daughter Of) (Sire's Name) (Of) (Beaer's Name)

Common Female Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) (Daughter Of) (Bearer's Name) (By) (Sire's Name)
Common Male Amazonian-Vampire Name Format: (Personal Name) (Son Of) (Bearer's Name) (By) (Sire's Name)

Royal Female Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (Goddess)*(status) (Daughter Of) (Bearer's Name) (By) (Sire's Name)
Royal Male Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (God)*(status) (Son Of) (Bearer's Name) (By) (Sire's Name)

Royal Female Saiyan-Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (Goddess)*(status) (Daughter Of) (Bearer's Name) (By) (Sire's Name)
Royal Male Saiyan-Amazonian-Vampiric Name Format: (Personal Name) - (God)*(status) (Daughter Of) (Bearer's Name) (&) (Sire's Royal Name)

Note 1: Kings, Queens and Crown Prince(ess) name formats have been lost in antiquity and are mainly based on tradition that is not always followed to the letter. Thus Veh'getaliaah has no status indicator (*paahkard), because only the Saiyan Royal Family may use the name "Veh'getaliaah", although several variations of the name are available to lower classes. Similarly, the Amazonian Queen (commonly known as Mallen-chi*ka) has a name format that is entirely incomprehensible due to it's pre-historic origins. While she has a status marker (*ka), the rest of her name deviates completely from proper Saiyan format and is rumored to be deeply rooted in Vampiric history.

Note 2: Heero Yuy's name is even more original than the Saiyan Royal Family Names. His father Vegeta (Veh'getaliaah) was the first male born into the Amazonian Royal Family. As such, children from male/male pairings within the Amazonian Royal Family were previously impossible. When Vegeta was choosing his first-born's name he decided to emphasis the Amazonian-Vampire aspects, and completely left out the Saiyan Royal Name that was Heero's right to bear as Vegeta's heir, also leaving the Traditional Name of the Saiyan Royal Family (Veh'getaliaah) confined to his own portion of the name. In what was probably respect and mourning for his mate, he included the Sire's Name in complete contradiction to Amazonian Tradition. Heero's name format is as follows: (Personal Name) - (God)*(status) (Son Of) (Bearer's Name) (Son of) ("Maternal" Grandmother's Name)*("Maternal" Grandmother's Status) (Sired By) (Sires's Name)

Note 3: For Vegeta's sisters, Mallen-chi*ka decided to name them in the Amazonian tradition and completely ignored the possibility of giving them status as Saiyan Princesses in their names, though they still bore the status, as Amazonians see the majority of normal Saiyans (who are mainly chavanistic) as lesser beings. Vegeta, on the other hand, included both Royal Amazonian & Royal Saiyan status when giving Trunks and Bra their Saiyan names.

Note 4: Apostrophies ( ' ) are commonly used to seperate concepts within a single word. Example: heiiro'chiibii means beloved child/small one but is a single word.

*ka = All Powerful Immortal Amazonian Vampire Queen Who's Boots You Should Be Licking
*kyaah = Amazonian Vampire Princess
*paahkard = Amazonian Vampire Prince
taah = Daughter Of
shraah = Son Of
nreh = Born Of
zraahl = Sired By
zaah = And
nraah = By
lohr = Of
heiiro = BelovÚd
chiibii = Child/Small One
traah'le = brother
kraah'lii = sister


Revised History of Vegeta-sei, Terra, the Silver Millennium & Crystal Tokyo

Terra and the Silver Millennium developed at roughly the same time evolution-wise, but the Silver Millennium quickly surpassed Terra in culture and technology, as Lunarians were naturally more magical and thus had more raw material available to them. The Earth was not far behind, using a blend of magic and mechanics to create wonderous items almost as advanced as that of the Silver Millennium. The planets of Sol established contact with other races, most notably the Saiya-jin. Princess Serenity & her attendants were born in 3937 ME (Millennium Era). Sixteen years later (3953) she descended to Terra and fell in love with it's Crown Prince, Endymion. That same year Queen Metallia took over Terra and destroyed known civilization throughout the galaxy, leaving only a pitiful remains of people on Terra and none at all on the other planets. The Moon Kingdom in particular was devestated, even loosing it's natural atmosphere and reverting to a barren wasteland, save a small area in the heart of Mare Serenatis that was preserved by the kingdom's computers. Queen Serenity was able to seal away Metallia and send the souls of the Galaxy's Crown Princesses and Prince 1000 Years into the future to the year 3502 AD (give or take a few years here and there; her aim was a bit off), loosing her own life in the process. See the Sailormoon TV series for details of when the Princesses and Endymion were awakened.

Vegeta-sei was destroyed by Frieza in the year 3368 AD, resulting in Heiiro being born on Frieza's ship, with three sisters and a brother. When Frieza discovered Vegeta's pregancy he became very brutal, Heiiro was the only survivor of the birth, his siblings being stillborn. Frieza fully intended to kill Heiiro as well, but quick action on Vegeta's part resulted in him being sent through time and space to the Gundam Wing Universe, where he was raised as a human assassin and Gundam pilot after having his tail removed by one Odin Lowe. Vegeta arrived on Terra in the year 3396 AD, where he met Kakkarott, who had been reduced to a chiibii for the trip to Terra as a punishment for daring to bond with the Crown Prince. As Kakkarott (then Goku) was married and had no memory of him, Vegeta ignored his remaining feelings for his mate, marrying a human woman Bulma Briefs and siring two children. Goku offered himself to the Eternal Dragon in 3421 AD, leaving his family, friends and Vegeta despairing of ever seeing him again. (Vegeta less visibly than others.) Goku returned 100 years later in 3521 AD to find his wife, Bulma, his daughter-in-law Videl and other humans of his aquaintence had passed on, oddly enough leaving a large number of humans he had known alive. (They wished to live as long as Vegeta would naturally, which is essentially forever due to Vegeta's Vampiric nature.) Vegeta, not one to repeat mistakes, quickly courted and finally remated with Goku. The two of them quickly settled down into something vaguely resembling domestic bliss.

After battling Galaxia in 3521 AD and winning, the Senshi were sent back to Earth to live out the rest of their young lives as normal humans until the time came to build Crystal Tokyo. Unfortunately, their origins as non-Terrans meant that when Vegeta acidentally pissed off the Eternal Dragon in 3522 AD (He called it's mother a purse when it refused to take off or modify the "life as long as Vegeta's" wish), they were turned into 100% Saiya-jin Vampires by Vegeta's mistaken wish of "I wish all humanoid non-humans in the Tokyo area would become full-blooded Saiya-jin" in his mistaken attempt to turn his & Goku's children into full-blooded Saiya-jin. (The Eternal Dragon went on to farther punish Vegeta's transgressions by reviving his planet, people, childhood friends and family, placing them where they would be had they not died with full knowledge of their deaths. Also he reverted all of them to adolescents, whether young or old.) Crystal Tokyo is a loooooooong time off.



All cultures have a legend of some type of attainable immotality. Humans have Heaven/Hell/Reincarnation and other versions of the after-life. The Selrenii believe that they have nine-lives as a corpreal being, & if those lives are lived well they will become a Night Walker, a cat-spirit who is corporeal and insubstancial as they so choose, guarding others luck and feeding off of positive energy. The Saiya-jin version of immortality is the Pheunician (Spelled "Pheehnooshin" in Saiya); a formerly mortal being who did such great deeds in their prior form that this life may never end, and death will always be tempered by being brought back somehow. This "immortality" is supposedly passed down along genetic lines for three generations before the blood thins. Pheunucians are destined to do great things in this life as well.


Heero Yuy & The GW Link

Heero Yuy (Heiiro) was born to Vegeta on Frieza's ship, where Vegeta utilized a SelrenŠ transport to save his child, unfortunately not understanding the instructions quite properly and sending him to a completely different universe. Once there, Heiiro was found and raised as an assassin by Odin Lowe, who had his tail removed as too memorable for an assassin. The effects of the universal transport (miscalibrated as it was) and the differences in Terra's atmosphere resulted in Heiiro aging like a human until he reached adulthood, when he would slow down to a normal Vampiric stasis. Heiiro's vampire tendancies were taken advantage of by both Odin and later J, who used them to control him but also trained him to go for months without feeding, a record unheard of by any other Saiya-jin. He was trained as a Gundam Pilot by Dr. J, who took advantage of his "unusual abilities" (Saija-jin heritage) to create the ultimate weapon, in the process very nearly dehumanizing him. When he took his position as Pilot 01 he was ironically given the code name Heero Yuy, which was close enough to his given name that he adopted it as his own. As a pilot he met and fell in love with Duo Maxwell, who managed to return most of his stolen humanity and taught him to embrace his non-human side, such as the instinct to Mark a mate, usually by biting in a very visible area. The fact that Duo found biting a turn on helped. (15 Terran years after his arrival) In the middle of a MS battle, Heero was effected by the Eternal Dragon's imperetive to return everything to where it would be had Vegeta-sei not blown up and was transported back to his home universe. Duo, sensing his soulmate's departure, unconciously used his (unknown) abilities as the Representation of Death to move all involved in the battle (Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Zechs, Relena & various enemy corpses) through the universal barrier, dragging them all along as he followed his lover.

Note: The GW Universe is what would have occured had the Sailor Senshi failed to defeat any of their enemies. The victims of the Juusenkyou Curses and their cohorts were (unknowingly and mostly unwillingly) poised to step in and save the world, but the death of Usagi would have never brought Crystal Tokyo, and the world would go on to find peace through Relena instead.


The Demon Trio

Composed of Gianna, Crystal & P-chan, it was the name given to them by the Saiya-jin for their various pranks, totures, high jinx and occassioanlly murder. They were widely feared by their social inferiors, who were in no position to challenge them in retaliation for an insult or other mischievous action. The three were all very loved by the Saiya-jin Royal Family, and practically adopted into to Amazonian Tribe by Mallen-chi*ka. Crystal provided the technological savvy, P-chan the originality and Gianna the programing and means, creating a nearly unbeatable team. They tormented Kakkorott and Vegeta as chiibii and young adults, often taping them and threatening (jokingly) to give the tape to the King. Truly they were the couple's greatest supporters, often running intereference to protect their secret (Commoner-Royal matings were punishable by Death to the commoner and a sound Talking To to the Royal). The only escapade they were unable to completely cover up was the tragic "scratched car" incident, which ultimately lead to Kakkarott being youthened back to a chiibii and sent to Earth on a suicide mission while Vegeta was shipped out on Frieza's ship. After Vegeta-sei exploded and they were killed in the blast, they spent their time in Hell video taping the living, usually Vegeta and Kakkorott. As they had a large number of connections and schemes, they were given full run of Hell (a privilege aided by the fact that Crystal owned easily an eighth of the souls of Hell's inhabitants, including that of Satan's son Luce). Every Saturday Night they held a showing of the best clips of the week, running it as something of a popular sitcom in Hell. When they were brought back to life, they returned to terrorizing the innocent.

Much to Vegeta's charinge, their entire collection of videos and blackmail was brought with them when they were revived.



The SelrenŠ sometimes seem almost like an alien version of Terra's own Neko-jin, bearing the tail, eyes, flexibility, balance, curiosity and durability of an everyday housecat, although none of the dignity. As a people, they are characterized as very intelligent and versatile, able to do almost anything they desire. Sex is a common recreation, but fidelity is rare, something reserved for only soul-bonded groupings and viewed with almost a religious awe. Oddly enough, they are also very romantic and highly faithful, sometimes being faithful to five or six lovers at once! They love technological gadgets and are the sole creators of most of the universe's technology, which they will happily distribute for the right price. Naturally a mercurial people, it's not uncommon to meet a Selrenii in mourning over a broken relationship, then meet the same Selrenii an hour later surrounded by amorous admirerers and enjoying themselves immensely. They see talent, not birth, education or money, as the most valuable thing about a person, so it's completely possibile for any suitibly talented Selrenii to rise as high as they wish in the social or political ranks.

In their politics and economics, assassination is deeply frowned upon when practiced upon one's own race, being reserved for other races solely. Their common tools for advancement include black mail, barganing, lies and occassionally well-planned demolition. It's all legal, as long as no one is injured or hurt. Murder of a Selrenii is punished swiftly and brutally with half-suffication followed by being placed in an air-lock and slowly opening it to space until the criminal is dead. It is possible to rise in power without using such methods, but it's rare and not seen as very respectable.

Physically, they resemble Saiya-jin in outward appearance, being humaniod witha long, flexible tail. However, their eyes are very feline, with pupil colors ranging from silver to deep blue, occasioanlly black, violet or red. Their senses of hearing, smell, touch and vision are all excellent, with taste being somewhat below human sensitivity. They also possess a sixth sense, which they call "Hrruel", similar to a human's basic phychic abilities (the ability to sense auras, emotions, base thoughts, and occassioanlly project the same). Their central nervous system, equivilent to a human or Saiya-jin's spinal collumn, rests embedded their skin like a tattoo and is always the color of their eyes. This system travels deep, and is deceptively hard to sever. Like a spinal collumn, it travels down the neck and back. Unlike one, however, they curl around the neck and hips in distinctive patterns, no two ever alike. This marking shines when the Selrenii is injured, in emotional turmoil or just wishes it to glow. Like a Terran cat, their nails are sharp and almost completely retractable, leaving only human-like nails when not extended. They live to be 1,000,000 Terran years easily, and consider 100 to be an adult. Due to their long life, it is very difficult for them to reproduce, the female reproductive cycles being effected by things such as astrological alignments, climate, moon phases and other, more subtle things. (The male reproductive cycle begins at puberty and ends at death, a trait shared with most species.) When the urge to produce young does effect them, however, it is insatiable and continues for either three human weeks or until a litter of kits is concieved. If soul bonded, mated or otherwise limited, a Selrenii in heat will breed with none other than one of her chosen. Unfortunately, they have not been found genetically compatable with any species other than Saiya-jin, and then a lab is usually required to produce young.


SelrenŠl = The SelrenŠ home planet
SelrenŠ = The species
Selrenii = A single SelrenŠ
Hrruel = SelrenŠ sixth sense

Note: The "r" sound is rolled, often elongated.